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"So you finally got caught in the act, uh Dime?"

Prime, his older brother, saw Dime entering their apartment with some sort of tray heavily covered in leather. Tackle, their pet, raises his head and then goes back to sleep.

"Give me that!" - demanded the paladin. He uncovered the tray, revealing its dark, metalic color. Prime's eyes go sharp.

"... Adamantite. I knew you sometimes negotiated with Drow, but I never thought you would go so far. Why do you need this powerful, unholy metal? Perhaps you gave up your rogue ways and needs a decent armor? ... No, there's too few. But perhaps... a shield? Are you finally considering defensive tools for your errands? I thought a shield would only add encumbrance to your sly hands and..."

"STOP! It's nothing like that!" - Dime replied - "It's only a litterbox for Tackle! They have to be very resistant! Or do you want another tatami destroyed by Prismatic Poop?"

Prime pauses. He looked at the mini dragon. Tackle yawned and went back to sleep. The paladin looked back to Dime. Silence followed for 15 seconds.

"... A... Adamantite degrades under sunlight. How about using that corner over there?" - and Prime and Dime started setting up Tackle's adamantite litterbox.

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The sound similar of an explosion echoed through Sunbird Manor. A sound that came from the Pool area.

Powerful shockwaves scattered the drinks all over the bar. Jaims, the bartender, was sent flying to the nearest wall, falling unconscious.

The living weapon remained in position, arm extended and fist clenched. A powerful attack was made.

Vita FACEPALMS: "Akari, when Jaims said 'try the punch', THAT'S WHAT HE MEANT!" - pointing at the mixed drink, miraculously intact.

Akari looked stoic as usual, but with a spark of confusion in her eyes: "Is there a drink called 'punch'? ... ... oh... I... will keep that in mind. My apologies." - to Vita and an unconscious Jaims.

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Dime drinks a potion of Bull's Strength. Then he equips Gauntlets of Ogre Power. And after that, a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. And then a Helm of the Marshall.

Rosa: "Uh... Dime, are you going on another adventure? Like, a big fight? You're increasing your strength to ridiculous heights!"

Dime: "Yeah, I'm going to have an adventure alright. It's called "washing Prime's armor"." - with a packed suit of armor on his back. Rosa blinks.

Rosa: "Wow! I never saw your brother without his armor! What does he...?" - Dime: "DON'T ASK!" - Rosa: "... o... k..."

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"... jokes? Like... seriously, Akari?" - in the corridors of the Sunbird Manor, the ever-snarky Dime was having a conversation with the ever-stoic Akari.

"Yes." - the Living Weapon replied - "Through my errands and adventures in this world, I have been constantly reported as 'boring' and 'unfunny'. Although this should not be a matter of concern, I cannot help but worry about the progression of my final mission, given to me by my master. So, it is crucial that I become 'funny'."

Dime chuckles a bit: "Y'know, the seriousness you show about 'trying to be funny' is funny by itself. ... Alright, I'll help you out. First of all, you must show everyone that you have a great sense of humor!"

Akari: "....................................................."

Dime: "You... don't have a sense of humor, right?" - Akari: "In my severe training, there was no space for jokes or laughing."

Dime: "Oh boy, someone grumpier than Baroness Zoe... wait, that's not even grumpiness, that's... kinda... nothing at all!"

Akari nods: "It was crucial to rid myself of all unnecessary emotions in order to fulfill my tasks."

With a look of pity... and a thought that this would be harder than he thought... Dime continues: "Nah, your sense of humor is still there. You just need to remember ir. Or, as you probably would see better, 're-train' it."

Akari: "Interesting choice of words. ... What do you suggest?"

Dime: "Let's go to my apartment. I think I know something that might help you out."


For the next few hours, Akari meditated while Dime was working on something in his room. Akari opened her eyes when Dime reappeared: "Done!"

And then Dime gave something to Akari: "Here, this is for you. Maybe this is all you need to learn how to be funny!"

It was a small notebook. With a slighly confused look in her eyes, Akari started to read its contents, while Dime was saying: "If you need to pull out a joke out of nowhere, use this. I wrote lots of funny stuff that I know, and there are even stuff I just made up right now. I even made a session for when you face specific enemies, like The Guardian or aunt Adu-- er, I mean, Adunaphel."

Akari kept reading, her confusion becoming even more apparent: "... I... would never banter like this in the middle of a battle."

Dime: "EXACTLY! They will NEVER see it coming! And then you strike and win!"

Akari then looks at Dime: "Are you telling me those jokes also provide a psychological advantage in combat?" - still stoic, but her eyes were sparking with interest... maybe even joy!

Dime: "Well, if you wanna see it this way--" - Akari bows: "You have my gratitude, Dimestus. Pardon my urgency, but I need to start my training at once."

And she rushes to her apartment. With the speed of a monk.

Dime smiles: "No problem!"

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Dime: "Prime, Prime, Prime! A thief, an elven baronette, a gnome scientist, a cleric of Benthar, and a girl who's bigger than you followed me here! Can I keep them?!"

Prime: "I... er... WHAT?!?"

Dime grins: "You should see your face in the mirror!"

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