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  1. "... jokes? Like... seriously, Akari?" - in the corridors of the Sunbird Manor, the ever-snarky Dime was having a conversation with the ever-stoic Akari. "Yes." - the Living Weapon replied - "Through my errands and adventures in this world, I have been constantly reported as 'boring' and 'unfunny'. Although this should not be a matter of concern, I cannot help but worry about the progression of my final mission, given to me by my master. So, it is crucial that I become 'funny'." Dime chuckles a bit: "Y'know, the seriousness you show about 'trying to be funny' is funny by itself. ... Alright, I'll help you out. First of all, you must show everyone that you have a great sense of humor!" Akari: "....................................................." Dime: "You... don't have a sense of humor, right?" - Akari: "In my severe training, there was no space for jokes or laughing." Dime: "Oh boy, someone grumpier than Baroness Zoe... wait, that's not even grumpiness, that's... kinda... nothing at all!" Akari nods: "It was crucial to rid myself of all unnecessary emotions in order to fulfill my tasks." With a look of pity... and a thought that this would be harder than he thought... Dime continues: "Nah, your sense of humor is still there. You just need to remember ir. Or, as you probably would see better, 're-train' it." Akari: "Interesting choice of words. ... What do you suggest?" Dime: "Let's go to my apartment. I think I know something that might help you out." --- For the next few hours, Akari meditated while Dime was working on something in his room. Akari opened her eyes when Dime reappeared: "Done!" And then Dime gave something to Akari: "Here, this is for you. Maybe this is all you need to learn how to be funny!" It was a small notebook. With a slighly confused look in her eyes, Akari started to read its contents, while Dime was saying: "If you need to pull out a joke out of nowhere, use this. I wrote lots of funny stuff that I know, and there are even stuff I just made up right now. I even made a session for when you face specific enemies, like The Guardian or aunt Adu-- er, I mean, Adunaphel." Akari kept reading, her confusion becoming even more apparent: "... I... would never banter like this in the middle of a battle." Dime: "EXACTLY! They will NEVER see it coming! And then you strike and win!" Akari then looks at Dime: "Are you telling me those jokes also provide a psychological advantage in combat?" - still stoic, but her eyes were sparking with interest... maybe even joy! Dime: "Well, if you wanna see it this way--" - Akari bows: "You have my gratitude, Dimestus. Pardon my urgency, but I need to start my training at once." And she rushes to her apartment. With the speed of a monk. Dime smiles: "No problem!"
  2. Day 6: I woke up with rays of sunlight coming through the window. I slept! I shouldn't have to! I still got things to do and time now is running shorter than ever! I rush back to Annakol City. Time to summon the heroes! I'm not important enough to use the Annakol Gazette. Perks of being a rogue: good ones are usually unknown. And I don't like the idea of being known. ... as if I have a choice in the matter. And since I can't use the Gazette, let's go to the next big thing: the message board. Time to write a message. Call to Arms! Looking for extremely experienced adventurers to rescue The Horselords! Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers. The legendary Horselords were imprisioned in the ninth circle of Hell, thanks to an evil scheme that came from a servant of Loki. Veteran warriors, mages and healers are needed in this dire moment to rescue our protectors! However, I can't stress enough that only highly capable adventurers can survive Hell, or even keep their sanity intact. And even to those veterans: this is not a mere trip. Most of us might not come back. That is a place of overwhelming evil. That being said, I am going alone if I need to. But if you are capable enough and kind enough to help me, then meet Dimestus Timalar, in 5 hours, at the Feisty Chicken Inn. And may the Gods bless us all. Done and done. Just then a voice echoes behind me. Prime, my older brother, sounded... quite abashed: "Dime... what's the meaning... of this?!" I sighed a bit: "It means exactly what I wrote." "The way you wrote this... I might be a bit oblivious sometimes, but I do know you. You don't have hopes of coming back, do you?" "..." "Then I'm going with you. Until the end of--" - "No. Galandar still needs you. And I need you too right now." Prime nods: "Speak, my brother." I... hesitantly hug my brother before continuing: "I need you to continue a task I started. Some good friends of mine need protection. Otherwise, the world is doomed, regardless of our success or failure in Hell. ... I need you to go and meet Hero Sharpe, Darla Drowbane, Professor Valence Cogg, Daisy Meadows, Ikaro... and Piety Helback. She's going to tell you 'the truth about Tyr'." Prime looks at me with a shine of doubt in his eyes: "The truth about... Tyr?" "Sorry, brother, but I don't have time right now. ... Forgive me about everything." And, with a last hug, I give Prime a map and then I head to the main gate. Everything is in place. I did everything that was in my power, and now I can only pray it was enough. In my personal rock-spot, I rest a bit. Gazing upon the horizon until I sleep.
