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  1. The Third Notch on the Haft The Shroo and Gew Inn-- Wait, no. Haft paid the barmaid once more, too unnerved - at the time - to realize he was paying once more for his tab. Heart of a Bard, Soul of a Druid... Like, figuratively, or literally? The latter was much easier - Well, the first one at least. Shouldn't be too hard to find a way to capture a soul with enough coin thrown at a wizard's face. The Barbarian's mind was racing when suddenly an explosion of glitter obfuscated his face and thoughts. Another patron, the size of a modest beer mug to Haft's eyes but much, MUCH more f
  2. The Second Notch on the Haft The Shrew and Goo Inn. A place of less repute than others, but when your intent is getting hammered, you want to work with quantity, not quality. Haft was sharing a drink with Dimestus Timalar who got gently coerced to tag along. It was a happy coincidence - the young man was out to tackle some Mask Cultists, Haft was being harassed by a few. Not for long, of course, but that's how they met in that evening. The Cultists' pocket change would help pay for some more drinks, too. The Barbarian was in dire need of getting plastered. The uneasiness he
  3. The First Notch on the Haft It is said by men and women wishing to sound smart that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results". People like that are narrow-minded. Like any other saying or expression, there's a different one that acts as a counter. What about "Practice and repetition makes perfect"? Which is why Haft Ax never paid any mind to words of wisdom from so-called wise people trying to be all... wise. One day one of these sayings applies to you, but the next? Suddenly all of your life's issues can be compressed in another different say
  4. I thought about helping players by giving some insight about the Spirit Companion. Mainly, it is to be noted that the Spirit Companion acts as a Summon and thus, occupies the Summon Slot. So whatever summon is active will be substituted by the Sp.Companion, and vice versa. Here are the stats for the Shark (summoned at character level 17, will see if changes after level up) SHARK (Level 20) Stats: Str 30 / Dex 20 / Con 15 / Int 3 / Wis 12 / Cha 6 HP: 268 / AC: 38 / Base Attack: 15 / Saving Throws: For: 17 / Ref: 20 / Will: 10 Immune to: paralysis, Slow, Entangle, Moveme
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