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  1. My master worked me hard again today. I hurt more than I have ever hurt before, and that is saying something. Today he set me a task. I must go into the forest and bring him the ears of at least ten kobolds. It's a bit grisly, but he wants me to prove that I have actually hunted. Kobolds are not a problem, as they seem to cluster around this one large tree, and no matter how many I kill there always seem to be more. I am a little surprised by the variety of inhabitants in this forest. I sometimes see Kobolds and Goblins near each other, and I thought they didn't like each other. The
  2. Yesterday I went to Nif on the other side of the forest. I sang a few songs. They seemed a rather boring lot and I hope I made their lives better with a little song. They seemed to enjoy it, but not much. I didn't stay long as there was nothing to do there but fish. I found a teacher, and he is going to teach me the long blade. He called it a rapier. I found a good one in town, long and slender but with an odd purple blade. My teacher looked at it carefully and declared it a good blade, so I am happy. I spend most of my time on drills, stamping my feet and thrusting the sword out t
  3. Two more days have passed, and I have finally grown strong enough to wield a rapier. I like this much better, as I can keep my opponent a bit further away. I ventured into the forest for the first time. A short time later, I retreated. There are undead in the forest, and many goblins and kobolds. There are also many bandits, but the forest is also dark and quiet. I had to kill a spider as large as a pony. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. I would have run, but it sprang out of nowhere and cast a web about me. I fought through my fear as it's terrible teeth, or mandibles or
  4. I hurt. I fell into bed last night exhausted, and today it seemed to take hours just to get out of bed. I have never felt so stiff in all my life. The day went slowly because of it, but I didn't let it stop me. I found the gem mine and exhausted myself there, but the jeweler paid me enough to make it worth my while. Then I went back and trained again for a while. I wasn't doing very well at that, so I wandered around the castle a bit, and I found another training area. It is another level down, and you could call it a live fire training area. I was attacked by rats, and bats, and s
  5. Sidonia's Castle has turned out to be all I could have wanted. In the basement are many rooms for training. There are combat dummies to practice against and archery targets. I already have small skill with a crossbow. I tried the longbow, but I am not strong enough to draw it. I will have to work on that. I bought myself a rapier, but even that thin blade is too heavy for me to control. I have much work to do. For now, I will learn to use a dagger. I have tried practicing a new song, but the audiences do not seem to care for my singing. I am more than a little disappointed.
  6. My life begins today. My past is a myth, a ghost, a vapor, once glimpsed and now gone forever. I will not dwell on it. As I travelled to Annakol City, I heard many rumors. I heard that Sidonia has a castle outside of town, and that she gives shelter to those who wish to grow strong. It is said that there are warm beds and places to train with the bow, the sword, and other skills as well. I must find the castle tomorrow. I also heard that there is a gem mine outside the city. It's best producing years are long past, but they say that with hard work you can dig out a few gems
  7. Thanks for the reply, I understand all about life, so no problem with being away. And thanks for the most recent Feisty Chicken Happy Hour. With the help of several friendly players I have found a few places to hunt. I was shown how to find the werecats, and the giants. Also, I got lucky and found the Frost Giants all on my own. It is getting a little less frustrating, though it still seems like I can wander around for hours without finding much of a challenge. And, of course, as I find these places to hunt, master them and level up, it may get frustrating again until I learn where
  8. So, I am back again after another hiatus of sorts. Things seem awful quiet around here. I have logged in for the last several weeks on Saturday and haven't seen a Happy Hour yet. Also, same question I asked before. Where do you go hunting? I find I am usually on alone, so forming a party isn't really possible, and it takes forever to level up when almost everything you find is 2xp. I am getting really frustrated, because each time I think I have found a place to get reasonably good xp, I eventually run into something that I can't even come close to handling. I'm only level 12, a
  9. I understand the too much to do and too little time, so no worries. You've answered my curiosity.
  10. So, how often are the news criers updated? Every PW I have played on has had problems keeping players up to date on things that happen when they aren't in game. I was just wondering if what the News Criers are shouting is really old. Plus, my characters are terribly worried about those Missing Shire Milkmaids.
  11. Sounds cool. I wish I had any of those days off. I'll just be at work.....jealous. Have fun storming the North Pole.
  12. So, where do folks hang out on/in Annakolia? Of course, no one may want to hang out with a lowly 6th level character. I admit, I am starved for RP, and so far I have had more OOC conversations in game (thanks for all the invites to Happy Hour, I am sorry I couldn't make it) than I have had IC conversations. After spending a lot of time in game over the last week, I begin to worry that there isn't a lot of day to day RP going on. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  13. Well, I found which login I used before, but the character I found there is a stranger, so I am going to start over again. Which means that I need a new character idea, and at the moment that is posing a problem. I've played so many characters over the years that it feels like I've done it all. Now, I do have some questions. I know that it is an RP world, in fact that is the reason I'm back, because I know you guys stress RP, but I often need something to fill in the time when no one else is about. So....... Has anyone put together a progression of hunting locations? At leas
  14. I haven't played in a while. I used another name on the old forum, and I am not exactly sure which of my Gamespy IDs I used when I was playing here last. Boy....did I give enough to go on? For a long time, I felt like I had moved on, not so much from Annakolia as from NWN. Played Dragon Age, played Mass Effect 2. Haven't even gamed in a while. But, I keep thinking back to RP. That is the one thing that I have missed in everything else I have played. I cannot say for sure, but if I stay around, I might bring a few friends...that depends both on how I feel after playing again fo
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