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  1. From our web hosting service:
  2. Great Baker, It was good to see Dimestus again. He is looking good, although I think he could stand to eat a few pies. He needs to fill out a bit. Please St. Marcus, make sure Dimestus gets at least the required seven meals a day, preferably hobbit-sized. I met a nice, strong fellow, Kothgar. Boy, was I glad that Mister Kothgar came along when we got magicked to that giant spider infested place. Dear me! I promised to bake Mister Kothgar some cookies. I will have to find out where he lives to send some by pixie mail. An elf named Elemirre joined us later in that horrible
  3. Donation received! Thank you, RoAnnon!
  4. Welcome to Realms of Annakolia! We are glad to have you join us. Tell us a bit about yourself. We look forward to meeting you in game soon.
  5. Neo,

    Thank you for posting the tutorial on capturable summons.  

    1. NeoRebel


      No problem, Charissa 🙂

  6. We will be out-of-town Saturday, July 7th. Come what may, the Feisty Chicken is open for business. Lino and Fiona will still be hosting Happy Hour. Players are always welcome! Besides, who knows, some ruthless DM may step in. Drop in and see what happens.
  7. Happy Hour at Feisty Chicken! Saturday, June 16th at 7PM Eastern Happy Hour Specials!
  8. Welcome to Annakolia! J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Ursula K. LeGuin's Earth Sea books, and Grimms' Fairytales inspired my love for fantasy. The works of H.G. Well and Frank Hebert added science fiction to the mix. I longed to visit those awe-inspiring worlds and meet the amazing characters I read about. Dungeons & Dragons was a natural for me. I've designed and run several campaigns on RoA. As a player and a DM, I prefer campaigns that offer players multiple choices and fleshed-out NPCs. Right now, I'm playing mostly, but if you see me online and you
  9. This information abount using the development version is no longer necessary - we are not using the development version at this time.
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