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  1. RoAnnon


    Should be a few folks lurking about
  2. Call me Ro. I first learned about D&D from an article in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine back in the late 70s. Not long after I came across the white box version, containing the three original booklets and some dice. Got into a weekly D&D session on Friday nights in late 1980. I've owned two complete sets of the AD&D books. Burning the first set was a condition my then wife put on us staying together. She lied. Cobbled together the second set as best I could, some original editions, some reprints with the new covers. Onward and upward. Came to RoA in Nov 2005 specifica
  3. is there a current and up to date link for donating to the server via paypal?
  4. Gotta go dig some old campaign notes out of storage...
  5. I'm glad it was only a power outage and not 6' of water in the basement, or a tree through the roof.
  6. No worries Barry, I wasn't taking it as an insult or accusation of anything, I've seen the outcome of these types of issues on server before. I was just answering all the noted items... :) He tells me his character is indeed fixed. Thanks Mal!
  7. He is not using overrides, we have our ports set to different numbers, there was no crash or reset while he was logged in. He logged out normally, later logged back in normally and the xp/gp/inventory items were gone.
  8. Hi, Potter07 tells me his character Jason has lost levels and inventory items and gold. He was level 6 with 85K gp and other items when he needed to log off to run some errands this afternoon. When he got back and logged back in, his character has no gp, most of his inventory items are gone and the character is back to level 2. I asked him if perhaps he has two different characters with similar names and whether it was possible he logged the wrong character but he says no. Can someone check his account and see if anything is going on there? Thanks, Ro
  9. I was trying to find something witty to say about what our DMs are when they're NOT online, but... Welcome to the server Demo
  10. Looking forward to seeing ya in game, Mac!
  11. I have a file named AnnakolianTimeLineV1.1.pdf is that what you're looking for?
  12. RoAnnon


    Welcome, I look forward to meeting you in game. What timezone are you in and what times would you most likely be on?
  13. RoAnnon


    My daughter sent me a picture message on my phone today of the sonogram image of my first grandchild, due to be born in early December. Later on facebook she posted a 14 second long "video" of the sound of the baby's heartbeat. I shared it there for those of you on my friends list. :)
  14. Hiya Noa!!! Good to see you... :)
  15. Hope you both had an awesome birthday! B)
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