  3. Day 5: I spent the whole night at Miskatonic U, ignoring the claims of ghosts and apparitions in the already dark corridors. I don't know if those were true. Nor do I care right now. I was at the alchemy classroom, preparing some special (and nasty) weapons. The amalgam of two researches: the Fletchers' and mine's. I look at them, not knowing if they'll do me good down there or not. I also don't have time for testing. This will have to do, me liking or not. I also made 5 (five) runes of recall, just in case we have to make an emergency retreat back to the surface. It's unlikely we gonna use them, but I read somewhere that "a good strategist antecipates the worst and proceeds with the best". In Hell, there's no such thing as being "too prepared". I left the University with dark circles in my eyes, but I don't have time to rest. In the same day, I got the ship back to Tharbad, then the ferry back to the Shire. Spent some time in the kitchen. I still workship St. Marcus after all. And I was trained by the best cook in all worlds. And I mean it. I actually have been in other worlds and I still didn't find food that could match the one cooked by Ms. Peony Brewer! Pies, pies, some deer meat, cookies, more pies... after all, I'm counting we're gonna spend a LOT of time down there. We need some things to keep your sanity intact and our stomachs full. After all of that was done, I collapsed in a nearby chair...
  4. Day 4: Ah, Halfling Heaven. No matter how many times I visit this place, I always feel at home here. Sure, the Halflings here enjoy a normal, simple life where, if not for Slick, the most exciting event in the year would be the snail races. They are also a bunch of overcapable guys whose the most normal villager would give any outlander adventurer a run for its money. Case in point: the Fletchers. They do what their surname makes you think: fletching. Their arrows are legendary, and some are so unique you can only find with them. To this day, I still don't know how to make what they call "Parasitic Arrows", so I came straight to them to get a bunch. A big bunch. Mr. Fletcher even advised me those are not for hunting, because the meat would be... not good to eat. I looked at him with a "?" face and he said the tips of the arrows leave a... not so good smell in their victims. I smelled one of the ti-- ... I woke up at Nurse Fleetfoot's house right before she'd put me inside the "thingie". That smell knocked me out. Just like a certain Steinhammer dwarf always does... ...! I think I found the missing link. I pack my stuff, said bye and thanks for everyone and zipped to the ship. Time to do some smelly research, and I know the perfect place to do it. With Parasitic Arrows in special quivers, and with my essay about Grit and Grime's smells in mind, I head to Arkham. Time to visit the Miskatonic University.
