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  2. Long ago and far far away, at the Feisty Chicken Inn and pub, a seaman walked in. He was wet – he was beat – he was nearly dead – and he told the tale of his passage to Annakol, the BIG STORM, the swamping of the ship, the attack of the sea monsters. He told of how the great tentacles grabbed him and pulled him down under the sea. How as he was passing out, he saw a chest with odd looking gold coins – how he grabbed one and died, or was it he passed out – oh yea – still here, so passed out. He awoke on the shore without knowing how – but the gold coin shone very bright and flashes of magic beamed off its surface. AHHHH – he got it – YES – was the magic coin that saved him. He passed out in the Feisty Chicken. When he came too – he was upstairs one of the guest rooms and he finds out he was there for weeks. Having no money to pay, he gives the owner his magic gold coin – Lino’s Dad polished up the skull on one side and put it in the money box. Next day they found the coin had dissolved into the very framework and rocks of the building and foundation. The curse of the Feisty Chicken started that very day – and has continued ever since. The sailor has been back over the years – he seems to be well and become a noted Captain, or so he says – his name – Captain Kylon Lionset.
  3. Barry_1066

    Applying for the Campaign

    People are marking this for dates: https://doodle.com/poll/fhdydgc5tgbh8qy2
  4. NeoRebel

    Sunbird Society

    Dime drinks a potion of Bull's Strength. Then he equips Gauntlets of Ogre Power. And after that, a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. And then a Helm of the Marshall. Rosa: "Uh... Dime, are you going on another adventure? Like, a big fight? You're increasing your strength to ridiculous heights!" Dime: "Yeah, I'm going to have an adventure alright. It's called "washing Prime's armor"." - with a packed suit of armor on his back. Rosa blinks. Rosa: "Wow! I never saw your brother without his armor! What does he...?" - Dime: "DON'T ASK!" - Rosa: "... o... k..."
  5. People who want to test a build of our custom classes and really want to test many options can download that module and try them all - find the one you like and test just how you want to build that desired character. Ann_Character_Tester_Build_Kit.7z
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360432243 Here is the Steam Workshop listing for the Realms of Annakolia download - This willl auto install all the RoA files you need effortlessly. This is the very best way to install - or should I say the very easiest.
  7. Happy Hour at Feisty Chicken! Saturday, June 16th at 7PM Eastern Happy Hour Specials!
  8. charissa1066

    Hello from DM Charissa1066

    Welcome to Annakolia! J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Ursula K. LeGuin's Earth Sea books, and Grimms' Fairytales inspired my love for fantasy. The works of H.G. Well and Frank Hebert added science fiction to the mix. I longed to visit those awe-inspiring worlds and meet the amazing characters I read about. Dungeons & Dragons was a natural for me. I've designed and run several campaigns on RoA. As a player and a DM, I prefer campaigns that offer players multiple choices and fleshed-out NPCs. Right now, I'm playing mostly, but if you see me online and you need help from a DM send me a Tell. You can also send me a message on the forum. I will be happy to help you. Just a few of my characters: Cherry Meadows (Rogue/Bard/Shadowdancer), Ginger Baker (Wizard/Rogue), Meg Hedge (Rogue/Fighter/Wind Sniper), Flori Fletcher (Ranger).
  9. NeoRebel

    Sunbird Society

    The sound similar of an explosion echoed through Sunbird Manor. A sound that came from the Pool area. Powerful shockwaves scattered the drinks all over the bar. Jaims, the bartender, was sent flying to the nearest wall, falling unconscious. The living weapon remained in position, arm extended and fist clenched. A powerful attack was made. Vita FACEPALMS: "Akari, when Jaims said 'try the punch', THAT'S WHAT HE MEANT!" - pointing at the mixed drink, miraculously intact. Akari looked stoic as usual, but with a spark of confusion in her eyes: "Is there a drink called 'punch'? ... ... oh... I... will keep that in mind. My apologies." - to Vita and an unconscious Jaims.
  10. NeoRebel

    Sunbird Society

    "So you finally got caught in the act, uh Dime?" Prime, his older brother, saw Dime entering their apartment with some sort of tray heavily covered in leather. Tackle, their pet, raises his head and then goes back to sleep. "Give me that!" - demanded the paladin. He uncovered the tray, revealing its dark, metalic color. Prime's eyes go sharp. "... Adamantite. I knew you sometimes negotiated with Drow, but I never thought you would go so far. Why do you need this powerful, unholy metal? Perhaps you gave up your rogue ways and needs a decent armor? ... No, there's too few. But perhaps... a shield? Are you finally considering defensive tools for your errands? I thought a shield would only add encumbrance to your sly hands and..." "STOP! It's nothing like that!" - Dime replied - "It's only a litterbox for Tackle! They have to be very resistant! Or do you want another tatami destroyed by Prismatic Poop?" Prime pauses. He looked at the mini dragon. Tackle yawned and went back to sleep. The paladin looked back to Dime. Silence followed for 15 seconds. "... A... Adamantite degrades under sunlight. How about using that corner over there?" - and Prime and Dime started setting up Tackle's adamantite litterbox.
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  12. Mike (DM Mykkal)

