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    I have created a character and have started training at the castle basement. I have selected Silvanus as my deity, but after reading the journal entries, perhaps a different deity may have been more appropriate. I found a PDF of the RoA handbook, and maybe Mielikki would make more sense. Do I need to make another character, or can a DM fix this, or does it matter? I grew up reading the Forgotten Realms novels, as I'm sure many of you did as well, and Silvanus made sense for my character, but my character is also chaotic good.
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    Potential new User

    I placed the character tester module in the module folder. So far I tried to connect to the server, but it asked for a password? I'm a bit lost in the sauce.
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    Potential new User

    Hello all, This is my first time trying out a persistent world in NWN. Currently I am trying to figure out how to install the character testing tool. I was excited to see NWN come to steam to help non-computer savvy people like myself use stuff like the CEP. My step father installed the original CEP over a decade ago and that made NWN much more enjoyable. I have been dabbling with mods and have completed the Aielund Saga a few times now. However, persistent worlds/online stuff is totally new to me. Any advice would be much appreciated! My favorite part of NWN was the ability to play D&D solo, so I'm hoping I can still enjoy solo play of this module. Thank you!
  5. What do I do once I have downloaded the file?
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    RoA Server Wishlist & Maintenance

    The PayPal link is now up-to-date!
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    Thank You!

