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Tharbad Oddities

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Balrog rampage in Tharbad


Reports of "all hell breaking lose" in Tharbad have reached the ears of the Annakol Gazette. One of the locals of the city of Mages informs us that a Balrog was seen coming out of a cellar in the city and chased after two guards.


Though the occasional magical display is not rare this one was quite unusual as it involved a demonic creature. The practice of demon summoning is not generally accepted in Tharbad, or in most other regions for that matter. The local claims that "the monster looked like something straight from the deepest pits of hell" and "fire came out of its nose as it chased those poor guards". The beast eventually dove back into a lava portal which appeared in the center of one of the bridges in the Tharbad harbour. This brought an end to the disturbing events with the demonic beast. Oddly, though thankfully, no one was injured by the creature's stampede through the Tharbad streets.

A Tharbad official informs us that there is no reason for concern. It was merely caused by an inexperienced apprentice mage who got his hands on the wrong spellbook. We were told that "the apprentice in question has been reprimanded and will surely not pull such a stunt again." The official also stresses that all apprentices will be reminded of the general rules of conduct of the Council: "we will make sure that all apprentices are aware that such arts are severely frowned upon by both the Tharbad Mage Council and the general public and should be avoided".

This goes to show that magic is not a toy and should be used with care, luckily the Tharbad Mage Council keeps a relatively tight leash on its apprentices so that accidents such as this are rare. We are happy to report that the damage caused by the Balrog is minute and is being repaired as this article is send to the presses.

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Confirmed: Ex-Grand High Sorcerer Gone Mad


The former Grand High Sorcerer of Tharbad, Rainor, has been confirmed as the cause of the unrest which recently took place in Tharbad. Reports speak of the dead rising from their graves and demons walking the streets. A Tharbad spokesperson has confirmed Rainor to have caused this havoc.


It is unlikely that anyone in the direct region around Tharbad has missed it as literally all hell broke lose in Tharbad a few weeks back. The Mage Council was taken over by council members of old who should obviously not have been disturbed from their eternal slumber. Dead walked through the streets and people all around Tharbad had to lock themselves inside their houses. Up until now it had been unclear as to what was the cause of all the trouble, but now a Tharbad spokesperson has made a statement in front of our reporter.

The spokesperson started off with words of thanks: "we would like to thank our brave guards and the local adventurers who helped in taking care of the demons and undead that were on a rampage in the city.". When asked about the cause we were served to a long explanation about in depth research and investigation which led to the following conclusion: "The TIA (ed. Tharbad Intelligence Agency) has concluded that former Grand High Sorcerer Rainor was in fact the cause of this havoc.". It seems that the ex-Grand High Sorcerer has escaped his so called 'high security prison' and has grown quite the resentment towards the city of Tharbad.

When asked about casualties due to the events the spokesperson was able to inform us that Rainor made a vicious attack on the current Grand High Sorcerer Mercon Havensworth; an attack which has led to the loss of an arm for the good man. The spokesperson was quick to add that "given the circumstances Master Mercon is doing well and is capable of continuing his day to day tasks". When inquiring about further casualties the spokesperson had to admit that no other people of Tharbad were injured "but only due to the brave guards and adventurers who put an end to the attack".

The question on everyone's mind is if anyone in Tharbad is safe with one of the most powerful mages in the world having turned towards the dark arts and with a clear grudge against the city. As such we asked what the Mage Council intended to do with this situation. The spokesperson assured us that "all necessary safety measures have been taken to protect the citizens" and that "the Mage Council will not leave such a heinous attack on its citizens go unpunished". A price has been placed on the head of the former Grand High Sorcerer which can be claimed by bringing him to the council either dead or alive, "either will do" according to our sources. The charges against Rainor, on top of the other charges he was previously imprisoned for, are delving into the dark arts, endangering the people of Tharbad and attempted murder of the Grand High Sorcer. Quite an impressive list for a formerly highly respected persona of the harbour city.

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