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Steinhammer Headquarters in Durin City

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The Steinhammer Headquarters is currently under development.  Dwarves can sit about tables, talk, drink, and tell stories of great deeds.  Plans for:

1)  Fully stocked, over filled, larder.

2)  Sparring Arena

3)  Functional Bar

4)  Labratory (for dwarven research into science and magic - to make better and more potent ale of course)

5)  Sheep - sorta a dwarven petting zoo - it calms dwarf nerves and helps figure out woolly problems

6)  Suggestions are welcome -


SHOUTS - STEINHAMMER DWARVES RULE - YEA YEA YEA - *chugs Steinhammer ale and falls down asleep*


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I would love a good weapons store/cache whatever. Or some sort of weapon sharpener. Harli is having trouble keeping her scythe sharpe.  

Love the idea of a Steinhammer hang out.

Remember to include a dog bed for Snowy Steinhammer

Maybe am attached Riding boar stable *shudders at the though of boars dancing on the tables*

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