    In Character Commentary

    Aruncus slips back into camp. She smells of smoke and exploding powdering. Her ears still ring from the explosion, but, she still is able to give a satisfied smile. That should stop the madness!
  13. I have already posted how to find the listing for Annakolia here: http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/609-latest-beamdog-ee-update-today/ Now lets make Annakolia a favorite to quickly and easily find it. Go to the History tab - find Annakolia in History, select it and click on Add to Favorites Click on Favorites tab and if Annakolia is active - you will see it - will be ghosted if off line.
  14. Barry_1066

    Latest Beamdog EE Update - Today

    New Log In Information: Note the number of people on the server is NOW how Beamdog wants to order the default listing - NOT alphabetical. Click on the box - Server Name - and you will get this listing, below:
  15. Barry_1066

    Latest Beamdog EE Update - Today

    Hello Players: This update is barely out of the box and I have discovered some - ahhhhh - features (What Microsoft calls Bugs). DM - you can no longer see the blue transition triggers, nor do they work for you as they once did - you MUST enable see triggers and use the radial menu to the 9 o'clock position or is it 10, anyway the option to activate. These SAME, once blue, transition triggers NO LONGER SHOW FOR PLAYERS. Players must mouse over a trigger to even see it - shows then in a turquoise translucent color and the little stone arch with the arrow in the middle curser shows up. This means that transitions will be much harder to find. I have already been working on placing map notes at transition points in the world but this is an ongoing project that will not be completed for a LONG time, due to the number of areas in the world, over 2000, and many areas have multiple entrances and exits. This is just the tip of the iceberg since i found this in seconds. This may be intentional by Beamdog but it IS A PROBLEM and I am not OK with it. Link to Beamdog Bug Report: https://support.baldursgate.com/issues/37473
  16. Kalliros

    Shaman -Updated 2018-

    I thought about helping players by giving some insight about the Spirit Companion. Mainly, it is to be noted that the Spirit Companion acts as a Summon and thus, occupies the Summon Slot. So whatever summon is active will be substituted by the Sp.Companion, and vice versa. Here are the stats for the Shark (summoned at character level 17, will see if changes after level up) SHARK (Level 20) Stats: Str 30 / Dex 20 / Con 15 / Int 3 / Wis 12 / Cha 6 HP: 268 / AC: 38 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 17 / Ref: 20 / Will: 10 Immune to: paralysis, Slow, Entangle, Movement speed decrease, Critical hits, death magic, disesase, negative level, ability decrease, mind spells, poison, sneak attacks Other Stats: Concealed: 50%, Regeneration, Attack and Damage Increase, Damage resistance Feats: Disarm, Called Shot, Knockdown, Improved Knockdown, Weapon Proficiency BISON (Level 20) Stats: Str 30 / Dex 12 / Con 30 / Int 4 / Wis 10 / Cha 4 HP: 370 / AC: 36 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 34 / Ref: 19 / Will: 8 Immune to: Paralysis, Poison, Critical hits, death magic, negative level, ability decrease, mind spells, Disease, sneak attacks Other Stats: Concealed: 50%, Regeneration, Attack and Damage Increase, Damage resistance, Damage Immunity Increased Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Critical, Improved Knockdown, Improved Parry, Toughness, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialisation, Weapon proficiency (all creature) Relevant Skills: Parry 21, Discipline 30, Intimidate 27, Concentration 10 HYENA (Level 20) Stats: Str 21 / Dex 25 / Con 17 / Int 3 / Wis 10 / Cha 3 HP: 195 / AC: 44 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 15 / Ref: 26 / Will: 6 Immune to: Nothing Other Stats: Concealed: 50%, Attack and Damage Increase, Feats: Sneak Attack Blackguard (+6d6), Spring attack, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency Relevant Skills: Discipline 10, Hide 21, Listen 10, Move Silently 25 PANDA (Level 20) Stats: Str 26 / Dex 14 / Con 22 / Int 3 / Wis 18 / Cha 16 HP: 230 / AC: 30 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 18 / Ref: 14 / Will: 18 Immune to: Paralysis, Poison, Critical hits, death magic, negative level, ability decrease, mind spells, Disease, sneak attacks Other Stats: Concealed: 50%, Attack and Damage Increase, Damage Reduction and Resistance, Regeneration Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Power Attack, Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus, Woodland Stride Relevant Skills: Listen 14, Parry 16, Persuade 15, Spot 18 CASTS SPELLS! Observed spells: Mass Blind/Deaf, Invisibility Sphere, Mass Bull Strength OWL (Level 20) Stats: Str 10 / Dex 30 / Con 10 / Int 3 / Wis 20 / Cha 4 HP: 150 / AC: 49 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 12 / Ref: 27 / Will: 11 Immune to: paralysis, Slow, Entangle, Movement speed decrease, Critical hits, death magic, disesase, negative level, ability decrease, mind spells, poison, sneak attacks Other Stats: Concealed: 50%, Attack and Damage Increase, Damage Resistance, Regeneration, Hasted, Damage Immunity Increased, Regenerating Feats: Damage Reduction 4, Dark Vision, Epic Dodge, Hide in Plain Sight, Low-Light Vision, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency Relevant Skills: Hide 30, Listen 19, Move Silently 30, Spot 19 USES GAZES! Observerd gazes: Paralysis, Stunning, Charming, Petrification (Limited amount per day)
  17. There have always been some places that are not "fleshed out" enough.  Towns with no insides, outsides with no street people present.  Many of these shortfalls have been addressed in the last several months and are being worked on now.

