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    Welcome Home

    It's good to have you back! :D
  2. From the old forums: ...... Cost ..... Modification of Designing a Layout existing set Custom Set RP Gems Gold RP Gems RP Gems 1x1 3 15k 1 1 1x2 7 25k 1 1 2x2 + 1 12 35k 1 2 2x3 17 50k 1 2 suites 20 75k 1 3 3x3 25 100k 1 3 One set included in the rental fee. Suites are: The Regal Suite (basement), and Apt. 9B (ground floor).
  3. Beamdog has announced that they will be releasing Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition "soon". It will be updated to run on modern machines, with server authentication, a server list, and backwards compatible with mods. This provides us with the opportunity to once again provide a home for people who enjoy quality roleplay. We have created a Steam group for discussion and live chat. We look forward to serving you once again!
  4. Area: Southern Desert On the Plateau Encounter: Elf Ambush Creature: Elf Shaman Armor: Elven Cloths
  5. Name: Chuck Squab Race: Gnome Class: Rogue Occupation: Personal investment consultant City of Origin: Gnomar Brief bio: While other gnomes were tinkering and inventing, Chuck had his eyes on making a fortune - using other people's money. He set sail for Tharbad, had some small successes, then traveled to Annakol. He soon became a consultant for the Baron. However, that did not quite work out so well... how was he to know investing in a shoestring company startup in the Shire would be a failure? Trying to think of somewhere to lay low for a while, he decides to grab a bite to eat at the Raging Boar... maybe something will come to him...
  6. Problem identified and should be corrected. Sorry for the delay.
  7. The issue was an error in the notification only, the caster was properly gaining mastery in Flesh to Stone.
  8. Lion says to say hello to everyone, so... Hello everyone!
  9. Server is up, Barry must have rebooted. :)
  10. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D
  11. We'll return to our regularly scheduled mayhem next week.
  12. Until March 21, 2011 at 12:01am Eastern, you can get NWN Diamond from Impulse, Stardock's digital distrobution service, for $7.95 (the regular price is $9.95). Click here for details.
  13. To see what the server time is, just look here. Subtract from your time to get the difference. Since Halflings is at 6pm Eastern, add the previous difference to 6pm...
  14. Happy Booday... er... I mean, Happy Birthday!
  15. It is also available here from Impulse, Stardock's online distribution company, for the same price. Stardock has been around for a while now, and is a software developer and distributor. They will likely be more reliable.
  16. Malishara

    New player

    Perhaps the name you are trying to use is already taken?
  17. Malishara

    Forum Problem

    Which skin are you using?
  18. This may be a continuing problem. Several characters have been affected, and "fixed"; however, there may be others. If anyone else has this problem, contact Barry or myself via PM, MSN, or in game.
  19. Within the last couple of days, Microsoft has started using new SSL certificates, which is causing the Pidgin IM client to issue errors, and disconnect. The fix is posted here. Note:
  20. A note attached to an archery target behind the Feisty Chicken: Only cat I could find was a bobtail, and Bertha wouldn't let me have none of hers when she found out why I wanted one.
  21. One sign will be changed in the next update. The other is going more extensive revision, and will be updated as soon as those are finished.
  22. If you've been around at all within the past few months, you've probably heard all the buzz about ROAR, and may be wondering what makes it different from the crafting we already have. Old crafting systems: Each new item to be crafted had to be added to the palette, given item properties, etc. Any new ingredients had to be added to the palette, etc. The scripts that operated on the crafting station had to be updated to check for the new ingredients, and produce the new item. So, if a recipe called for 3 ingredients that did not previously exist, that would mean 4 new items added to the palette. Why is that such a big deal? Well, the DM client crashes at around 16,000 items on the palette. If we had installed any of the standard crafting systems for NWN, we would have exceeded that limit, as they add LOTS of items. ROAR: No items are added to the palette. No toolset work is involved. (except in the case of very SPECIAL items) No additional scripting for new crafting systems - ROAR supports 24 different types of crafting. Yes, that's right: NO toolset work (except for special items). In most cases, a DM can set up a basic item in 2-5 minutes, and have a recipe to make it. Distributing the recipe will be another matter, however... Okay, let's get down to the basics of how YOU will work with ROAR. First, you must have a recipe. Now, I know you are used to buying a book that has the ingredients listed on it. That is not quite the case with ROAR. Each character must possess the recipe they wish to make. Recipes come on scrolls. Now, let's say you have a recipe scroll. You have gathered your ingredients, and you placed them inside the proper crafting station. Nothing happens! Unlike the old crafting systems, you must USE your recipe scroll ON the crafting station. Then, the item to be crafted will be inside. But, your recipe scroll also is used up. Poof! Don't panic! You can place recipe scrolls inside a recipe book. This will allow you to use the recipes in the book over and over. Some recipes can be copied, but you will need a blank recipe scroll to do so. As you can see, there is not much difference in the way you will use ROAR as opposed to the crafting systems you are used to. You still place ingredients into a crafting station. You just need to use your recipe scroll or recipe book on the station after all the ingredients are inside. If you, the player, know the ingredients, but your character does not have the recipe, well... you won't be able to make that recipe. All ROAR crafting stations are named the same way. They all start with Crafting: in their name, so you will know which stations are ROAR crafting stations. They are already starting to appear, so don't be surprised if you see one!
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