  5. Day 3: Vampires. Pit Fiends. Hook Horrors. And, of course, Drow. This is the city of Erelhei-Cinlu, deep in the Underdark. Many got lost in the endless tunnels, trying to reach this place, or were devoured by the Kuo-Toans in the way. And many would expect the City of the Drow to be a place of pure and ancient evils. Well, they are right and wrong. Most of the guys who live there are pretty chill and lively... Lolth cultists notwithstanding... and live their lives like anyone else. I was actually chatting with said Drow, Vampires, Pit Fiends and Hook Horrors about one nice barbecue in the next few days (the vampires are out. My fault. I shouldn't have mentioned garlic). As much as the social gathering is nice, I was there on a purpose to fulfill. I went on to look for the best blacksmith I've ever met. And boy, he doesn't dissapoint. After all, when you're a Fire Elemental Blacksmith, everything regarding molten steel becomes a masterpiece. And lemme tell you, for a fire elemental, he's pretty chill. Ok, bad pun, you can kill me now. Anyways, I told him of my urgency and we worked on some stuff. ... Maaaan that place is hot. And whenever my fiery friend saw me sweating like a pig, he let out a strange noise that I think it was a chuckle. An elven friend called Lire took care of the design. I let her know I wanted to mean business. Well... Lich King Masterius, eat your heart out! My fashion is edgier than yours! But, of course, I don't intend to engage my hellish opponents in melee combat. I'm still a kid and I would be whacked like one. Super spiky armor or not. My best weapon is still my bow. And I need some fitting arrows that I can't craft. Time to visit a certain archer family that I know. On my way to Halfling Heaven!
  6. Day 2: Very few people know, but I'm actually trained in magic and wizardry. Nowhere near the level of dedicated super-spellcasters like Zamboni, but I know the basics. And more importantly: I know how to use magic scrolls. At Amberflame Castle, Mr. Silig was quite scared, because I was buying half of his stock in magic scrolls. Of course, the ones I could carry and the most important ones for my mission, but still a significative number. And about the chosen spells... again, I'm not a dedicated caster, so I didn't pick quite the number of damaging ones (but I still got some of those just in case). Instead, I chose ones that could help in supporting, either enhancing my friends or disabling my foes. I'm not the best at dealing damage. My business is being annoying. Tomorrow is time to work the steel, be it covering me or the one I'm going to wield. Next stop: Erelhei-Cinlu.
  7. Day 1: Magic missiles hit a boulder. And another. And another. And another. Emeralds, rubies and rough diamonds. Catch. Rinse. Repeat. Luckly, Staves of Missiles are in good demand. I needed to mine those gems, but in a way that I could save my strength for what's yet to come. And shooting magic at boulders proved to be quite effective. I grab whatever I can and hasted to the jewelry. Lente, the jeweler, was quite abashed with the amount of shiny stones I brought. ... and a bit concerned. If there are too many, their value starts to drop, so he said. At least I could grab enough coins for my side project. Time to rest for a bit, and tomorrow, gonna visit Amberflame Castle.
  8. I ended up coming back to Barrydale on my own two feet. I had to come back and look after those two after everything that happened. Canon and Aruncus were in beds. Canon was still mentally and spiritually exausted after opening so many portals to Hell, but I think he'll be fine. But Aruncus... well, if I hadn't seen myself, I would say she was in a coma. She wouldn't wake up not matter what. ... Of course she wouldn't. Her soul was trapped in Hell. And now, the Horselords are trapped there with her. And if it wasn't for Zamboni, me and Kothgar would be trapped there too. I should've been able to do something! Anything! I should've been able to prevent... THIS from happening! Safia... Vindul... Gus... Tobin... Some of Galandar's greatest heroes are now trapped in Hell. My mind keeps saying it's not my fault. My heart keeps saying the opposite. And even if it's not my fault, I can't help but think it is. I looked at Canon and Aruncus... thinking, maybe thinking too much. I grabbed a feather, some ink and started to write a letter. "Canon, if you're reading this, then I already departed back to Annakol City. I messed up big time. Long story made short: you're fine, but Aruncus and the Horselords are trapped in Hell. And I'm going to rescue them. Not by my lonesome, of course not. I'm daring, but not stupid. I'm gonna rest a bit and re-supply my stock of... everything. Then I'm gonna speak with Zamboni about all of this mess and reunite the most formidable adventurers we can find to undergo this super-task. You just stay there and be the guy you've always been. I'm glad you're safe, I really am. You might be a little bit of an airhead, but I always knew your heart was in the right place. Now rest and don't you dare leaving this bed until you're fully recovered! Don't make come back from Hell just to put you back in this bed! Be safe, buddy. - Dime" I left the letter on Canon's bedside table and departed. There was no time to waste. The Horselords were still fighting. I must keep on fighting too. I'll reunite the most powerful adventurers I can find to go through the nine circles of Hell, trample Asmodeus and rescue the Horselords. ... ... and break every single rule I imposed on myself about fighting goblins. Hell goblins. Glory goblins. They'll all be there, waiting for us. ... and the single thought of myself killing a goblin... when I noticed, there were some tears on my face. So this is how "failing" feels. But it must be done. I'm sorry, Glory.
