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  1. * Nickname(s): The Singing Dragon, 'Girl Ranger with weird bat wings' * Species: Dragon (according to herself) * Height: 5'2" * Weight: 119 lbs * Age: 14 * Occupation: Full-time Girl Ranger, Honey seller, 'being a Dragon' (again, according to herself). * Alignment: Chaotic Good * Birthplace: The Village of Nif * Distinguishing Features: always in Girl Ranger uniform, and always showing her Red Dragon wings. * Known Relatives: Ange and Vita (older sisters) * Religion: None * Weapon of Choice: after a good time using her lute as a weapon, sh
  2. * Species: Elf * Height: 5'6" * Weight: 119 lb * Age: 50 (for elven standards, she's a teenager) * Occupation: Nomadic adventurer * Alignment: Neutral Good * Birthplace: Lathine * Marital Status: Single * Distinguishing Features: her radiant disposition * Known Relatives: Parents and two brothers * Religion: is a follower of Sehanine Moonbow * Weapon of Choice: her bow Raijin. She heard the word means "Thunder God" in an ancient Tarowan language. * Quirks: Optimistic to no end. Very quick to scare and panic. Very cheeful. Arde
  3. * Species: Human * Height: 5'7" * Weight: 147 lb * Age: 31 * Occupation: Planar traveler, Annakol Milita Guard (formerly) * Alignment: Lawful Neutral * Birthplace: Unknown * Marital Status: Single * Distinguishing Features: Green Hair! * Known Relatives: None * Religion: None * Weapon of Choice: TM-1127 Laser Blade * Quirks: stoic, with occasional bursts of snarky humor Raised at the helm of a Spelljammer for as long as she can remember, Aporue always explored another worlds. None of them struck great interest, with her quickl
  4. Dime: "Prime, Prime, Prime! A thief, an elven baronette, a gnome scientist, a cleric of Benthar, and a girl who's bigger than you followed me here! Can I keep them?!" Prime: "I... er... WHAT?!?" Dime grins: "You should see your face in the mirror!"
  5. "... jokes? Like... seriously, Akari?" - in the corridors of the Sunbird Manor, the ever-snarky Dime was having a conversation with the ever-stoic Akari. "Yes." - the Living Weapon replied - "Through my errands and adventures in this world, I have been constantly reported as 'boring' and 'unfunny'. Although this should not be a matter of concern, I cannot help but worry about the progression of my final mission, given to me by my master. So, it is crucial that I become 'funny'." Dime chuckles a bit: "Y'know, the seriousness you show about 'trying to be funny' is funny by itself. ...
  6. Day 6: I woke up with rays of sunlight coming through the window. I slept! I shouldn't have to! I still got things to do and time now is running shorter than ever! I rush back to Annakol City. Time to summon the heroes! I'm not important enough to use the Annakol Gazette. Perks of being a rogue: good ones are usually unknown. And I don't like the idea of being known. ... as if I have a choice in the matter. And since I can't use the Gazette, let's go to the next big thing: the message board. Time to write a message. Call to Arms! Looking for extremely experienced adven
  7. Day 5: I spent the whole night at Miskatonic U, ignoring the claims of ghosts and apparitions in the already dark corridors. I don't know if those were true. Nor do I care right now. I was at the alchemy classroom, preparing some special (and nasty) weapons. The amalgam of two researches: the Fletchers' and mine's. I look at them, not knowing if they'll do me good down there or not. I also don't have time for testing. This will have to do, me liking or not. I also made 5 (five) runes of recall, just in case we have to make an emergency retreat back to the surface. It's unlikely
  8. Day 4: Ah, Halfling Heaven. No matter how many times I visit this place, I always feel at home here. Sure, the Halflings here enjoy a normal, simple life where, if not for Slick, the most exciting event in the year would be the snail races. They are also a bunch of overcapable guys whose the most normal villager would give any outlander adventurer a run for its money. Case in point: the Fletchers. They do what their surname makes you think: fletching. Their arrows are legendary, and some are so unique you can only find with them. To this day, I still don't know how to make what
  9. Day 3: Vampires. Pit Fiends. Hook Horrors. And, of course, Drow. This is the city of Erelhei-Cinlu, deep in the Underdark. Many got lost in the endless tunnels, trying to reach this place, or were devoured by the Kuo-Toans in the way. And many would expect the City of the Drow to be a place of pure and ancient evils. Well, they are right and wrong. Most of the guys who live there are pretty chill and lively... Lolth cultists notwithstanding... and live their lives like anyone else. I was actually chatting with said Drow, Vampires, Pit Fiends and Hook Horrors about one nice barbecue i
  10. Day 2: Very few people know, but I'm actually trained in magic and wizardry. Nowhere near the level of dedicated super-spellcasters like Zamboni, but I know the basics. And more importantly: I know how to use magic scrolls. At Amberflame Castle, Mr. Silig was quite scared, because I was buying half of his stock in magic scrolls. Of course, the ones I could carry and the most important ones for my mission, but still a significative number. And about the chosen spells... again, I'm not a dedicated caster, so I didn't pick quite the number of damaging ones (but I still got some of
  11. Day 1: Magic missiles hit a boulder. And another. And another. And another. Emeralds, rubies and rough diamonds. Catch. Rinse. Repeat. Luckly, Staves of Missiles are in good demand. I needed to mine those gems, but in a way that I could save my strength for what's yet to come. And shooting magic at boulders proved to be quite effective. I grab whatever I can and hasted to the jewelry. Lente, the jeweler, was quite abashed with the amount of shiny stones I brought. ... and a bit concerned. If there are too many, their value starts to drop, so he said. At least I could grab enoug
  12. I ended up coming back to Barrydale on my own two feet. I had to come back and look after those two after everything that happened. Canon and Aruncus were in beds. Canon was still mentally and spiritually exausted after opening so many portals to Hell, but I think he'll be fine. But Aruncus... well, if I hadn't seen myself, I would say she was in a coma. She wouldn't wake up not matter what. ... Of course she wouldn't. Her soul was trapped in Hell. And now, the Horselords are trapped there with her. And if it wasn't for Zamboni, me and Kothgar would be trapped there too. I should've
  13. Neo,

    Thank you for posting the tutorial on capturable summons.  

    1. NeoRebel


      No problem, Charissa 🙂

  14. 1. First of all, buy a Book of Summons (Jania, at Annakol North Road, near the Feisty Chicken Inn, sells one) 2. Make sure the custom summons are enabled in the book of summons. You would be surprised of how many people would forget that back in the day. 3. Bookmark an empty slot in your book 4. See the level number in the summon name (eg.: White Tiger, level 5)? You must cast on the ground, near the target (NOT directly on it) the summon creature spell of the level of the creature or higher to capture (to capture said white tiger level 5, you must cast Summon Creature V or higher). Any
  15. Dime drinks a potion of Bull's Strength. Then he equips Gauntlets of Ogre Power. And after that, a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. And then a Helm of the Marshall. Rosa: "Uh... Dime, are you going on another adventure? Like, a big fight? You're increasing your strength to ridiculous heights!" Dime: "Yeah, I'm going to have an adventure alright. It's called "washing Prime's armor"." - with a packed suit of armor on his back. Rosa blinks. Rosa: "Wow! I never saw your brother without his armor! What does he...?" - Dime: "DON'T ASK!" - Rosa: "... o... k..."
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