    Donation received! Thank you, RoAnnon!
  9. Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:29 pm Post subject: DMs - RP - Encounters - and Policy This Applys to EVERYONE -- NO PERSON is exempt from DM action INCLUDING encounters that cause death. When a DM is present and running things for players, encounters may be more challenging leading to deaths. I for one believe I have not challenged a party unless someone is capable of death -- meaning that death is certainly a possible reality. With this in mind, (Total Player Kill) TPK is also a possibility since the balance of character to enemy is a guess and the D&D game system can go many ways based on dice rolls. Game masters running situations NEVER leave people dead. Standing instructions for DMs is to work an (In Character)IC raise for such situations. When I play, I enjoy knowing there is Real danger, even encounters I must flee from. This is Classic D&D PnP style. What good or fun is it to always prevail and always hack through the enemy untouched? I could play solo, forge uberness in the toolset for my character and go through anything untouched -- Bah! As a RP server we can spend an hour eating pies or nearly drowning at a riverside as well as encountering enemies. It is DM presence and interaction that brings NPCs to life and can also surprise us with custom challenges. If there is a TPK, so what? Such an event is just part of the experience of gaming. DMs will work on a fix and all will be well. Some DMs I have known are adversarial to players engaging in ego PvP type conflict. NO DM will do this on Annakolia. This is against our philosophy of the DM. We DM as facilitators of fun -- sometimes death and TPK are involved as elements of that fun. Some monsters are very difficult yet appear not to be from CR rating. Giant Frogs are CR 11, yet they killed my lvl 25 sorcerer in one hit while he was fully buffed including epic shields. Sparky1479 was amazed at that since he has tossed many high lvl creatures at my character in Campaign and he has NOT died. DMs are facilitators of fun. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb --- Back to top Lord Guinness Player Joined: 02 Feb 2006 Posts: 444 Location: new england, usa Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:04 pm Post subject: Wow..well said,barry... i agree with every word of it.there is no challenge in everyone always prevailing.I myself have been guilty of thinking "why wont anyone raise me?" in "rp reality", raising someone during combat would be near-impossible.... _________________ Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend; inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -Groucho marx
  10. We have had some of these things so long, we fail to realize they are not that way for everyone using NWN. Realms of Annakolia has a rich environment - we have C.R.A.P. to thank for some that.
  11. charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:05 am Post subject: Re: Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.) & you Barry_1066 wrote: Some will notice that certain items now look like the item when placed on the ground instead of a generic bag -- This is, with the exception of the few in CEP, all from C.R.A.P. Try setting a ring or gem down. You don't see the generic NWN loot bag now. There's actually a little ring graphic and gems. There are other items such as this. It's nice. I like it. _________________ charissa1066 on Flickriver
  12. This post, made in 2007 was before the disbanding of the C.R.A.P Team. The entire project was handed over to me for the CEP Team and the project was added to CEP. Unfortunately when Bioware did some changes to the cloak system, new Bioware animations were added that broke the C.R.A.P. animations. These animations need to be accessed from new 2da locations - something that the scripts need to have changed. 5 or 6 years ago I was going to do this and bring out CEP 2.5 with a number of additions and these fixes. These fixes never happened. Being under attack by elements in certain community projects - another story about the survival of the CEP and the loss of Gamespy and most of our player base caused the shutdown of the server. With the Beamdog master server (new Gamespy like server) NWN EE has given us the ability to bring back Realms of Annakolia. So much to do - I have not idea when these scripts will bet fixed - but they are on the to-do list.
  13. Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:50 am Post subject: Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.) & you Annakolia has added the Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.). There are many things this allows in the world. The first thing you should find is the Player Action Widget (in a chest given at log on). It is a skull with red eyes. We will refer to it as the PAW. The PAW can be used to do many activities including but not limited to: Jumping Climbing Listening at Doors Setting up Camp (requires a tent from the outfitters) Resting with RP appropriate animations (requires a bed roll from the outfitters) Search for hidden doors and objects Find Traps Deactivate Traps Set rope and Grappling hook at pits to climb down and more Some of these features require me, the builder to install things in the module which with nearly 1,500 areas will be slow going but over time more and more will be there. Some will notice that certain items now look like the item when placed on the ground instead of a generic bag -- This is, with the exception of the few in CEP, all from C.R.A.P. I would like to hear about peoples likes or dislikes of this addition to Annakolia -- please post a new tread in the construction portion of the forum for that. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb ---
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    charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:46 am Post subject: Welcome New Players! Welcome new players! Annakolia Features: Based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Roleplay with award-winning gamers and DMs. Over 2000 areas to explore, including cities, forests, caves, dungeons, crypts, deserts, elemental planes, and the Nine Circles of Hell. Server up 24/7. Twenty-four Custom Prestige Classes Spellmastery System: Spellcasters gain power and duration in their spells with practice. For example, Magic Missle at 50% Mastery delivers 1-4 (+1); at 100% delivers 1-4 (+2) damage. Duration spells last longer. Ride-able Horses and Ponies Persistent Storage Saddle Bags Hard Core Rules Death at -10 Respawn Penalty: -50 xp/level and 10% gold Item Level Restrictions enforced Custom Tailor Custom Summons Roleplay Awards that can be turned in for magic enhancements to items, special items, and player housing. Active player community and forum All Standard Player Classes Annakolia CEP REQUIRES: NWN, Sou, & Hotu 1.68 (Neverwinter Nights Beamdog Extended Edition) CEP v2.4 or above Annakolia Haks Optional Custom Music .Annakolia Custom Prestige Classes: Acrobat Eldritch Knight Bladesinger Duelist Holy Liberator Mage Guard Mystic Theurges Spellsword Arcane Trickster Summoner Templar Purist of the Flame Totem Druid Warder Shapechanger Shaman Arrow Reaver Temple Raider Golem Maker Horselord Traveling Merchant Wind Sniper Winter Witch Mystic The Players Guide to Annakolia, First Edition Realms of Annakolia art by AthenaMeter & charissa1066 _________________ charissa1066 on Flickriver
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  16. New Server Hardware State of the Art, new 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7+8700 Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.60 GHz) includes Intel® Optane™ Memory Launched 02´18 6 4.60 GHz 3.20 GHz 12 MB SmartCache - noting 6X faster loading time and greatly increased battle processing. I got a great, nearly half price, deal at Cosco for $900.00. Please note - running the dedicated NWN server is all this machine does. No one plays on it. No one uses it for any other purpose. DDR 4 16 GB 2 TB HD Yes, it has a graphics card that can play games, but that is unimportant for the dedicated server. We are happy to report far better game play and multi player experience. Malishara and I have - over the last couple of weeks got this new system up to snuff. I noted a greatly improved experience with a group of players - AOE spells and all. As always, even the best of machines can overload with many spawns, especially spawns all casting AOE spells.
  17. Mike (DM Mykkal)

