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Of Galadriel, Lathine, Fingar, and the White Hand

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*Below is a note summarizing a conversation between a group of Dwarvers and the Lady Galadriel, of Elven Lathine, said note finding its way to Lady Sidonia, Nessime Ungard, King Krago of Durin, and others opposed to the power of the White Hand*

Dark Forest Elf Ranger: My lady, they are here
Luli Steinhammer: Ah, Greetings *glances at Oskar*
Oskar Steinhammer: What be yer name, lady?
Galadriel: I am Galadriel
Galadriel: and you are?
Oskar Steinhammer: Greetins! I be Oskar, o the Steinhammers, formerly o dwarven Lathine!
Create IronBlade: Create of the ironblade clan
Luli Steinhammer: *hisses* Anvil, behave
Galadriel: our forest, our city has magical protections
Luli Steinhammer: *looks up* Ohh, Luli Steinhammer
Ezekial ForgeHammer: Ezekial of the Forgehammer clan.
Galadriel: nice to meet you all
Luli Steinhammer: and, er, Anvil

Oskar Steinhammer: Aye, an we be seekin yer help against the White Hand, an ter regain what once be ours.
Galadriel: yes i know
Galadriel: and now the while hand streaches out to us
Galadriel: we fight him, his orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and now Fingar
Galadriel: i know what you want
Luli Steinhammer: Then ye'll help us?
Galadriel: our peoples have been friends in the old times
Galadriel: i would hate to lose my home
Luli Steinhammer: I was but a wee tot when Lathine fell and my papa with it
Galadriel: i have lived here for over five thousand years
Galadriel: so am attached to it
Oskar Steinhammer: *smiles sadly at Luli* Lady Galadriel, we seek yer help in regainin our homeland, and yer wise counsel.
Luli Steinhammer: *blinks as she tries to fathom 5000 years*
Galadriel: the White hand cannot be destroyed at this time
Oskar Steinhammer: *looks dismayed* Not even with yer help?
Ezekial ForgeHammer: Cannot be?
Galadriel: he is a power that grows in association with the Dark Moon Cthulhu and the worship of the horror
Luli Steinhammer: Oh, but we've come all this way, fer nothing?
Galadriel: we will help you stand against them
Luli Steinhammer: Aye, Dark Moon we've heard of. What is Chthulu?
Oskar Steinhammer: Bah, we stopped the avatar o this Cthulhu at the Ruins o R'lyeh
Galadriel: you destroyed a dream
Luli Steinhammer: *looks with wonder at Oskar*
Galadriel: do you think you could fight a god?
Galadriel: a god the other gods fear?
Oskar Steinhammer: Well, we had Olias with us, I think
Ezekial ForgeHammer: Fer Lathine, fight an win we would.
Oskar Steinhammer: ..and Aunika to, as I be recallin.
[Lightasa_Feather] Luli Steinhammer: But surely with Moradin's strenght ta guide us?
Galadriel: you could with enough might storm the city
Galadriel: vanquish him and yet he returns
Oskar Steinhammer: Aye, we entered Lathine afore, since the fall. Powerful goblins dwelt there, our weapons could nay touch them.
Galadriel: dark magic
Create IronBlade: it is a nasty place now
Luli Steinhammer: So that be it? We canna return?
Galadriel: training goblins in the advanced mastery of the bow
Galadriel: I see your outpost will fall
Galadriel: that unless you can defend it
Luli Steinhammer: Oskar, what is she saying? Why did we come here ta listen ta this?
Galadriel: My rangers are seeking some answers
Oskar Steinhammer: She be tellin us that we need ter defend Undivver Ultok, our stronghold near Lathine, or it too will fall.
Galadriel: we are in the same struggle
Create IronBlade: tell her a bout the deal
Galadriel: deal?
Oskar Steinhammer: *looks to Create and nods* IronBlade, mayhap ye can speak o it.
Create IronBlade: the enemy you are fighting now is looking for this place
Galadriel: yes we know
Create IronBlade: they wanted to hire us to find it
Galadriel: oh?
Galadriel: they will pay you well
Oskar Steinhammer: The Lord o Fingar seeks ye and yer elven city here, seeks it with all his malice
Create IronBlade: they said if we give them the location they would pay us. lets get a trap for them
Oskar Steinhammer: I give ye my word, I will not reveal it to him, by me honor and by Moradin's beard.
Create IronBlade: and end this
Galadriel: Broken Tree told me fingar and the white hand would unite
Luli Steinhammer: We said we were'na interested but I'm sure he dinna believe us. He offered a treasure
Galadriel: yes they want us all dead
Ezekial ForgeHammer: *huffs* Humans. Typical.
Luli Steinhammer: *looks at the others* If we went ta him with information, I think he'd believe it
Galadriel: they were choping down trees
Galadriel: with dryads
Galadriel: Killing them all
Luli Steinhammer: Oh, no
Galadriel: slaughtered whole clans of brownies
Create IronBlade: I say yes a trap
Galadriel: a trap -- what kind of trap?
