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  1. Barry_1066

    Realms of Annakolia Character Build Tester and Build Kit

    To install the character tester module- !) download it - 2) unzip it - the file is a 7zip so you must install 7zip if you do not have it https://www.7-zip.org/ 3) place the module in the Documents/Neverwinter Nights/module directory. 4) start NWN EE and start new - find the module name and start it - make a new character to work with. 5) once in the module you will move to the interior area and talk to the NPCs. Once there you can level up and down - there is gear to outfit and arm yourself - there are places to go and fight to test your build.
  2. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    Before you make a monk - take a look at the Bane Mountain Monastery - and that is oriental, kung Fu type monks. Also The Asian/Oriental world of Tarowa is monk origin friendly. My take on monks is old and futile since TSR took them out and Wizards of the Coast put them right back in. I have learned to live with them. The world of Annakolia is monk friendly.
  3. What Players are saying about Happy Hour at the Feisty Chicken ooc note. I enjoyed todays Feisty Chook Happy Hour. I liked the way the group acted together....and the pacing was spot on ....with [for me] new monsters and new places....and enough combat to satisfy that bit but also time to chat to people as well. Thanks to the DM team. OOC: I must admit, I have shied away from getting involved in campaigns (or even large groups) because I am new to RP and the game. Last night was the first happy hour I participated in (just watched last week). I had a blast. I am hoping to return every week! As always another fun time at the Chicken! Thanks to the DM's and the party for another adventure for Elly to chat about with friends! *********************************** Role Play Adventure Battle Puzzle solving fun These are the things one can expect - games do not always start at the Feisty Chicken - many that do start there don't stay. Each week is a different adventure - you never know what to expect.
  4. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    If one is looking at our diety list with Farum/Forgotten Realms glasses - Massive mistakes will be made. For example: Tyr is from Norse Mytholgy - not Faerun (I do think Norse Mythology predates Faerun). Loki is also from Norse mythology - an important point since there actually is no Tyr on Annakolia and Tyr is being presented by some other god. Tyr on Annakol is said to be one thing but in reality is the god of punishment and torture - and they do not care how or where they get their victims to torture. Torture and justice are seen as one and the same by Tyr followers and that is how it is presented by the god. Yes you will find many surprises like this on Annakolia - we are not the Forgotten Realms nor Faerun in any way. If you see a forgotten Realms god - That god is probably one that is from a real ancient pantheon and thus predates Faerun and the Forgotten Realms by centuries or millennia.
  5. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    I just made a brownie bard and played him solo to test solo play. As long as you keep to the beginning dungeons at first, you willl enjoy some fast leveling into the low double digits. After that you will need to seek out some harder areas to level. Keep in mind, the higher in level you go, the slower the leveling process. There are over 2000 areas with 5 worlds to explore - this will take time and effort but solo can be great fun. Some items that are desirable can only be purchased with Role Play Gems - acquired from DMs - usually by DMed games. These gems are also acquired through some other activities which will be announced soon.
  6. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    Now - let me address some of your other questions. First - Realms of Annakolia are not set in Faerun or the Forgotten Realms. Realms of Annakolia is built from my collected DM works and campaigns since D&D publication in the 1970s. Realms of Annakolia predate Faerun - have never used Faerun, and are significantly different. The world has elements from Tolken, Lovecraft, Poe, Adams, Summers, Liber, Gygax, and many more literay fantasy and SF writers. The world also has unique stories and history written by Charissa, Halfling Heaven, Mkmddx, Athena, Flamecrow, Kormai, Dahkron, Roannon, Malishara, Wolfgang, and myself, to name a few. here are a few links to subjects on Annakolia: http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/659-information-about-the-elder-galandar-world-or-annakolia/ http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/661-history-of-galandar-and-annakolia-broad-view/ http://www.annakolia.org/forums/index.php?/topic/630-drow-in-the-realms-of-annakolia/
  7. Barry_1066

