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  1. I would love a good weapons store/cache whatever. Or some sort of weapon sharpener. Harli is having trouble keeping her scythe sharpe. Love the idea of a Steinhammer hang out. Remember to include a dog bed for Snowy Steinhammer Maybe am attached Riding boar stable *shudders at the though of boars dancing on the tables*
  2. Piety turns restlessly in her sleep. Suddenly she is in the Gnomar golem laboratory. Professor Marcus is there, wearing a heart listening device around his neck and carrying some sort of board he consults and writes on from time to time. He hums and gets her to say Awwww. "Your battery is dead" suddenly he turns into Professor Cog. He installs a cooling fan and tuts over the flux capacitor installed by Professor Marcus. Piety mumbles in her sleep but sinks deeper into the dream. "Ah. Here's the problem " Cog mutters. "This will work much better" and hangs an amulet around her neck. He thumps
  3. Hello, my name is Feather. I have been playing on Annakolia since 2005. My login name is Lightasa_Feather and you can see me on the DM side as DM_Feather or sometimes DM_Mousewoman. I totally admire the story telling abilities of my fellow DMs, but my chaotic schedule and grasshopper brain lends itself more to one-off or location based games. They are often are based in the Lovecraft influenced corner of the server...Arkham, the Miskatonic University and environs or tour based adventures in little travelled areas lead by renowned travel guide Edbur Hillbert. My PCs of note: Fetha Kelm
  4. Some while ago.... A dark door in a Pixie Glade slides open and a basket with a baby is pushed through the doorway. Sounds of weeping "My darling girl" A trembling hand strokes a strand of hair from the baby's cheek. "Leave her. The fairies here are good hearted. They'll look after her. He will not find her here" The door slams shut mid sob. ...Some little while later Shifu Chin Ho is in his master's dojo inventorying supplies. The door opens and along with the cold wind comes Shifu Scoo Bi, carrying a basket in his mouth. What have you there Shifu Scoo Bi?
  5. Jania Priestess of Mielikki: [Talk] Do you wish some items from the temple store or healing? Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] The store please Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] LULI! Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] *jumphugs Luli* Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *hugs back* Good ta see ye *cloak gives off an air of fire and brimestone* Dimestus Timalar: [Talk] How's it goin', Luli? *big smile* Did ya guys found a new home yet...? *sniffs* What's that smell? Did you went to hell or something? Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] *looks weary and a bit sad* Luli Steinhammer: [Talk] Moria. Lookin’ fer O
  6. Since this is using Terminal, I am assuming the instructions will also apply to Linux. I've put in an alias to the terminal and a text file of the open statement in my Beamdog Library/0089/bin/macos/ folder beside the nwmain.app for ease of use. NOTE: Every time Beamdog updates it erases the contents of the macos folder...put the shortcuts into a desktop folder or some other spot that will not get erased. For further reading on opening applications with arguments in Terminal I recommend the following: http://osxdaily.com/...m-the-terminal/
  7. *hugs* So sorry Mike, I love playing with you. RL has been intruding on my playing time. A good thing, I guess. But I do miss playing with you all. Take care.
  8. I am hoping to get to Merchants late but may have to chauffeur child to Christmas concert rehearsal. Have fun.
  9. Locks will be M.I.A. this session. I'm picking up a friend's daughter from a weekend camping trip and then we'll be doing a Hallowe'en Bike Ride around Loon Lake *cue spooky music*
  10. This week I am building a sheep pen and next week is our annual Fall Fair. I am co-coordinator of the animal barn, so no game for me until after the Fair. After that I should be able to play. Have fun everyone...Remember that you are at your best when your hair is looking good.
  11. So sorry for last minute notice, I have a sheep emergency...not dire, but escaping sheep and emergency fence repair. Feather
  12. Arrrrrgh! Finally have Neverwinter back up and running. I posted on the server status thread too.
  13. Server down? I cant see Annakolia CEP in the Roleplay section. I dont have any of my saved NW bookmarks cause I had to re-install. As an aside, does anyone know how to alter a Windows shortcut to directly load Annakolia. Again, lost my previous bookmark when I re-installed Windows.
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