    Game Summary

    [in the alley in the south end of Annakol City, a bard hits the ground a loud thump.] Fat Canon: *sweating and looking up at the bathroom window he just scaled out* Ugh... I should not have ate that Groo before going on.... Gypsy Traveler: *exotic accent* Good evening sir... Perhaps I can have a word with you? FC: Uh.... now, isn't a really good time... *holds his stomach* GT: Oh, Yes it is... *Darkness is cast and the Canon impersonator is hoisted into a nearby wagon and carted away* *A loud flushing sound echoes out of the bathroom window*
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    Bards on The Realms of Annakolia

    Some special Bardic areas and abilities exist on Annakolia. 1) The Bardic performance room. This room is accessed from Annakol City, near the theater. Inside you can speak to the moderator and get permission to perform. A) Perform on the little stage B) Be appraised by the audience (if your die roll against you perform skill is good enough a celestial being will come and ask you to perform for guests in the celestial realm hall) C) Choose to go to the celestial hall PLEASE - if you do not you hang up the scrip for others until server reboot. D) Perform as requested in the celestial hall - if you die roll against your perform skill is good enough you are rewarded with a prize. 2) In the performance room is a door to the Bardic Guild Hall. In the Bardic Guild is a stage with audiance. A) On the rest menu is a listing for Bard Busking - choose that in front of the audience and you get gold and XP
  20. Barry_1066

    Capturable Summon System - Quick Tutorial

    The Capturable spawn system allows anyone who can cast a summons spell, the ability to capture a wide variety of creatures - most, if not all, better than the default summons. Hunting and capturing a variety of summons is an activity worth pursuing all on its own - One of the best to capture was not spawning anywhere - I have remedied this and made two new areas locations for search and find. I have added some capturable summons spawns to three (3) areas - a small area behind the Bane Mountain Monastery - the two cave systems below the Pine Ridge inn and Bane Mountain Monastery (the access via trap door you are next to when you go to this location via the travel widget - the mushroom). The two cave complex are the ONLY place the little purple dragon spawns. The spawn table being used is a master table - this master table uses all the other tables to select a creature to spawn so you can get just about anything and any level here. The little purple dragon is not on the tables - it ALWAYS spawns one in both these areas and it IS LEVEL NINE (9) - so beware.
  21. Mike (DM Mykkal)

    Game Summary

    [Later that evening after the book club at the Feisty Chicken] *the Mysterious Woman with the warm smile knocks on the door to Ludmilla's House of Waxworks* *Willem, the manservant, carrying a tray of tea for Ludmilla's night cap, answers the door* W: Good evening. I was not expecting to see you again so soon. MW: *coos* I really enjoyed your views on the book earlier this evening. I was hoping to further our conversation. W: *slight blush* This really isn't the best of times.... *glancing to the tray* MW: Oh, but it is... *pulls back her hood to reveal her warm smile paired with cold eyes* *Darkness is cast and 3 pairs of rough hands grab the manservant and pull him out the door. The tray of tea crashes to the ground and is all that is left when the darkness dissipates* *Ludmilla calls out from her reading room*: Villem! Vhere is my tea!
  22. Barry_1066