  9. 1. First of all, buy a Book of Summons (Jania, at Annakol North Road, near the Feisty Chicken Inn, sells one) 2. Make sure the custom summons are enabled in the book of summons. You would be surprised of how many people would forget that back in the day. 3. Bookmark an empty slot in your book 4. See the level number in the summon name (eg.: White Tiger, level 5)? You must cast on the ground, near the target (NOT directly on it) the summon creature spell of the level of the creature or higher to capture (to capture said white tiger level 5, you must cast Summon Creature V or higher). Any source will do: directly by yourself, scrolls, items, you name it. (also, the creature has a reflex save to not be captured. the DC is your character level, iirc) 5. If all goes well, eventually the monster will be captured and readily avaliable to use, rename and what not. To summon your creature, cast the Summon Creature spell, but this time, the level must be equal to the monster level. (again, in the White Tiger, level 5 example, you MUST use Summon Creature V. This time VI and above won't do.)
  10. Dime drinks a potion of Bull's Strength. Then he equips Gauntlets of Ogre Power. And after that, a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. And then a Helm of the Marshall. Rosa: "Uh... Dime, are you going on another adventure? Like, a big fight? You're increasing your strength to ridiculous heights!" Dime: "Yeah, I'm going to have an adventure alright. It's called "washing Prime's armor"." - with a packed suit of armor on his back. Rosa blinks. Rosa: "Wow! I never saw your brother without his armor! What does he...?" - Dime: "DON'T ASK!" - Rosa: "... o... k..."
  11. The sound similar of an explosion echoed through Sunbird Manor. A sound that came from the Pool area. Powerful shockwaves scattered the drinks all over the bar. Jaims, the bartender, was sent flying to the nearest wall, falling unconscious. The living weapon remained in position, arm extended and fist clenched. A powerful attack was made. Vita FACEPALMS: "Akari, when Jaims said 'try the punch', THAT'S WHAT HE MEANT!" - pointing at the mixed drink, miraculously intact. Akari looked stoic as usual, but with a spark of confusion in her eyes: "Is there a drink called 'punch'? ... ... oh... I... will keep that in mind. My apologies." - to Vita and an unconscious Jaims.
  12. "So you finally got caught in the act, uh Dime?" Prime, his older brother, saw Dime entering their apartment with some sort of tray heavily covered in leather. Tackle, their pet, raises his head and then goes back to sleep. "Give me that!" - demanded the paladin. He uncovered the tray, revealing its dark, metalic color. Prime's eyes go sharp. "... Adamantite. I knew you sometimes negotiated with Drow, but I never thought you would go so far. Why do you need this powerful, unholy metal? Perhaps you gave up your rogue ways and needs a decent armor? ... No, there's too few. But perhaps... a shield? Are you finally considering defensive tools for your errands? I thought a shield would only add encumbrance to your sly hands and..." "STOP! It's nothing like that!" - Dime replied - "It's only a litterbox for Tackle! They have to be very resistant! Or do you want another tatami destroyed by Prismatic Poop?" Prime pauses. He looked at the mini dragon. Tackle yawned and went back to sleep. The paladin looked back to Dime. Silence followed for 15 seconds. "... A... Adamantite degrades under sunlight. How about using that corner over there?" - and Prime and Dime started setting up Tackle's adamantite litterbox.
