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The Fiesty Chicken Inn/pub Curse

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Long ago and far far away, at the Feisty Chicken Inn and pub, a seaman walked in.  He was wet – he was beat – he was nearly dead – and he told the tale of his passage to Annakol, the BIG STORM, the swamping of the ship, the attack of the sea monsters.

He told of how the great tentacles grabbed him and pulled him down under the sea.  How as he was passing out, he saw a chest with odd looking gold coins – how he grabbed one and died, or was it he passed out – oh yea – still here, so passed out.

He awoke on the shore without knowing how – but the gold coin shone very bright and flashes of magic beamed off its surface.  AHHHH – he got it – YES – was the magic coin that saved him.

He passed out in the Feisty Chicken.

When he came too – he was upstairs one of the guest rooms and he finds out he was there for weeks.

Having no money to pay, he gives the owner his magic gold coin – Lino’s Dad polished up the skull on one side and put it in the money box.

Next day they found the coin had dissolved into the very framework and rocks of the building and foundation.  The curse of the Feisty Chicken started that very day – and has continued ever since.

The sailor has been back over the years – he seems to be well and become a noted Captain, or so he says – his name – Captain Kylon Lionset.

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