    The Curse of the Lovers campign begins

    The Curse of the Lovers Campaign We picked up our fugitive band of heros as they traveled from Barrydale Harbor to the Road to Fountain City. Many battles were fought and a lot of history gone over. Why does Baroness Zoe want her daughter back so bad and she is willing to kill anyone or any number of persons to get Darla back. The answer bubbled up from Darla and Hero as they related Baroness Zoe’s ability to trade bodies with a young daughter to extend her life – one the trade is complete she kills her daughter who is in the older body and young Zoe inherits and becomes Baroness – as she has done for centuries. She will have a mate and produce a daughter – any son would be killed on birth. At a brook along the Road to Fountain City the fugitives setup camp. Upon awaking the PLAN was set in motion – the plan to rescue Aven. Piety, now garbed in Tyr paladin reignment took a forged (by Hero) note to the Baroness’s castle. Guards produced Aven but unguarded and not restrained. It quickly becomes obvious that Aven has been tortured and ensorcelled – he verbalized that he must kill Hero and return Darla to Zoe. Members of the team, slathered, except for te wooden knocking on the cobbles of the Professor’s per leg, followed Piety and heard the ravings of Aven. The situation was reported back to Darla who made preparations – Many restoration, spell removal and healing spells were all deluged upon Aven as he was brought to the fugitives outside the city. Aven was released from his curse but he was weak and in great need of recooporation. Our heros traveled south looking for the entrance to the Wolf Woods – eventually finding the entrance, they press on inward eventually reaching the Indian Village where Princess Tiger Lily welcomed them. Our fugitives are resting with the Indians awaiting time to plan their next move.
  23. commands for cloaks and helms has changed - one can now hide and how more so: @@cloak and @@helm will go away new commands @@hide and @@show they will take specific arguments, which I will list after it's coded actually, let's do them now: helm, armor, cloak, left, right ************************************************************ so - @@hide helm @@hide armor @@hide cloak @@hide left @@hide right ************************************************************ @@show helm @@show armor @@show cloak @@show left @@show right
  24. Halfling Heaven World Designer/DM/Player Joined: 12 Aug 2004 Posts: 4576 Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 6:25 pm Post subject: Correspondance between The Temple of Tyr & Drowbane Cast To the High Priest of the Temple of Tyr in Annakol City, It is with great regret that I am to inform you of the misconduct of one of your representatives. It has come to my attention that one of my subjects, under my protection, has been viciously assaulted within her own home for reasons which are unclear. This attack I deem to be unwarranted and a direct violation of your jurisdiction. The aged woman who was victim of this barbaric assault is recovering but traumatised. I am sure you will agree that the violation of an individuals private residence is an unlawful act, and thus is not an act which you would support. I therefore demand immediate compensation for the victim, and an amount which would be seen as both fitting and generous. Furthermore, I expect your temple to make a public apology and a guarantee that the member of your temple who committed this unlawful act will be dealt with in whichever manner you deem fitting for a 'so-called' representitive of Tyr, the Lord of Justice. Failure to comply could be percieved as a hefty blow upon diplomatic relations between Fountain City and Annakol City, and will result in this matter being taken to more extreme measures. I am sure it will not be necessary to remind you that Fountain City has extensive resources and a formidable Navy and Army. Sincerely hoping this matter will be resolved amicably, Baroness Zoe Drowbane of Fountain City. *sealed with the Drowbane signet of a dragon in flight upon dark purple wax* _________________ ----------------------------------------- Time flys