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  1. Well, I've finished my move, and I'm back online. Unfortunately, I will be missing the session tomorrow as I have to be at work. I'll be here the game after.
  2. Will be absent this coming Sunday (June 10) as I have to attend a flight training course this weekend.
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    Actually CEP 2.4 is the correct version. There is no other server as up to date with CEP as Annakolia, since well... they develop the thing :D
  4. Name: Teara Relliken Race: Halfling Class: Ranger/Cleric Occupation: Adventurer/General Trader City of Origin: Unknown Brief bio: Teara has an obscure origin, one of which she is uncertain about herself, though this in part may be due to her seemingly limited attention span. Despite all this, Teara certainly appears to have a passion for learning new things, exploring new places, and meeting new people. Her recent years have been spent traveling with caravans, which has lent her some skill in peddling and combat, and has also lead her to Annakol, where her next adventure begins....
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