  13. * Nickname(s): Living Weapon, Mistress of the Fist * Species: Human * Height: 5'5" * Weight: 130 pounds * Age: 18 * Occupation: Martial artist. Formerly an assassin-in-training. * Alignment: Lawful neutral * Birthplace: Tarowa * Marital Status: Single * Distinguishing Features: her "distracting" form-fitting outfit * Known Relatives: She remembers none * Religion: none * Weapon of Choice: her bare hands and feet. She IS the weapon. * Quirks: emotionless, stoic, focused at the task at hand. Still discovering "social manners". Doesn't understand a joke even if it's drawn in front of her. Long ago, there was an order in Tarowa, the Order of the Shadow Fist, raising and training children in the art of combat, in case of conflicts and wars. But the peaceful land never suffered such fates, and the order was disbanded. Akari didn't even have a name until then, because "a weapon doesn't need a name, it only exists to fulfill its purpose". She needed no feelings. She needed no emotions. She only lived to fight. And nothing else. And, when her order was no more, she, for the first time ever, felt confusion. Consulting her former Grandmaster, she asked for a mission. She didn't understand the concept of 'freedom'. The old man, realizing the girl needed a reason to live, gave her a name, and a mission. She should, through the Spelljammer, depart to Galandar and make acquintances... friends. Out there, also, there were great evils, where her abilities would be necessary. And, finally, find her own reason to live. She was still bewildered and confused, but accepted the mission nonetheless without batting an eye. The girl, now named Akari, departed to Galandar. Confident on her abilities, she faced the orcs who lived at the foothills of Bane Mountains... ... and she was soundly defeated. Retreating, barely making her way back to the North Road, she felt lots of emotions for the first time as well. Mostly "fear" and "frustration". But then, some time later, she joined a group of boisterous adventurers and, together, they prevented the High Priest of Dagon from freeing the dark god. Akari's expression didn't denounce her true feelings after that accomplishment. "Happiness". "Pride". "Satisfaction". That big, yet single achievement, awoke a new spirit on the Living Weapon. A new resolve. Looking at her fist, she silently swore to protect her new home and her new friends. And she resumed her training, more determined than ever. She still isn't the most social person in the world, but she'd rather let her fists do the talking. Akari will protect her friends, through thick and thin.
  14. Miskatonic University, Arkham. 4th day of the Greening. SUBJECT: The Steinhammer Odor AUTHOR: Dimestus Timalar This essay aims to compile the power and several effects of the aforementioned odor. This writer once met a member of the dwarven Steinhammer Clan that had several flies around him and, whenever this writer got too close, he passed out due to the insanely foul body odor. Several months later, this writer found that said Steinhammer had a twin brother who had the same smell. And stronger than ever, because they were both NAKED, which seemingly amplified the terrible effects. Said brothers went with a group of adventurers to a expedition to Hell, which this writer took part. Still naked and still with that immensely powerful odor. And said odor proved to be both a curse and a blessing in disguise, because it allowed to take on several of the most mighty creatures of Hell with relative ease. The odor was so strong it caused several effects on allies and enemies, some of them borderline magical. Prolonged exposures to that body odor are reported to cause the following effects, most of them at the same time: - DIZZINESS AND FAINTING: This writer, more than once, lost consciousness whenever any of the brothers came close. And, in Hell, the smell made a mighty red dragon of the size of the powerful Ashardalon FAINT, almost squishing the dwarf in the process. - PETRIFICATION: Several monsters and even giants who attacked the dwarves were so astonished by the smell they instantly became encased in stone. More research is required to see if it's a magical effect or the monsters' attempt to protect themselves from the foul odor. - HALLUCINATIONS: Even our group was affected. Once we thought we were attacked by the powerful Cerberus, but then he dissapeared. This can only be attributed to the vile smell, even affecting the whole group's senses. - INTOXICATION: The Guardian, one of Hell's most formidable denizens, was clearly affected by the smell, seemingly taking damage over time (theorized acid, more research required) everytime the brothers were nearby. - HYSTERIA: The entrance to Hell was barricated, but the goblins guarding it didn't seem hostile. But before conversations could take place, a fireball was shot, and almost the entire group went berserk. Visibly an effect of the awful smell, once again clouding the good people's minds. Final Notes: This writer believes that, if that odor could be weaponized, like in tips of arrows, it could be one of the most powerful weapons known by the living. However, this writer also doesn't believe if getting too close of said Steinhammer brothers are worth the humongous risk of permanent intoxication. Other dwarves seem to be immune to said odor, but again, it is very risky nonetheless.