like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. ----------------------------------------- Back to top Halfling Heaven World Designer/DM/Player Joined: 12 Aug 2004 Posts: 4576 Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 11:24 pm Post subject: To the High Priest of the Temple of Tyr in Annakol City, I am saddened to see that the expected apology for the unjustified actions of one of your representatives has not been forthcoming. I was mistaken to believe that relations between your Temple and my powerful family name would be taken as an important matter which would need to be dealt with amicably and with haste. Your silence in this matter is a shame, especially as it forces me to take matters further. If this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction, then I will have to deem diplomacy as a waste of my time and efforts. I will then be forced to seek other methods of action. For your sake, I hope you make a wise decision. Disappointed with your silence, Baroness Zoe Drowbane of Fountain City. *sealed with the Drowbane signet of a dragon in flight upon dark purple wax* _________________ ----------------------------------------- Time flys like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. -----------------------------------------
  25. chizbo Player Joined: 30 Dec 2004 Posts: 140 Location: MA, USA Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 11:31 am Post subject: Of Galadriel, Lathine, Fingar, and the White Hand *Below is a note summarizing a conversation between a group of Dwarvers and the Lady Galadriel, of Elven Lathine, said note finding its way to Lady Sidonia, Nessime Ungard, King Krago of Durin, and others opposed to the power of the White Hand* Dark Forest Elf Ranger: My lady, they are here Luli Steinhammer: Ah, Greetings *glances at Oskar* Oskar Steinhammer: What be yer name, lady? Galadriel: I am Galadriel Galadriel: and you are? Oskar Steinhammer: Greetins! I be Oskar, o the Steinhammers, formerly o dwarven Lathine! Create IronBlade: Create of the ironblade clan Luli Steinhammer: *hisses* Anvil, behave Galadriel: our forest, our city has magical protections Luli Steinhammer: *looks up* Ohh, Luli Steinhammer Ezekial ForgeHammer: Ezekial of the Forgehammer clan. Galadriel: nice to meet you all Luli Steinhammer: and, er, Anvil Oskar Steinhammer: Aye, an we be seekin yer help against the White Hand, an ter regain what once be ours. Galadriel: yes i know Galadriel: and now the while hand streaches out to us Galadriel: we fight him, his orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and now Fingar Galadriel: i know what you want Luli Steinhammer: Then ye'll help us? Galadriel: our peoples have been friends in the old times Galadriel: i would hate to lose my home Luli Steinhammer: I was but a wee tot when Lathine fell and my papa with it Galadriel: i have lived here for over five thousand years Galadriel: so am attached to it Oskar Steinhammer: *smiles sadly at Luli* Lady Galadriel, we seek yer help in regainin our homeland, and yer wise counsel. Luli Steinhammer: *blinks as she tries to fathom 5000 years* Galadriel: the White hand cannot be destroyed at this time Oskar Steinhammer: *looks dismayed* Not even with yer help? Ezekial ForgeHammer: Cannot be? Galadriel: he is a power that grows in association with the Dark Moon Cthulhu and the worship of the horror Luli Steinhammer: Oh, but we've come all this way, fer nothing? Galadriel: we will help you stand against them Luli Steinhammer: Aye, Dark Moon we've heard of. What is Chthulu? Oskar Steinhammer: Bah, we stopped the avatar o this Cthulhu at the Ruins o R'lyeh Galadriel: you destroyed a dream Luli Steinhammer: *looks with wonder at Oskar* Galadriel: do you think you could fight a god? Galadriel: a god the other gods fear? Oskar Steinhammer: Well, we had Olias with us, I think Ezekial ForgeHammer: Fer Lathine, fight an win we would. Oskar Steinhammer: ..and Aunika to, as I be recallin. [Lightasa_Feather] Luli Steinhammer: But surely with Moradin's strenght ta guide us? Galadriel: you could with enough might storm the city Galadriel: vanquish him and yet he returns Oskar Steinhammer: Aye, we entered Lathine afore, since the