    Potential new User

    First lets talk about how to use the character test module: 1) Put the module in the Neverwinter Nights/module folder (this is the NWN in you document directory) 2) Start NWN 3) Select New 4) Select Other Modules... 5) Select Ann_Character_Tester_build_kit_6 6) Make a character 7) Play
  8. Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:29 pm Post subject: DMs - RP - Encounters - and Policy This Applys to EVERYONE -- NO PERSON is exempt from DM action INCLUDING encounters that cause death. When a DM is present and running things for players, encounters may be more challenging leading to deaths. I for one believe I have not challenged a party unless someone is capable of death -- meaning that death is certainly a possible reality. With this in mind, (Total Player Kill) TPK is also a possibility since the balance of character to enemy is a guess and the D&D game system can go many ways based on dice rolls. Game masters running situations NEVER leave people dead. Standing instructions for DMs is to work an (In Character)IC raise for such situations. When I play, I enjoy knowing there is Real danger, even encounters I must flee from. This is Classic D&D PnP style. What good or fun is it to always prevail and always hack through the enemy untouched? I could play solo, forge uberness in the toolset for my character and go through anything untouched -- Bah! As a RP server we can spend an hour eating pies or nearly drowning at a riverside as well as encountering enemies. It is DM presence and interaction that brings NPCs to life and can also surprise us with custom challenges. If there is a TPK, so what? Such an event is just part of the experience of gaming. DMs will work on a fix and all will be well. Some DMs I have known are adversarial to players engaging in ego PvP type conflict. NO DM will do this on Annakolia. This is against our philosophy of the DM. We DM as facilitators of fun -- sometimes death and TPK are involved as elements of that fun. Some monsters are very difficult yet appear not to be from CR rating. Giant Frogs are CR 11, yet they killed my lvl 25 sorcerer in one hit while he was fully buffed including epic shields. Sparky1479 was amazed at that since he has tossed many high lvl creatures at my character in Campaign and he has NOT died. DMs are facilitators of fun. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb --- Back to top Lord Guinness Player Joined: 02 Feb 2006 Posts: 444 Location: new england, usa Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:04 pm Post subject: Wow..well said,barry... i agree with every word of it.there is no challenge in everyone always prevailing.I myself have been guilty of thinking "why wont anyone raise me?" in "rp reality", raising someone during combat would be near-impossible.... _________________ Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend; inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -Groucho marx
  9. We have had some of these things so long, we fail to realize they are not that way for everyone using NWN. Realms of Annakolia has a rich environment - we have C.R.A.P. to thank for some that.
  10. charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:05 am Post subject: Re: Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.) & you Barry_1066 wrote: Some will notice that certain items now look like the item when placed on the ground instead of a generic bag -- This is, with the exception of the few in CEP, all from C.R.A.P. Try setting a ring or gem down. You don't see the generic NWN loot bag now. There's actually a little ring graphic and gems. There are other items such as this. It's nice. I like it. _________________ charissa1066 on Flickriver
  11. This post, made in 2007 was before the disbanding of the C.R.A.P Team. The entire project was handed over to me for the CEP Team and the project was added to CEP. Unfortunately when Bioware did some changes to the cloak system, new Bioware animations were added that broke the C.R.A.P. animations. These animations need to be accessed from new 2da locations - something that the scripts need to have changed. 5 or 6 years ago I was going to do this and bring out CEP 2.5 with a number of additions and these fixes. These fixes never happened. Being under attack by elements in certain community projects - another story about the survival of the CEP and the loss of Gamespy and most of our player base caused the shutdown of the server. With the Beamdog master server (new Gamespy like server) NWN EE has given us the ability to bring back Realms of Annakolia. So much to do - I have not idea when these scripts will bet fixed - but they are on the to-do list.
  12. Barry_1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 03 Aug 2004 Posts: 2913 Location: Ohio Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:50 am Post subject: Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.) & you Annakolia has added the Classic Roleplay Adaptation Project (C.R.A.P.). There are many things this allows in the world. The first thing you should find is the Player Action Widget (in a chest given at log on). It is a skull with red eyes. We will refer to it as the PAW. The PAW can be used to do many activities including but not limited to: Jumping Climbing Listening at Doors Setting up Camp (requires a tent from the outfitters) Resting with RP appropriate animations (requires a bed roll from the outfitters) Search for hidden doors and objects Find Traps Deactivate Traps Set rope and Grappling hook at pits to climb down and more Some of these features require me, the builder to install things in the module which with nearly 1,500 areas will be slow going but over time more and more will be there. Some will notice that certain items now look like the item when placed on the ground instead of a generic bag -- This is, with the exception of the few in CEP, all from C.R.A.P. I would like to hear about peoples likes or dislikes of this addition to Annakolia -- please post a new tread in the construction portion of the forum for that. _________________ Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in Ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found...and those who decipher it are left pale and numb ---
  13. Barry_1066


