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Curse of the Lovers - Episode # ^&%$

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Nothing is ever as easy as it seems at first - nothing is easy - SO - the Drow Priestess said Darla and Hero needed three items to get married.  1)  A rabbit egg.  2)  A Dahke Halfling wedding cloth.  3)  The ancient ancestral ring of the Drowbane family (disposed of centuries ago by Zoe Drowbane).  The rabbit egg (found)  -  Off to Dahke to get the wedding cloth but none are made and the halfling lady who will make it requires a mountain of gems in payment and ten Ruin Spider silk sacks to make the special thread to weave the cloth.
The Mystic told Darla and Hero that the ring was found in the belly of a fish by a fisherman from the village of Alisha, on Alisha Island - where it just so happens, a lot of Ruin Spiders live and breed.
How nice.
Hero says it is simple sailing from here on
Narrator: I wonder if anyone remembers a book by that name - Simple Sailing - and if they do, who wrote it.(edited)
Narrator:  Will Hero's words be a foreshadowing of  things to come.
Narrator:  Will Darla and Hero ever get married.
Narrator:  Will Baroness Zoe be able to muster forces of evil to "dog" the company - especially the professor -
Narrator:  Will the Professor's magic dog protection work on Alisha.
Narrator:  Will getting spider silk and the ring be straight forward and easy???  - Or will things go as usual?
Narrator:  Tune in for this weeks episode of * Cheezie Organ Music Cuts IN here *  Curse of the Lovers


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