fall. Powerful goblins dwelt there, our weapons could nay touch them. Galadriel: dark magic Create IronBlade: it is a nasty place now Luli Steinhammer: So that be it? We canna return? Galadriel: training goblins in the advanced mastery of the bow Galadriel: I see your outpost will fall Galadriel: that unless you can defend it Luli Steinhammer: Oskar, what is she saying? Why did we come here ta listen ta this? Galadriel: My rangers are seeking some answers Oskar Steinhammer: She be tellin us that we need ter defend Undivver Ultok, our stronghold near Lathine, or it too will fall. Galadriel: we are in the same struggle Create IronBlade: tell her a bout the deal Galadriel: deal? Oskar Steinhammer: *looks to Create and nods* IronBlade, mayhap ye can speak o it. Create IronBlade: the enemy you are fighting now is looking for this place Galadriel: yes we know Create IronBlade: they wanted to hire us to find it Galadriel: oh? Galadriel: they will pay you well Oskar Steinhammer: The Lord o Fingar seeks ye and yer elven city here, seeks it with all his malice Create IronBlade: they said if we give them the location they would pay us. lets get a trap for them Oskar Steinhammer: I give ye my word, I will not reveal it to him, by me honor and by Moradin's beard. Create IronBlade: and end this Galadriel: Broken Tree told me fingar and the white hand would unite Luli Steinhammer: We said we were'na interested but I'm sure he dinna believe us. He offered a treasure Galadriel: yes they want us all dead Ezekial ForgeHammer: *huffs* Humans. Typical. Luli Steinhammer: *looks at the others* If we went ta him with information, I think he'd believe it Galadriel: they were choping down trees Galadriel: with dryads Galadriel: Killing them all Luli Steinhammer: Oh, no Galadriel: slaughtered whole clans of brownies Create IronBlade: I say yes a trap Galadriel: a trap -- what kind of trap? Create IronBlade: we give them a location to go to you lay in wait when they get there BAM! Oskar Steinhammer: *nods at Create* Luli Steinhammer: Or tell them we know a way inta yer city that is unguarded Luli Steinhammer: Not here, but somewhere likely Galadriel: they may ask their true sayer to watch you Galadriel: then just kill you Oskar Steinhammer: Can ye or yer mages cast a spell on one o us that would fool their truthsayers? Galadriel: the area about the entrance to Black Gold might be good Galadriel: there is a spell but it does not last long Create IronBlade: can you put it in to a scroll for us Galadriel: there are scrolls Luli Steinhammer: *picks up the scroll* Luli Steinhammer: We use this when we enter Fingar? Galadriel: when you enter the Garrison Create IronBlade: *nods* Oskar Steinhammer: And where be this "Black Gold" where we should lead them? Or should we give them the information and depart? Galadriel: do you need a guide to the place? Ezekial ForgeHammer: An if the rest o' us just keep our yaps shut, nothing 'll give away? Er do we each need the spell? Oskar Steinhammer: I know a bit o these lands *smiles slightly* so if you tell me where the place be, mayhap I kin find it. Galadriel: leave the Dale Galadriel: go west and west again Galadriel: look for the tunnel Oskar Steinhammer: By Elgarth Mountain? Galadriel: yes Galadriel: to the Dense forest, in the Northwest Oskar Steinhammer: An ye be waitin there for em? Galadriel: I will have rangers Oskar Steinhammer: Just make sure yer archers aim at the humans, not us dwarves. *grins* Galadriel: only those dwarves of darkness Galadriel: your Duergar clan Oskar Steinhammer: *stiffens* If in truth there be traitors amongst me people, I promise, they will pay fer what they done one day. Oskar Steinhammer: Unless ye have some final words o advice, we be takin our leave then and fillin our end o the bargain. Galadriel: go then Luli Steinhammer: I be wondering mam? *asks Galadriel* Oskar Steinhammer: *waits for Luli* Galadriel: yes an we shall help you if you need it Luli Steinhammer: If ye could write sommat that we could show the Fingar commander? Luli Steinhammer: Sommat we might hae found? Ta confirm oor story Galadriel: *writes a quick note* Galadriel: here take this Luli Steinhammer: *takes the