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What does Dime think about...?

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Peony - "Love, LOVE her. She's the closest person to a mother I've ever had. And she hates to hate. Oh, she also dislikes a certain librarian..."


Tom - "Same as Ms. Peony, but like a father. Also, he seems to have a unique sense of direction. If we ever get lost, we only need to go to the opposite side he's heading."


Hyacinth - "WHAT'S THE POINT ABOUT TACKLING ME EVERY TIME? I think she likes the sky and wants to share her likeness with me. That's why she leaves me seeing stars. Still, like a big sis, though."


Violet - "Stoic, choleric and sometimes too serious. I never saw a halfling so propense to violence. Once she almost burned down an inn! Good thing she's on my side. Also... she does have a kind spot in that hardened exterior."


Teary - "The best sling shooter I EVER saw! Mere stones in her hand can take down dragons! And... she loves pumpkins to an extreme degree. If you ever see her home, you'll know what I'm talking about..."


Meburn - "The guys loves eating. I love eating. The guy likes Teary. I like Teary. Will I become like him when I grow up?"


Nathor - "The newest member in our team. Geez la weez, he got skills, he's a good tactitian, has common sense... he's almost normal! Almost!"


Tackle - "I told him already: no Prismatic Breath on fellas. Not everyone is prepared for that."


Primestus - "He finally accepted who I am and what I am. Feels good being near him and having some adventures together."


Tempest - "She's tough! She's a veteran paladin and has the skills to prove. All I need to know is how to speak her language!"


Tempter - "I got a feeling she's still hiding things from me. But I trust her, so, if she is or not, it's not my problem."


Astella - "Another big sis. And this time, when I say "big", I REALLY MEAN IT! She's so strong she can destroy giants with her bare hands! And she's so caring... and... and... too much things!"


Drez - "Astella's husband. I trust in his sword with my life. Someday, we'll all solve that thing we got with Lolth."


Michaela - "Mickie should shrug off whatever anyone thinks about her being 'half-blood' or stuff like that. She is who she is. And she is awesome."


Saesha - "Two words for ya: PINPOINT. ACCURACY."


Zaos - "He hasn't been the same Zaos I once knew since he came back from hell. I could see it in the archery tournament. His shots were unfocused, full of killing intent. What happened with my friend?"


Jesup - "That elven guy is absurdly crazy. And he also manage to be absurdly cool! Way to go, Jesup!"


Elemmire - "Her eyes shine whenever she looks at Jesup... either that or my vision is blurring."


Haryon - "His research is... strange. And dangerous. And strange and dangerous. The undead make me feel uneasy."


Moonsong - "Not your ordinary drow, mind you. This one's focused on graduating at the Miskatonic University... not on ambushes, male-slaving, spider-goddess workshipping, or other evil drow stuff."


Ming - "Still discovering the world around her... but then again, so am I."


Spike - "He's a good fella, but no matter what he says, ale stinks! Spirits stinks! Alchohol stinks as a whole!"


Arcanum - "Sometimes he seems to be so distant..."


Canon - "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I ADMIT IT! His heart IS in the right place when the serious times come. And I was enjoying our 'rivalry' a bit too much. But, of course, Canon is still Canon."


Candy - "Pretty much FILTHY RICH with her performances. Man, that bard stuff surely is a money-maker... when you got the talent."


Zeanna - "SHE JUST BEAT CANON IN THE BARDIC CONTEST! If that's not enough to put her in my book, I don't know what else is."


Stardust - "Changes forms more frequently than I change clothes. I wonder if her human form is her real one."


Datura - "Note to self: never EVER try to do the tree trick without her around. It's bad for my nose."


Tala - "She's just the biggest pixie I ever saw! I mean... she's taller than myself... then how do a human and... a pixie...? ... ... NEXT!"


Harley - "Vegetarian. Halfling. These two words in the same sentence doesn't make sense to me at all! And let's not even start with the "standing guard in every gate" thing!"


Drogo - "He should stop counting doors! They are only doors! Well, there are the curtains too... WAIT!"


Rosie Posie - "She's so kind. She's so cheering. She's so... WHERE DID THAT GIGANTIC CLUB COME FROM?!"


Holly - "Can teach me a thing or two about sneaking. Even more so about BEING SNEAKY WHILE RIDING A PONY!"


Strauss - "Haven't seen the 'Red Mage' for a while. I hope he quitted that mercenary stuff. It's just not like him."


Caladriana - "She doesn't seem to be serious like the rest of her family. Also, we both agree that Tharbad rivalry is stoopid."


Lyonset - "That guy actually managed to sink an AIRSHIP! He scares me more than most monsters."


Elmore - "Should stop drinking! At once! Man, even a dragon drinking that stinky stuff? It's like drinking poison. A very mild poison, but poison nonetheless."


St. Marcus - "Now THAT's a god!"


Glory - "I wish to be at her side, and she knows it, but... we can't... ... someday, who knows, I'll free her from her dark ways. One way or the other."


Adunaphel - "Haven't seen aunt Aduna for a while. Last time, she tried to sacrifice me to a dark god or something. Isn't she lovely?"

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Heather - "Taught me some fundamentals of magic, like how to look at a person that's 'not here'. But I'm still wondering who the heck hires her for those cleaning services. The ones where even the DUST itself is trying to kill you!"


