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  1. Apparently I have no Idea what I'm doing...This makes me sad, I'm I Not putting them in the right folders? or am I just retarded
  2. AWE epic fail, Now I think I got that to work but now It says Im missing a bunch of Haks. :blink:
  3. O and is there any speical features I should know about? I know I know I say O alot.
  4. Missing Required custom talk table "cep22anna6.tlk" BTW I know I have this because I saw it in the Cep24 so I have no Idea why its not working O and a question is Lvl up normal or slower than normal
  5. OOO apparently I need a cep22 which is confusing to me since I believe I downloaded the cep24
  6. DevilDriver


    Well...Im new here and just redownloaded NWN for the third time in 5 years. Decided to give NWN another go, found this server but it seems that no one has been on in the past 2 days. Plus on top of that I'm having a bit of trouble getting on to the server. SO if anyone could help me out that would be great.
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