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  1. The Server is Back Online. Sorry for any inconvenience. Have a great game! Sincerely, Athena
  2. The Server is Down The RoA Server went down at 2:30pm [CST] and has not yet come back online. I will revise this post when the server comes back online. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Athena
  3. *sings* because he LOVES me.... Name: Anabatica Zephyros Race: Elf Class: Storm Druid (druid/windsniper) Occupation: druid--Spent some time as a merchant guard, keeping the trade caravans from being rerouted during a period of civil unrest. City of Origin: nomad Brief bio: Ana is a tall, (relatively speaking) slim, fair haired, elf. She may seem like a snob at first glance as she seems to be 'above it all'. However, as you get to know her, it's just her calm demeanor. She is the 'Calm inside the Storm'. She takes everything in stride and with grace. Nothing much ruffles her feathers or that of her constant, if rarely seen, companion Nimbus; most often soaring in the clouds in which his name derived. Ana was last seen in the City of Annakol admiring a carpet.
  4. Hello Athena. I'm thinking of you.

  5. Have a Wonderful Birthday, Flamecrow! love, athena
  6. *Blushes* So, sorry to have missed your Birthday, Ashlinn. I hope it was grand! Please accept my belated wish for a Happy Birthday! sincerely, athena
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mykkal. Have a huge slice of cake and a super-great day. *hugs* love, athena
  8. Okay, as it turns out, this contact just is not fitting properly. After only wearing it a few hours today, my eye is back to being completely bloodshot. So, I am back in glasses until my eye apt Nov. 23. I will not be around until I get a new lens. Sorry. I hope you all stay well and healthy. Take care. sincerely, Athena
  9. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. My eyes have cleared up, so I am trying my contacts again, but just a few hours a day. I think I really over did it during the Festival week and two weekends past when I tried to DM and play three games in one day. *blushes* I am sorry for my prolonged and continuing absence. I really hope to have this all settled one day soon. My next apt. is Nov. 23rd. Maybe, It'll all be straightened out then. Thanks again. sincerely, Athena
  10. That's fine with me, I had a blast last night. *smiles* However, I have a blast in ALL your games, Mykkal.
  11. Happy Birthday Tala! Hope you have a lovely day and a huge slice of birthday cake! sincerely, Athena
  12. We will be continuing the game/story line from September. Feisty Chicken ReCap... The story thus far... A strange gnome wanders in to a bar and orders a stiff one, then another and another. He's a talkative little feller and before long he pours all his miseries out on the unsuspecting cliental in the Feisty Chicken. To make a long story short, he lost his machine. He wants it back. The machine is known to suck the essence out of Halflings and thereby transforming them into goblin-looking creatures. The party rushes out to find this machine, dragging the gnome behind them. When they enter the Shire, they learn that the sheriffs have already been transformed and they are speaking of a plan that is soon to come to fruition. In which they will no longer be looking like the strange ones. Afterwards pie will be had by all, so they don't at all seem concerned by their strange appearance. Part 2 The adventures begin to look for some wagon tracks to lead them to the gnomish machine. It takes them towards the crossing.. there they meet a goblin scout who has just happened to kill a chicken. They tell him they want to be goblins too, to take them to the machine. He tells them they are too big, he is only looking for halflings. The army gets tired of waiting for their scout and move forward and run into him. They banter and the adventures decide they have enough info and dispatch the goblins with a bit of trouble, but nothing they can't handle. They cross over towards the Eastland Mts. and continue to find small bands of goblins along the way and dispatch them. Eventually the wagon tracks end however, the goblins do not and by following the goblins they are led to a small cave. There they find a halfling prisoner and two more halflings that appear to look like goblins. They break the machine. The halfling cries out for them to stop, but it's too late, the machine is broken. He laments the fate of his friends, if only they had not broken the machine perhaps the process could have been reversed. The adventures then find the amulets in which the essence of the Halflings had been put into. So.. now they have come to a choice. The machine is broken. They have saved all of the Shire from becoming goblins. However, there are about 7 or 8 halflings that have been afflicted by the machine and transformed. Do they count them as a necessary loss, to save the shire? Do they wish to try and repair the machine to transform them back? YOU WISHED TO: Repair the machine... so.. now is your chance to make history. Join us as we try to come to a conclusion... Oct. 30th. Meet in the Entry Area or call for a port. Same time, Same place, you know the drill. Sincerely, Athena ALL players are welcome, this is an open game. All levels are invited as this will be a High RP game, Low combat.
  13. OHHHHH.... I miss you already! *pouts* sincerely, Athena
  14. Athena Meter


    Welcome to Annakolia, RoAnnon *points up* is the Spelling Police.... You better just run, now. *teases* Hope to see you in game. Sincerely, Athena
  15. I have mastered waltzing by myself. Even adding the quarter turn. But I have yet to find a partner *grins* I know nothing of scripts. I thought I was the only one who waltzed in game.
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