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The Journal of Justice

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Chapter I - The awakening


It all started back in kindergarten. Ronald and his gang of bullies pushed Lucy and took her lollipop. The poor girl could do nothing but sob. Joshie and Lucy had been friends since babies. He observed it all from behind a tree, and a fire grew inside of him. He rushed at the three juvenile villains and, with tears in his eyes and his fists closed tightly, he hit Ronald right on the chin.


Of course, the blow did not disturb Ronald at all - Joshie was a sickly looking boy, much shorter and leaner than Ronald. He got beaten up that day, and discovered that, despite his strong will, he had no physical prowess to be a fighter.


Chapter II - Justice is served


After months of planning, Joshie put his plan into motion. Ronald and his friends took the bait and went alone into the woods. Greg was the dumbest of them all, and also the first to go down. They barely had gotten to the agreed spot and Greg already fell straight into the pitfall, breaking one of his legs. Jonas tried to help him, but ended up being struck by a dart on his neck. Barely being able to stand up due to the drowsiness, he fell to the ground short after.


Ronald was now left all alone. He knew he had been set up, but by whom? Who was this unseen enemy? Leaping down from a tree branch, Joshie hit straight on the head with a large club, just as Ronald looked up to see his face. Ronald fell unconscious immediately. The three bullies now lay bent and broken. Justice had been served.


Chapter III - The training begins


He had made up his mind. He would become a paladin of Tyr, become a bringer of justice and help those in need. He went to the church of Tyr, with a resolute expression on his face.


"He can barely hold the sword up with those tiny arms!" they said. "Poor little fellow will be crushed under the weight of the armor!" they laughed. "I'm sorry son, but The Lord must have other plans for you. I'm afraid you will never make it as a paladin. May I suggest the ecclesiastic services? You seem like a well-educated lad, after all." was what the high priest told him.


Devastated by these news, he ended up working under the guidance of the high priest. But after his work hours, he had decided not to let others choose his destiny for him. If they would not train him, he would train himself. He would bring Justice to the evil-doers. He would stop evil with his own hands. He would no longer be Joshie, but Joshua, The Shadow Vigilante.

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