note* Ah, perfect Galadriel: *hands Luli a note* Luli Steinhammer: We kin tell him we caught a messanger Luli Steinhammer: and found the note hidden Galadriel: *nods* Luli Steinhammer: We'll hafta practice lookin' greedy Galadriel: that may work Galadriel: *grin* Luli Steinhammer: You'll hafta say ye overrode me Oskar, cause I was too definite aboot refusin the reward Create IronBlade: greedy is easy Oskar Steinhammer: I kin do that, Luli. Luli Steinhammer: If'n an elf called Jaak comes, if ye could give him welcome? He's a trusted companion o' oors Oskar Steinhammer: Trusted? *catches himself* Well, he be all right, fer an elfie Galadriel: yes i shall Galadriel: *grins* Oskar Steinhammer: All right then. Off we go. Luli Steinhammer: Oskar, he fought right beside ye on the way here Galadriel: yes trust is still not easily given Oskar Steinhammer: *winks at Luli* Practicin me greedy dwarf look, Luli. Create IronBlade: just think of lots of ale Galadriel: *smiles* and you are doing so well you fooled the pretty lady Oskar Steinhammer: Lady, thank ye fer yer help. While we be off, please think about how we can save our stronghold from the White Hand. *bows* Luli Steinhammer: If ye set the trap fer 3 days ahead? *looks at Oskar for verification* Oskar Steinhammer: *nods to Luli* Luli Steinhammer: We'll hurry ta Fingar Galadriel: know this -- we want him out as much or more than you do Luli Steinhammer: Cause it wouldna look good if we try ta rush tha humans ta the trap Oskar Steinhammer: We dwarves be great sprinters. We be runnin day an night ter get there an back ter the Black Gold Galadriel: remember the humans cannot go as fast as you can Create IronBlade: *smiles* Ezekial ForgeHammer: *nod* Galadriel: they may go faster at first but cannot keep up the pace Luli Steinhammer: What? Anvil *runs to replant a bush* Galadriel: very nice bear Oskar Steinhammer: *looks at bush nervously* Well, best we be off. Luli Steinhammer: I dinna care that there were honey ants. It were not yurs Galadriel: he can have it Galadriel: he is a guest Luli Steinhammer: Yes, he's a nice bear but, weel, verra kind o' ye Galadriel: we will plant another Create IronBlade: *sigh* Luli Steinhammer: *feeds the plant to Anvil* Oskar Steinhammer: *motions to Luli* Come now, we best be off. *nervously* Dinna want ter impose on the ladies hospitality. Create IronBlade: *shakes Head* Luli Steinhammer: Ah, we'll be off noo Luli Steinhammer: Come on Anvil
  26. charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:55 pm Post subject: History of Galandar and Annakolia (Broad View) Realms of Annakolia is set on the world of Galandar. The history of Galandar and Annakolia begins, in the Ancient Days, when Dark Moon maintained total control. Elder Galandar existed in continual night. The gods fought a great battle and Dark Moon fell. Freed from the darkness, Galandar was split into cycles of light and dark called day and night. The Awakening brought the elves and fae. The other races followed, halflings, humans, dwarves, and gnomes. Each of the races lays claim to being the oldest. Since the fall of Dark Moon, the Forces of Light continue to struggle against the Forces of Dark, who would raise Dark Moon once again to blot out the sun. Long ago, in the Age of the Heroes, the forces of Darkness found a portal to Galandar. The origin of that gate is lost in the mists of time. Near the City of Annakol, Amberflame Castle and the School for Adventurers now rests over that ancient portal. Few remember the day the gateway was mastered and what magic keeps the Dark Forces at bay. The Giants, an ancient race, considered all the smaller races a blight and corruption. From the beginning the giants killed and attacked the smaller races. An alliance with demons and devils in the Hells, brought the giants some intelligent direction and military might. Three Giant Wars fought within the last 300 years have been the most notable and organized. Giants work to open gates and release the denizens of Hell in return for help against the small stature surface races. _________________ charissa1066 on Flickriver
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    The mage council history