  15. * Nickname(s): Dime * Species: Human (but he plans to change that) * Height: 5'0" * Weight: 94 * Age: 12 * Occupation: Being THAT NOSY KID... I mean, explorer, adventurer, alchemist, thi-- rogue. * Alignment: Chaotic good * Birthplace: Fingar * Marital Status: Single * Distinguishing Features: being really short * Known Relatives: Primestus Timalar, Sinestrus Timalar (older brothers) * Religion: is a follower of St. Marcus AND Glory (strangely, the former sees no problem with the latter. Maybe because Dime is more than a Glory 'follower'...) * Weapon of Choice: his trusty bow Illusia (which he swears he got in a dream) and, recently, his Tarowa-forged katana Nirvana * Quirks: immature, naive, curious and stubborn... but trustworthy, loyal, agile and crafty when situation calls for it Dime knows very little of his 'childhood' (actually his time as a baby). All he knows is what his brother Primestus told him; his family ran away from Fingar to try a new life at the Southern Annakol. Only Primestus and Sinestrus could make it, with Dime in Primestus' arms. His parents were not so lucky. To this day, Dime has a soft spot for orphans, being one himself, and visits the orphanage near Sunbird Manor every now and then. While Primestus dedicated himself to the order of Tyr and started to fight alongside the elves, Dime decided to take his own route to adventure himself. Lockpicking his own door, he left when his brother was out, took the first map he could find and went straight to Tharbad. There was only one problem, thought: Dime was reading the map upside-down. He was in the middle of nowhere, when he found a certain group of halflings. From there on, his life changed forever. He got the adventures he so desired, one more difficult than the other. Helped the aforementioned halflings to find their home, Halfling Heaven. To this day, he fights alongside them against the evil Slick. Annoys Baroness Zoe to no end. Learned alchemy at the Miskatonic University. Once even fought side by side with the Steinhammer Clan, helping them against the evil newfound god Orin. Explored other worlds! Not to mention his pet purple dragon, Tackle and his pegasus, Cloud. ... and approached Glory, the goblin goddess, who looks like a girl of his age. There's no hostility between the two. In fact, Dime and Glory seem to be closer to each other day by day. If that will be Dime's damnation or Glory's salvation, only time will tell. Angry and hesitant, not even Primestus could turn a blind eye to Dime's accomplishments. Relutanctly, he accepted the adventurer ways of his younger brother, and then, occasionally, they go to the spelljammer together, see what lies ahead in the universe. They even got extremely fascinated by Tarowa's culture, and their house is a reflection of that. Dime's personality changed little since he started his adventurer ways. He likes exploring new places, and hanging around with other adventurers. Even his 'rivalry' with Prime's friend, Canon, isn't to be taken seriously: he loves annoying him, but if the push comes to shove and Canon is in trouble, Dime will probably panic and rush to save him. He also does his possible to estimulate new adventurers. He can be often found at Sidonia's School, observing the newcomers. If a new adventurer starts training there, there's a big chance that Dime will be there to teach them the ropes. Dime's opinions about almost any PC (and most NPCs) he'd met so far.
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    Kinda, but some of us are still around. Or at least trying to. One way or the other.