    I have had some concepts of areas I have wanted to make to make the server a more wonderful place to play - I am doing that.

    In the PnP D&D days - having a cavern complex to explore was one of my favorite things.  There now exists several msnew cavern complexes from Annakol City to the Bane Mountains and The Shire Farms. 

    Today that new Spider Cavern complex went live on the server (under the Lowland Shire Hobbit Farms)

    I cam considering a second level below that will travel to another cavern north of Bree.


  18. Mike (DM Mykkal)

    Horsing Around

    Chapter 2 Game Schedule (Tentative) 7pm to 9pm Central Time June 5: Chapter start (please log in by 6:30 for gear) June 10: June 17: DM will be returning from a conference this day- Tentative June 24: No DM (out of town) Feel free to RP in the Starship Horselord as the Aruncus 5000 is offline for an update. July 1: July 8: DM will be returning from a long weekend with parents. He WILL need to kill something this night. July 15: July 22: DM will be returning from Chicago... Feel free to RP in the Starship Horselord as the Aruncus 5000 is offline for an update. July 29: Chapter end Due to personal commitments, the 6 games for chapter 2 will likely be scattered over the months of June and July. Nights I'm unable to make it I will let others PA lead and you are free to RP in the Starship Horselord.
  19. Barry_1066

    Experience Points on Realms of Annakolia

    When Realms of Annakolia first started the experience meter setting for the module was set to 7% I should say - that experience meter is 1 - 100 % At one point, many years ago - certain DMs (mostly one) argued for lowering the XP meter to 5% - This was done. The experience was never stopped or caped but it was very hard to near impossible to get more than 300 XP - although it did happen, the events were very rare. I have rasied the XP meter, doubling it from 5% to 10% - we have experimented with this for a week and feel the balance is good. Realms of Annakolia is a slow progression server - not awarding huge amounts of xp for kills. There are many reasons for this but the most important is that we do not want to see high level characters made in a week or two - not in a month - it should take some time and investment and exploring.
  20. Barry_1066

    Connecting to Annakolia from Steam

    Download all Annakolia Content here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360432243
  21. Barry_1066

    Connecting to Annakolia from Steam

    This information abount using the development version is no longer necessary - we are not using the development version at this time. The Steam Workshop link below IS the best way to install Annakolia custom content.
  22. Mike (DM Mykkal)

    In Character Commentary

    Aruncus picks up The Book— it’s now how she refers to it — and again opens it. How can it be any worse? She flips to the next section and begins to read aloud. Chapter 2: Horselords and the Guardians of the Star Trek Galactica. A long, long time ago in a galaxy really, really far away the Starship Horselord 1 sets off on its maiden voyage to explore the multiverse. Equipped with the most stately state-of-the-art AI technology, the Aruncus 5000, the highly trained crew has set off to go where no humanoid has gone before. Our story begins with the crew receiving a distress signal from a nearby planet…
  23. charissa1066


    Donate to Annakolia What does your donation go toward? Maintenance of the Game Server Web hosting for the Forum Forum Software License & Updates Electricity Upgrades for the Game Server
  24. Barry_1066

    lRealms of Annakolia Maps

    more maps:
  25. Barry_1066

    lRealms of Annakolia Maps

    More maps:
  26. Barry_1066

    lRealms of Annakolia Maps

    And some detail maps: HH_alishatep_map.bmp
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