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  1. What would be the game schedule? I am interested in playing but I do not wish to take a spot if I won't be able to be there consistently.
  2. Chapter I - The awakening It all started back in kindergarten. Ronald and his gang of bullies pushed Lucy and took her lollipop. The poor girl could do nothing but sob. Joshie and Lucy had been friends since babies. He observed it all from behind a tree, and a fire grew inside of him. He rushed at the three juvenile villains and, with tears in his eyes and his fists closed tightly, he hit Ronald right on the chin. Of course, the blow did not disturb Ronald at all - Joshie was a sickly looking boy, much shorter and leaner than Ronald. He got beaten up that day, and discovered that, des
  3. vatorres


    I haven't been around in a very long time, but if you guys want to schedule any sessions or games just post it here and I'll try to drop by :)
  4. Anybody still around? If we find a DM, would you guys care to try a weekend game? Maybe a one time session, something like Feisty Chicken...
  5. I'll be out of town this weekend but I'd be glad to play. Saturdays and Sundays are usually good for me.
  6. It's surely been a lot of fun. Grolla will miss her friends... If any of you are up for a game, send me a PM, we can try to get a small group and schedule something. Thanks everyone, especially Mykkal and Grace for running the game and providing us so many nice moments.
  7. Sorry for missing the last session, had some urgent issues with our dog. Will be back next sunday.
  8. My house is under renovation and I'm out of internet, so I'll remain abscent on most sessions. Sorry for that.
  9. I'd like to apologize aswell for missing several sessions. There's a whole lot going on in my life right now and sadly my playing time is close to none. Things will probably get better in July, so I hope to catch you then and whenever I can.
  10. Hey Mykkal, I'd be very happy if could keep doing those one-sentence session summaries as you used to. Very useful for those who couldn't attend, and also fun for those who did :)
  11. I'm no expert here, but from what I know: 1. Yes, it is a free server. 2. I do not know of a character limit. If there is one, it's high enough not to bother me. 3. There are yes special sub-races (fairy, brownie, drow... I don't know all of them) but anything aside the NWN featured ones requires special application. Same goes for evil-aligned characters. 4. The only crafting system I have experience with here is the baking system, which is very good for providing supplies - baked goods work as potions. I know the whole crafting system is being revamped and I believe they'll be
  12. Archery practice: Week 1: Still practising, slowly improving my aim. This will surely take some time. Week 2: 42 is not good enough, I need a higher score if I'm to join the Queen's Tournament. ... Week 5: 48! I'm getting closer to my goal, finally understanding the path of the wind, becoming one with the arrow. ... Week 8: That's it! I'm giving up, it's impossible to get this perfect score! Guess I'm going to the tavern to drink my sorrows away. Perhaps playing some darts. Darts are fun, alright. Yeah... wait, what?? FIFTY!!! I GOT A FIFTY!!! JASON DID YOU SEE THAT??
  13. *singing and whistling through the camps* Grolla gots job, Grolla gots job, lalala...
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