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Regions and Communities

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These are but a few of the communities and regions of Annakolia:

The City of Annakol

The city and surrounding countryside is part of a barony ruled over by Baron Talanque. He attained his position by birthright. Agriculture, weapon making, and fashion design are the principal industries.


Cloister of the Esterbury Elves

A community dedicated to research in all arts, including visual arts, magic, bardic and martial arts, the Esterbury elves maintain an extensive library and offer retreats for a select few. The cloister is a closed community that depends on the nearby town of Riverbend for food and laborers. In exchange, for Riverbend’s support the Esterbury Elves provide protection.


Dark Forest of Deadwood

Dark Forest is anything but dead, except in the vicinity of Fingar. Deadwood is an appellation applied to the forest by the inhabitants of Fingar. North of the harvested regions the forest becomes think and beautiful. The elves there call the forest by another name, a name known only to them.



King Krago of the Mountains rules the dwarven city of Durin. The dwarves pride themselves in armor construction, metalwork, and jewelry making.



The wizard Shorembo guides Elomtemnen. Old beyond reckoning, the beginnings of Elomtemnen go back to ages long forgotten by men and distant memory to the elves. Some say Shorembo founded the city. Others dispute this. They argue, how old could the wizard be? Many elven artisans and craftsmen dwell here. Yet, as with many elven communities, it is unclear what means of support these people have.



Predominantly a human community, Fingar is a commonwealth run by a nine-member council, elected by from the ranks of its adult citizens. Citizenship is by birthright or by a long application process. Not unlike real life, Fingar's history is riddled with revelations of government corruption followed by periods of reform. Glass making, pottery, woodworking and lumber processing have made the merchants of Fingar wealthy and powerful. Unfortunately, Fingar’s proximity to ogre and giant infested mountains makes is susceptible to frequent attacks. The lumber industry puts the people of Fingar at odds with the tree-dwelling elves living north of the town. Elves tend to stay away from Fingar.


Hidden Forest

Hidden Forest is the home of the peaceable Utarg Tribe of orcish-human descent. Rediscovered some generations back by Liam Renard, these nomadic people tend herds of semi-domesticated buffalo. The women weave rugs and cloth of exceptional beauty. With the advent of trade between the Tribe and outsiders, a select group of humans developed into the Utarg Guardians. The Guardians are sworn to protect the tribe and pass their vows on to their children. Renard wrote about his stay with the Tribe in Whispered Threads – A Sojourn with the Utarg Tribe of Hidden Forest.



Lathine was a dwarven mining community, boasting a labyrinth of mines and caves. The council of dwarves governed Lathine. Life was good for those who live within the walled city and the caves. The surrounding mountains are full of giants thus making travel hazardous at best. Some ten years ago, a sudden assault on Lathine by unusually powerful goblinoids and orcs killed or drove out the dwarven inhabitants of the city. It is rumored the White Hand is somehow involved. Some of the surviving dwarven inhabitants are seeking to regain their home. Many now dwell in Undivver Ultok, a fortified village in the mountains around Lathine.

Port City

A major port for the northern region, Port City is also the seat of power for the loosely held Kingdom of Annakolia. and King Tarrach Alfson and Queen Fina ingen Aeda maintain a home in the Castle District. Before they ascended to the thrown Tarrach and Fina fought side-by-side in the last Great War against the giants. Fina’s father, King Cariadoc died on the field of battle. On his deathbed he passed rule of the Kingdom to Fina and Tarrach, thus passing over Fina’s older brother, Prince Emrys. The Prince lives incognito, under self-imposed exile. Most recently he was spotted in Zenois Tower. Authorities in the Royal Guard are constantly on watch for the Prince’s repeated plots to overthrow Fina and Tarrach.


The Pride

The wemics of the Pride hunt the herds of buffalo and antelope that roam the savannah northeast of the Lowland Farmlands. The Pride’s range extends into the Uncharted Regions, but stops short of the Desolated Heath. Once per year on Summer Solstice, the Pride meets for a Rowel, where every wemic, male or female, may speak regardless of status in the Pride. Non-wemics who have heard the Rowel say that the sound of all those wemics talking, shouting, and bellowing, like the roaring of lions, stricks fear in one's heart.


The Uncharted Regions

East, toward the south sea, only the areas along the Galandar River and the coastline are well mapped. Little is known of the topography and creatures living beyond one-day’s journey from the coast or river. The rocky terrain becomes so inhospitable and water so scarce that most travelers either turn back or die. The few who return tell of a barren and desolated heath where scant vegetation lives. Travelers report incomprehensible visions that dog their waking hours and prevent sleep. Eerie voices whisper nonsense in their ears. Legend tells that the gods and mortals fought a great battle there eons ago.

Zenoris Tower

The tiny barony of Zenoris Tower lies west and across the river from Port City. The Baroness Margarette Zonoris rules by birthright. The only surviving progeny of her family, Her Excellency is both beautiful and available. She detests Prince Emyrs who frequently seeks her hand in marriage. The sewers of the keep are reputed to be haunted.



This island, populated almost entirely by gnomes, can be reached via ship from Tharbad, Arkham, and Halfling Heaven Village. Ruled by King Gloibo and Queen Maysis, the kingdom boasts a golem factory, farmlands and unusual forests. A trade route between Tharbad and Gnomar exists requiring Oxen transport. Certain other surprises make Gnomar an interesting place to visit and explore.


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Eastern Island - more a small continent than an island - is known for the cities of Barrydale, Roseberry, Sanctuary, Fisherman's Port and Fountain City- home of Baroness Zoe and her Castle.

There is much more there than these cities including swamps, forests, cavern systems, and more.

These areas have a rich history - (to be elaborated on yet)

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