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    First of all, hiya and welcome to RoA. :)/> As you must probably be aware, these are kinda dark times at NWN since the death of Gamespy, and it is a lot harder to find good servers to play in. Nonetheless, RoA is the most complete NWN server I've played. The world is just humongous. I've been playing here for some time and I'm still faaaaaaaaar from exploring everything. Anyways, if our timezones aren't way too far from each other, I hope to see you in-game. One of my characters, in fact, likes helping the newcomer characters (and players, by extension) in getting started. See you in the game. o/
  18. Saint Marcus, Great Baker. Please, hear the plea of this humble and desperated servant. Me and my brother both grew up in the Annakol Orphanage. The only evidence we had about this was the word of the care lady. But I needed nothing else. This Dimestus accepted and rejoiced with it. We had happy times, besides our personalities being as different as day and night. In almost a literal way. While my brother Prime chose walk the path of the light, I learned in an early age how to sneak through the shadows. My brother, full of righteousness... and a bit silly, to boot... was against it. That only strenghtened my resolve. He locked me in my room? I unlocked myself. He grounded me, to keep looking at the wall? One blink and I already escaped through a window. Soon, I would be adventuring myself in the vast world of Galandar. At first, he was adamant against it, but eventually he learned that I could take care of myself. And that was only the beginning... I wasn't always good at directions, or even reading a map. Lost in my "quest"... if it can be called that way... to find Tharbad, and heading to the North, for the first time, you, Great Baker, showed me the light. I met a group of halflings. But not any group of halflings. I met your chosen ones, Saint Marcus. After watching in amazement they dealing with the northies with unbelieveable ease, I joined them in their journey to return home. Tharbad? That could wait. I was wondering what kind of adventures we could find together. You probably know the saying: "Be careful with what you wish for. You just might get it". And I did. From there on, it was a typhoon of new discoveries. The story of Galandar unfolded in front of my eyes and ears. I now know things and mysteries other people can't even dream of. And suddenly, the evil of Emrys seemed, at least for a while, eclipsed by even greater menaces. We battled things ranged from Northern Soldiers to ancient evils that menaced the tapestry of creation itself. We found occult mysteries. We walked through Hell itself. We faced Harah and Impling. And we even found other worlds beyond Galandar. The ancient Tanora, the exotic Tarowa, the mysterious Galilmawen. We walked both against AND alongside gods. I even gambled my soul to prove one of them isn't evil. I still wait to see how this would be unfold, but I stand resolute about her. That wasn't always easy, though. Divided between you, Great Baker, and her, the Mistress of the Goblins, my mere mortal soul once almost shattered, driven into madness. But with the help of other friends I found in my journeys, I recovered. And I still dream to bring her to the light, one day. And eventually, we found the land my partners-in-adventure were looking for. And for me, it was the first time I step on heaven. The Halfling Heaven. A peaceful land, full of simple people, just living simple lifes. It was heaven, indeed. I normally get bored with ease when I stay in the same place for too long... but Halfling Heaven... I don't know why, but I fell in love with that place. And I was utterly shocked when I found out the menace of Slick the Sick. I felt in an urge to protect the paradise from that man. But more important, you gave me something I never had before: a family. You gave me a mother in form of Peony. A father in form of Tom. Two big sisters in form of Hyacinth and Violet. Two cousins in form of Meburn and Teary. And right now, I'm about to not only lose my family, but soon I shall be cast away from the paradise, known as Halfling Heaven, because of the only adversary I could not defeat. The monster called "Time". Once I found out I was growing up, and once this happens, I cannot disguise myself as a halfing. Oh Saint Marcus, once I never knew such people, such land existed. But now, the mere thought of living without them makes me tremble in fear and sadness. I spent the last year... not only me, but my family alongside... looking for a way to make this... this "adulthood" not happen. Either remaining as a child, or looking for a way to make me become a halfling. But no magic, no alchemy, no artifact, no knowledge we found could avert the seemingly inevitable. I beg you, Great Baker, in the name of what is most holy, help your servant! I tried everything I could, there are no other options remaining! Saint Marcus, you're the only hope remaining! Show me your light once more! Don't take away my family from me. Don't let this humble servant be cast away from the paradise. Please... *after wiping some tears* ... please give my family always plenty of pies. Give them your guidance and your protection. And, if the "destiny" happens... thank you for the great gift of my childhood, that I'll always cheerish as a treasure in my heart. No matter what happens. Praised be St. Marcus for the daily pie. Amen.