Queen Rose - "She's pretty nice. Me and Lilac... I mean, Tackle... like her. But I don't see her frequently. Mostly because I'm with my eyes shut when I'm at her court! Naked people everywhere!"


Jania - "Jam is the voice of reason in the North Road. Always calm and rational. Also SHOPPING!"


Baron Talanque - "I wonder if it's common for nobles in general having bursts of rage like our 'dear' Baron has."


Sidonia - "I wouldn't be an adventurer without her. Teach' is so full of good advices. That's why I'm still at her school. I'm always learning."


Kazhada - "No way I'll gonna eat those scorpions!"


Safia - "Scorpions again? And in 'meatballs'? Must be a horselord thing."


Bjorn - "He calls his horse 'Momma'. I hope, I REALLY hope it's just a name..."


Fiona - "Judging by the lots of strange happenings at the Feisty Chicken, I wouldn't be that surprised if Hope starts to shoot Fireballs at 3 years old."


Lino - "He says the Feisty's not cursed... YEAH, RIGHT!"


Baroness Zoe - "Fountain City would be a nice place... if it wasn't for the 'Almighty Grumpiness'."


Ludmilla - "Her wax museum is awesome. A 'must visit' place if you ever drop by Annakol City. But she's almost as pale as her sculptures. Scary..."


Marigold, the Fortune Teller - "Some people don't take her seriously. Well, those same people should see when she's kinda possessed by a strange force and starts to make odd predictions... and she gets bullseye everytime that happens."


Moronica - "Tomato throwing service!"


Hunni - "Geez, she NEVER gives up. She wants to marry Mr. Tom, no matter what. Her obsession almost cost her soul."


King Tarrach and Queen Fina - "Don't know that I exist. And I couldn't want it in any other way. Not that I dislike them or something. On the contrary: they're nice. But you know: a known rogue is a BAD one."


Jinn - "Made me respect the people who lives at the desert, where survival itself is a struggle."

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Gloria - "Too... much... glitter!"


Luna - "A pixie with attitude. Sometimes, too much attitude. She could knock doors instead of pulverizing them."


Cyan - "She can vanish me, vanish herself, vanish entire buildings, vanish... hm... someday I need to ask her trying to vanish the ground and see what happens."


Fetha - "She's the nicest gnome I ever knew. And she'll probably like you too... unless you're a giant. In that case, use your huge legs and RUN."


Nelius - "He and Fetha don't seem relatives. Must be the... ... hair."


Simone - "Not everyone would accept to be "that person"'s personal spy and bodyguard. Then again, not everyone wants to be at her bad side... also known as her DEAD side."


Kainna, the War Dancer - "I had a 'dance session' with her lately, when I was at a desert. She isn't THAT bad. She just wanna have fun... like someone I know..."


Orin - "There are no 'shades of gray' or 'good things' about this guy. He's evil EVEN FOR THE BAD GUYS' STANDARDS! We must find a way to get rid of him once and for all!"


Ogmahn - "I'm not that into fishing like Og. Well, it's all about taste. Also, MUST BUY HIS RARE GOODIES!"


Sennia and Novia - "Two cool kitty cats or whatever they're called. I just wanted to know who is who..."




Kothgar - "That big guy knows how to tell a joke. ... smashing... hahahahaha!"


Pasha - "Sometimes I think Pasha hides better than me. It's been ages since the last time we met."


Ikaro - "Nothing personal against the man, but it's too much 'righteousness' for my taste. In fact, reminds me of someone... *cough*Prime*cough*..."


Moca - "She's cool and all, but her appearance is odd. Way different for the other kitty cats I met before. I wonder if they all come from the same place."


Anara - "The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she... man, she's... kinda... NEXT!"


Dorric - "I'm not that into Benthar's rules... but I'm sure into all this paladin stuff. After all, I've seen this story before. I wonder if Dorric have what it takes, because it takes a lot."


The Dwarf Pride gang - "EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Arwyl - "... ok, where to start? She happens to be a mentor to missus Tempest, which is saying a lot. Her eyes almost spark with wisdom. Whenever I go near her, I get a feeling that I have to choose my words, almost like reverence. And still, she seems so humble. Who is she?"


Tyana - "A student of the Rogues' game, with magic abilities to boot... or the other way around. She got potential. Let's see how far she can go."


Hinn - "... black skin, glowing eyes... the guy looks like a mini-drow. He's a nice guy. Weird-looking, but a nice guy."


Omnius - "His talent for magic is beyond question. His talent in the kitchen, on the other hand, could be better."


Grit - "My St. Marcus! The smell! THE SMELL!!!!"


Luli - "I never touched the 'legendary' subject with her besides our first meeting. We should be what we are, not what people expect us to be."


Amec - "I don't understand a single word from him. I don't understand his psychotic behavior either."


Mianya - "Long double-axe. Short temper. Evildoers, do the math and run."


Elundel - "Hinn's master, as far as I know. He's pretty much your standard monk: he'll either talk with you about inner peace or he'll punch you to yours."


Tishara - "She must have some infinite perfume supply or something! She never ever seems to run out of it!"


Cynamin - "That girl is a pro. She even got a backpack to carry loads of useful stuff. An habit I should start to do as well."

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