    charissa1066 Server Owner and Designer Joined: 04 Aug 2004 Posts: 4410 Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:46 am Post subject: Welcome New Players! Welcome new players! Annakolia Features: Based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Roleplay with award-winning gamers and DMs. Over 2000 areas to explore, including cities, forests, caves, dungeons, crypts, deserts, elemental planes, and the Nine Circles of Hell. Server up 24/7. Twenty-four Custom Prestige Classes Spellmastery System: Spellcasters gain power and duration in their spells with practice. For example, Magic Missle at 50% Mastery delivers 1-4 (+1); at 100% delivers 1-4 (+2) damage. Duration spells last longer. Ride-able Horses and Ponies Persistent Storage Saddle Bags Hard Core Rules Death at -10 Respawn Penalty: -50 xp/level and 10% gold Item Level Restrictions enforced Custom Tailor Custom Summons Roleplay Awards that can be turned in for magic enhancements to items, special items, and player housing. Active player community and forum All Standard Player Classes Annakolia CEP REQUIRES: NWN, Sou, & Hotu 1.68 (Neverwinter Nights Beamdog Extended Edition) CEP v2.4 or above Annakolia Haks Optional Custom Music .Annakolia Custom Prestige Classes: Acrobat Eldritch Knight Bladesinger Duelist Holy Liberator Mage Guard Mystic Theurges Spellsword Arcane Trickster Summoner Templar Purist of the Flame Totem Druid Warder Shapechanger Shaman Arrow Reaver Temple Raider Golem Maker Horselord Traveling Merchant Wind Sniper Winter Witch Mystic The Players Guide to Annakolia, First Edition Realms of Annakolia art by AthenaMeter & charissa1066 _________________ charissa1066 on Flickriver
  14. New Server Hardware State of the Art, new 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7+8700 Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.60 GHz) includes Intel® Optane™ Memory Launched 02´18 6 4.60 GHz 3.20 GHz 12 MB SmartCache - noting 6X faster loading time and greatly increased battle processing. I got a great, nearly half price, deal at Cosco for $900.00. Please note - running the dedicated NWN server is all this machine does. No one plays on it. No one uses it for any other purpose. DDR 4 16 GB 2 TB HD Yes, it has a graphics card that can play games, but that is unimportant for the dedicated server. We are happy to report far better game play and multi player experience. Malishara and I have - over the last couple of weeks got this new system up to snuff. I noted a greatly improved experience with a group of players - AOE spells and all. As always, even the best of machines can overload with many spawns, especially spawns all casting AOE spells.
  15. Barry_1066

    Bards on The Realms of Annakolia

    Some special Bardic areas and abilities exist on Annakolia. 1) The Bardic performance room. This room is accessed from Annakol City, near the theater. Inside you can speak to the moderator and get permission to perform. A) Perform on the little stage B) Be appraised by the audience (if your die roll against you perform skill is good enough a celestial being will come and ask you to perform for guests in the celestial realm hall) C) Choose to go to the celestial hall PLEASE - if you do not you hang up the scrip for others until server reboot. D) Perform as requested in the celestial hall - if you die roll against your perform skill is good enough you are rewarded with a prize. 2) In the performance room is a door to the Bardic Guild Hall. In the Bardic Guild is a stage with audiance. A) On the rest menu is a listing for Bard Busking - choose that in front of the audience and you get gold and XP

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