    Wolfgang_1066 DM/Contributor/Designer Joined: 05 Aug 2004 Posts: 102 Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 1:10 pm Post subject: The mage council history The Mage Council History: in the year 869 Tharbad was founded, 503 years have passed since Tharbad was first founded. The Mage Council was there since the beginning; you could say they are the founders of the city, thus making them one of the most powerful organizations in Tharbad. The sorcerers and wizards since the beginning separated half the city to each other the Sorcerer Council took the eastern side of the city while the wizards took the western -- they both would meet in the center of the city on the island between the two sides of the city to settle their disputes and vote on leaders and positions in each council. They have a required consensus vote on anyting in the Grand Council requiring 100% agreement to pass a law or measure. The Grand Council has never built the Wizard Library due to the Sorcerers lack of need for it. The library issue has been brought to vote every year for the last three hundred years. Because of the council the city has never been attacked, it would be insane to do so with the skilled magicians guarding the city and protecting it from harm. But there are disputes from inside the city itself and the nobles aren�t all happy with the council, because of this the mages hired warriors of skill and dubbed them the Mage Guards and soon afterward made the decision they needed people of skill in information gathering and stealth, thus the T.I.A. was formed T.I.A. stands for Tharbad Intelligence Agency. Former thieves pranksters and the like mostly trained in the art of the shadows make up the bulk of the T.I.A. operatives. To become one of the Grand Council members one must compete and be voted in and agreed on by their respective side. Some council votes count more then others, the higher the seat the more your vote will count. The council is made up of all humans, although there is no rule to the forbidding other races to serve, there is an unwritten law that only humans will be elected. There are no records of any other race serving on the council proper. Mages of other races have served in supportive roles for the council, subservient roles. Historically the Council has been haughty towards non-human races. From time to time more pluralistic, enlightened, forward-thinking mages have served on the council, but they are in the minority. Positions: There are eight council members in the Sorcerer council, and eight in the Wizard Council. Half of the Wizard council and half of the Sorcerer council, four from each equaling a total of eight make up the Grand Council. There is also a leader from each, one Sorcerer and one Wizard, who are Grand Council leaders bringing the total count in the Grand Council to ten divided five sorcerers and five wizards. There are three councils, one Sorcerer, one Wizard and one combined, Grand Council. The Sorcerers rule one side of Tharbad, while Wizards rule the other side and the Grand Council meets in the middle on the Bridge and tries to come to agreement on joint issues. The Guards on each side, East and West are hired by their respective Wizard or Sorcerer Council and paid by that council. There is a Sorcerer side Captain of the Guard as well as a Wizard side Captain of the Guard. The Guards on the bridge, the Grand Council grounds, are split with half Sorcerer aligned guards and half Wizard aligned guards.
  28. Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 7:20 pm Post subject: Information about the Elder Galandar world or Annakolia By request of the DMs I am placing this � ahhh -- discussion � for all to read. I am also adding a few thoughts that seemed right to me to add. I know the Drow have Assassins and the Drow have such guilds in their cities. As for elves above ground, they are of Tolkien variety and as such have two basic types -- Wood Elves and High Elves. The Drow come from E. Gary Gygax, not Faerun and were incooporated into Annaknolia and the Elder Galander World very early on with the giant module trilogy, followed by the into the depths of the earth trilogy, and then the demon web or Loth. Since this was one of the earliest campaign played in our world, much of the political, and greater continual struggle are based on those concepts. There would NOT be elven assassin guilds in the upper world of the elves. Those guilds are exclusive to the dark elves. That does not mean that a wood elf or high elf could not learn the skills, only that there are not guilds in the upper cities. To better understand the world of Galandar and the Annakolia areas, think Tolkien for Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and many other critters. Add in early D&D creations such as Drow, Loth, and mix in Cthulhu from Lovecraft. Now think of some other major fiction such a F. Lieber�s Fafford and Grey Mouser, Asprin�s Thieves World, Zelazny�s Amber series, add in Greek, Finish, and a few other assorted mythologies, and mix well. Please note � not one resource or reference to Faerun � either in book form or in D&D reference is used � NOT ONE! Never quote Faerun references as a source on how things are � we predate the creation of Faerun and have never even read the books or materials. We did not have any D&D materials past AD&D 1.0 first editions until we started playing NWN. We now have a set of version 3.5 books. A lot of our decisions and world functionality still come from version 1.0. I do not like the loss of much of the Demonology section of the monster manual and other �cleaning� of the system. It is my hope and dream, to bring to people in Annakolia, the Elder Galandar world, our original experience with D&D and our view of it as we have enjoyed it for the past � ahhh � long time. In my view, other worlds have tainted certain races � Hobbits (halflings) in particular. E. Gary Gygax said that Halflings were Hobbits from Tolkien�s works in the very beginning, but required a name change to avoid copyright problems. It is a very rare exception to find halflings doing evil things or taking a dark path but it can happen � Golem is an example of a dark path Hobbit. However it should be noted that it took an extraordinary evil magic to turn him in his path. Hobbits by nature are friendly, easy going, mistrustful of big folk and strangers, and love their food, family, and hearth. Keep in mind that Hobbits were chosen to carry the One Ring in the LOTRs because of their resistance to evil. The favored class in D&D is the rogue which is reasonable in light of The Hobbit where Bilbo is the stealth master burglar. Bilbo is not a rogue who pick pockets his friends � but he does pick pocket trolls. You will find Hobbits favored with several well made areas for their development and playing pleasure. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb ---
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    The Jolly Roger Restaurant

    Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:01 am Post subject: The Jolly Roger Restaurant The Jolly Roger Restaurant This is a Player Owned establishment. There are some rules for ownership: 1) Pay the price listed on the Restaurant control board in the kitchen. 2) Once you own it, you are responsible to: A) Advertise B) Hire other PCs and pay them to work as waiters and waitresses C) Be in proper Jolly Roger uniform when in the Restaurant. D) Provide proper uniforms for employees E) See to it that the establishment is being run -- IE it is not somthing you squirrel away as a trophy -- if you own it you do the work or it will be taken away by the DMs with NO compensation for the money spent for it. 3) Maintain the HIGH quality and atmosphere of the establishment and add to it with RP and Staff RP. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb ---
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