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  1. It's good to have you back! :D
  2. From the old forums: ...... Cost ..... Modification of Designing a Layout existing set Custom Set RP Gems Gold RP Gems RP Gems 1x1 3 15k 1 1 1x2 7 25k 1 1 2x2 + 1 12 35k 1 2 2x3 17 50k 1 2 suites 20 75k 1 3 3x3 25
  3. Beamdog has announced that they will be releasing Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition "soon". It will be updated to run on modern machines, with server authentication, a server list, and backwards compatible with mods. This provides us with the opportunity to once again provide a home for people who enjoy quality roleplay. We have created a Steam group for discussion and live chat. We look forward to serving you once again!
  4. Long time no see :) is ROA still operationals and accessible to players?

  5. Hi Mali, my power strip weant dead and I can't turn it back on. Going to have to buy a new one so continue the Fiesty w/o me

  6. Area: Southern Desert On the Plateau Encounter: Elf Ambush Creature: Elf Shaman Armor: Elven Cloths
  7. Name: Chuck Squab Race: Gnome Class: Rogue Occupation: Personal investment consultant City of Origin: Gnomar Brief bio: While other gnomes were tinkering and inventing, Chuck had his eyes on making a fortune - using other people's money. He set sail for Tharbad, had some small successes, then traveled to Annakol. He soon became a consultant for the Baron. However, that did not quite work out so well... how was he to know investing in a shoestring company startup in the Shire would be a failure? Trying to think of somewhere to lay low for a while, he decides to grab a bite to eat at the Ra
  8. Problem identified and should be corrected. Sorry for the delay.
  9. The issue was an error in the notification only, the caster was properly gaining mastery in Flesh to Stone.
  10. Lion says to say hello to everyone, so... Hello everyone!
  11. Server is up, Barry must have rebooted. :)
  12. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D
  13. We'll return to our regularly scheduled mayhem next week.
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