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  1. Long time no see :) is ROA still operationals and accessible to players?

  2. Kothgar

    Weekend game, one shot

    Ah, signs of life on the Annakolia server! I'm open to a game also on Saturdays.
  3. Kothgar

    Out Of Office

    I will miss you guys also. It was great playing in your campaign! I really enjoyed it and we had a great group too. The idea that some people were shown preferential treatment is unfounded I'd say *munches on DM cookie* I always felt I was treated fairly. Well in the event the campaign starts up, Manny will be waiting, counting his gold pieces and muching on DM cookies :)
  4. Kothgar

    Out Of Office

    Will be out on 8/4 and 8/10.
  5. Hi Mali, my power strip weant dead and I can't turn it back on. Going to have to buy a new one so continue the Fiesty w/o me

  6. Hi Myke,

    Just wanted to let you know I won't be able to make it to today's MOM session 4/15. I'll cya next week :)

  7. Kothgar

    Staff Directory

    Manny was born in the Shire and has managed to develop a propensity for getting in trouble. His talent lies in aquiring valuble gems, jewelry and other valuable merchandise(steals them) and sells them to interested merchants or clients in Annakol City using his astounding salesmanship skills(bullsh#ts them). Open to any opportunity, he has heard of Annakol City's business improvement program wherin adventurers are encouraged to learn a trade and give up their adventuring ways. Liking the idea of making money without risking his life or resorting to thievery(Hah!), he looks into this opportunity, freelancing about to see where the greatest opportunity is in Annakol City.
  8. Kothgar


    Welcome aboard Demolicious! My main character is Kothgar, a barbarian who is usually nursing his drinks and filling his belly at the Fiesty Chicken. I'm also one of the regulars on here. We have a good group playing on here(when they show up that is!) and the DMs all do a great job running their sessions(this part is true, has not been edited by the DMs). Hopefully the games will be picking up in the future. Happy Holidays to all!!
  9. Kothgar

    *dusts off the keyboard*

    I will try to make it to tommorow's Fiesty Chicken game at 6pm EST. Hopefully there will be some others turning out as well :)
  10. Kothgar

    Been a while

    See you at the Feisty Chicken!
  11. Kothgar

    Sorry we missed the game...

    No problem, it happens. Hope to see everyone next week! :)
  12. Kothgar

    Girl Rangers Clubhouse

    Puddin thinks the clubhouse should have a kitchen with a stove for baking and cooking, a library room for Cheryl, a place for Puddin's numbchucks, a main living room with tables and chairs for meetings and parties, a playhouse room for Rosa's performances, a danger room for Puddin, a room for crafting stations, and a bath room. Anyone else have ideas? :D
  13. Kothgar

    Happy Yule & Merry Christmas...

  14. Kothgar

    Feisty or not so Feisty?

    Sol is being nice..Kothgar got OWNED by those Mask guys in the slum (barbarian? HAH!)...hope to see you all next time! :)

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