  19. A new year is beginning in Galandar. Time to make new resolutions, renew old ones, look back at what you did right... and wrong... in this past year, and look forward to your future. To Dime, that only means his time is running short. The more time passes, the closer he is to become an adult. Dime sighs as he walks through the Annakol City streets: "I didn't do anything right this year. My declaration of love went outright stupid, I couldn't become a halfling, or discover a way to stay a child for that matter, and to make matters worse, now I also have to worry about Harah and Impling. It was such a hollow year. Well, not everything went wrong, I guess. I got a new friend in the form of Cloud. He and Tackle are getting along." "Well, that gives me a bit of hope. I'm going to become a halfling no matter how! Anyways..." - holding a small brooch - "... how in the name of St. Marcus am I supposed to give my Yule gift to Glory? I'm one week later and she's hard to find." Meanwhile, Rosa and Ange had a simple party in their house. The elder sister is starting to think about a thing she never thought about before: romance. Ange feels the need to find that special person. Rosa smiles when Ange says that, and the two of them have a good time talking about 'the ideal man'. '... but I still have to pass the news. Baroness Zoe isn't who they believe she is...' - reminding of her conversation with Bethine Drowbane. The possibility of having to save Emrys from her is disturbing, but, as strange as it sounds, the usurper is the lesser of the evils in this story. Still, Ange doubts Bethine dropped her sister's facade out of generosity. Baron Barry said Bethine was not to be trusted. The warrior ponders what wicked scheme she's plotting... As for Maria, she was drinking a good wine at the Feisty Chicken. Even the grumpy witch find the festivities kind of amusing, as for the resolutions as well. "Adventures are fine, but I need a full time job. - Then, suddenly, she comes up with an odd thought. Becoming a teacher at Sidonia's school. Sure, she had the thought before, but now she decides to make this a full-fledged resolution. After all, not only she needs a new challenge, but the coward attack from the North, kidnapping Lino and Fiona in one occasion, still burns inside her. She feels the need to prepare the new generation to face the wicked usurper, Emrys.
  20. Oh, I lol'd. MacGuyver, eat your heart out.
  21. Self-explanatory. :P Server has been down since morning, so I think it's not a simple reboot.
  22. Well, unless the forum's calendar is wrong or something... then Happy Birthday to... Halfling Heaven and LIONofHUME !!! *Dime gives a pie to both*
  23. Try the bugs thread. Maybe Mal can help you with that, because I have no idea what happened out there.
  24. I know very well what you mean with multiplayer changing since the first NWN. Games with downloadable content, a thing that came with the current generation of consoles and, obviously, was far easier to implement on PC games. And even with that, assuming you would buy the downloadable contents, the game usually doesn't live longer than it would without it. Today's game market is thinking less about quality and more about profit. :( Oh yeah, also the so called "MMORPGs"... which have nothing to do with RPGs (save for some very rare cases). I could even imagine Obsidian's programmers thinking "Okay, we'll give you all the tools necessary to make NWN2 the ultimate multiplayer experience... for a small, tiny, pitiful, rock-bottom monthly fee of $$$$$$$$." -_-
  25. Thanks, Barry. I'll report if anything odd happens again. Also, if I may suggest, I recommend switching AVG for Avira AntiVir Guard. It's stronger, but not always accurate, be careful. Avira's engine is so intense it borders paranoia. :lol:
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