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Warder -Updated 2018-

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The Warder is dedicated to the protection and defence of goodness in the world. Often found as protectors of travelers and people who keep the roads safe for all that wish to travel them.

The Warders are not bound as a tight group but instead function separately, often even unaware of each other. They serve their own ideals of protection and safety rather then a ruling body or higher being.

Warders can work alone or in groups, regardless they always focus on the safety of the general population and protection from oppression and tyranny throughout the lands.


- Hit Die: d6.

- Proficiencies: Simple weapons and light armor.

- Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier.

-Skills:  appraise, bluff, craft, discipline, heal, hide, listen, lore, move silently, persuade, pick pocket, tumble

-Saving throws: as base game class REF and WIL high

-Attack bonus growth- mid (bard/rogue)

 Primary Attribute- Dex


Skills: Discipline 4 ranks, Search 4 ranks, Lore 6 ranks, Persuade 8 ranks

Feats: Alertness, Iron Will

Other: Any non-evil




1: Bardic Knowledge: Bonus to identifying items, 1st Favored Enemy

2: Deneir's Eye - +2 bonus to saving throws vs. traps, Sleep - As spell

3: Tymora's Smile - +2 bonus on all saves, once per day, Cat's Grace - As spell, Uncanny Dodge I

4: Lliira's Heart - +2 bonus to saving throws vs. mind affecting spells, Eagle's Splendor - As spell, 2nd Favored Enemy, Intensity

5: Craft Harper Item - Create magical potions, Invisibility - As spell

6: Uncanny Dodge II, Improved Intensity

7: Keen Sense

8: Improved Invisibility

9: Blindsight 60 feet

10: Greater Intensity, Blend in with the Crowd (hide in plain sight)

The Warder class replaces the bioware default class of Harper Scout. For one because Harpers do not exist in Annakolia, but also because the class was quite lacking in usefulness compared to investment in meeting the requirements for said class. All of the default abilities and requirements of the class have remained as were. Five extra levels with abilities were added to increase the reward of the investment to reach the requirements for the class. These 5 added levels can be taken in the non-epic level range; they are not considered epic-levels.

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