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  1. Happy Birthday Flamecrow!

  2. I used to have that timeline somewhere... probably on my old laptop. I am half expecting it's pretty outdated by now as we made it like 7 years back. But most major events should still be accurate, there's probably just a lot of stuff missing. I'll see about firing up my old laptop sometime and looking around for that timeline.
  3. Seems to be either a complete crash of the system or an internet problem as remote access is unavailable. Let's hope things are restored on short notice and it's nothing serious.
  4. But killing you is one of my favorite past-times... You can't just take that from me! Good to see you again. Welcome back.
  5. Good luck with it all! For what it's worth, I know the feeling.
  6. Nice to see you found your way here Ashercon
  7. Flamecrow

    Forum Problem

    Should be fixed now for announcements as well
  8. Flamecrow

    Forum Problem

    Well, this question was about server information, not announcements. So you can't blame me for that one :P I'll go check the global permissions.
  9. Flamecrow

    Forum Problem

    Should be fixed now
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