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Bards on The Realms of Annakolia

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Some special Bardic areas and abilities exist on Annakolia.

1)  The Bardic performance room.  This room is accessed from Annakol City, near the theater.  Inside you can speak to the moderator and get permission to perform.

A)  Perform on the little stage

B)  Be appraised by the audience (if your die roll against you perform skill is good enough a celestial being will come and ask you to perform for guests in the celestial realm hall)

C)  Choose to go to the celestial hall PLEASE - if you do not you hang up the scrip for others until server reboot.

D)  Perform as requested in the celestial hall - if you die roll against your perform skill is good enough you are rewarded with a prize.

2)  In the performance room is a door to the Bardic Guild Hall.  In the Bardic Guild is a stage with audiance.

A)  On the rest menu is a listing for Bard Busking - choose that in front of the audience and you get gold and XP

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