Create IronBlade: we give them a location to go to you lay in wait when they get there BAM!
Oskar Steinhammer: *nods at Create*
Luli Steinhammer: Or tell them we know a way inta yer city that is unguarded
Luli Steinhammer: Not here, but somewhere likely
Galadriel: they may ask their true sayer to watch you
Galadriel: then just kill you
Oskar Steinhammer: Can ye or yer mages cast a spell on one o us that would fool their truthsayers?
Galadriel: the area about the entrance to Black Gold might be good
Galadriel: there is a spell but it does not last long
Create IronBlade: can you put it in to a scroll for us
Galadriel: there are scrolls
Luli Steinhammer: *picks up the scroll*
Luli Steinhammer: We use this when we enter Fingar?
Galadriel: when you enter the Garrison
Create IronBlade: *nods*
Oskar Steinhammer: And where be this "Black Gold" where we should lead them? Or should we give them the information and depart?
Galadriel: do you need a guide to the place?
Ezekial ForgeHammer: An if the rest o' us just keep our yaps shut, nothing 'll give away? Er do we each need the spell?
Oskar Steinhammer: I know a bit o these lands *smiles slightly* so if you tell me where the place be, mayhap I kin find it.
Galadriel: leave the Dale
Galadriel: go west and west again
Galadriel: look for the tunnel
Oskar Steinhammer: By Elgarth Mountain?
Galadriel: yes
Galadriel: to the Dense forest, in the Northwest
Oskar Steinhammer: An ye be waitin there for em?
Galadriel: I will have rangers
Oskar Steinhammer: Just make sure yer archers aim at the humans, not us dwarves. *grins*
Galadriel: only those dwarves of darkness
Galadriel: your Duergar clan
Oskar Steinhammer: *stiffens* If in truth there be traitors amongst me people, I promise, they will pay fer what they done one day.
Oskar Steinhammer: Unless ye have some final words o advice, we be takin our leave then and fillin our end o the bargain.
Galadriel: go then
Luli Steinhammer: I be wondering mam? *asks Galadriel*
Oskar Steinhammer: *waits for Luli*
Galadriel: yes an we shall help you if you need it
Luli Steinhammer: If ye could write sommat that we could show the Fingar commander?
Luli Steinhammer: Sommat we might hae found? Ta confirm oor story
Galadriel: *writes a quick note*
Galadriel: here take this
Luli Steinhammer: *takes the note* Ah, perfect
Galadriel: *hands Luli a note*
Luli Steinhammer: We kin tell him we caught a messanger
Luli Steinhammer: and found the note hidden
Galadriel: *nods*
Luli Steinhammer: We'll hafta practice lookin' greedy
Galadriel: that may work
Galadriel: *grin*
Luli Steinhammer: You'll hafta say ye overrode me Oskar, cause I was too definite aboot refusin the reward
Create IronBlade: greedy is easy
Oskar Steinhammer: I kin do that, Luli.
Luli Steinhammer: If'n an elf called Jaak comes, if ye could give him welcome? He's a trusted companion o' oors
Oskar Steinhammer: Trusted? *catches himself* Well, he be all right, fer an elfie
Galadriel: yes i shall
Galadriel: *grins*
Oskar Steinhammer: All right then. Off we go.
Luli Steinhammer: Oskar, he fought right beside ye on the way here
Galadriel: yes trust is still not easily given
Oskar Steinhammer: *winks at Luli* Practicin me greedy dwarf look, Luli.
Create IronBlade: just think of lots of ale
Galadriel: *smiles* and you are doing so well you fooled the pretty lady
Oskar Steinhammer: Lady, thank ye fer yer help. While we be off, please think about how we can save our stronghold from the White Hand.
Luli Steinhammer: If ye set the trap fer 3 days ahead? *looks at Oskar for verification*
Oskar Steinhammer: *nods to Luli*
Luli Steinhammer: We'll hurry ta Fingar
Galadriel: know this -- we want him out as much or more than you do
Luli Steinhammer: Cause it wouldna look good if we try ta rush tha humans ta the trap
Oskar Steinhammer: We dwarves be great sprinters. We be runnin day an night ter get there an back ter the Black Gold
Galadriel: remember the humans cannot go as fast as you can
Create IronBlade: *smiles*
Ezekial ForgeHammer: *nod*
Galadriel: they may go faster at first but cannot keep up the pace
Luli Steinhammer: What? Anvil *runs to replant a bush*
Galadriel: very nice bear
Oskar Steinhammer: *looks at bush nervously* Well, best we be off.
Luli Steinhammer: I dinna care that there were honey ants. It were not yurs
Galadriel: he can have it
Galadriel: he is a guest
Luli Steinhammer: Yes, he's a nice bear but, weel, verra kind o' ye
Galadriel: we will plant another
Create IronBlade: *sigh*
Luli Steinhammer: *feeds the plant to Anvil*
Oskar Steinhammer: *motions to Luli* Come now, we best be off. *nervously* Dinna want ter impose on the ladies hospitality.
Create IronBlade: *shakes Head*
Luli Steinhammer: Ah, we'll be off noo
Luli Steinhammer: Come on Anvil
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