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Miskatonic University, Arkham. 4th day of the Greening.


SUBJECT: The Steinhammer Odor


AUTHOR: Dimestus Timalar


This essay aims to compile the power and several effects of the aforementioned odor.


This writer once met a member of the dwarven Steinhammer Clan that had several flies around him and, whenever this writer got too close, he passed out due to the insanely foul body odor. Several months later, this writer found that said Steinhammer had a twin brother who had the same smell. And stronger than ever, because they were both NAKED, which seemingly amplified the terrible effects.


Said brothers went with a group of adventurers to a expedition to Hell, which this writer took part. Still naked and still with that immensely powerful odor. And said odor proved to be both a curse and a blessing in disguise, because it allowed to take on several of the most mighty creatures of Hell with relative ease.


The odor was so strong it caused several effects on allies and enemies, some of them borderline magical.


Prolonged exposures to that body odor are reported to cause the following effects, most of them at the same time:


- DIZZINESS AND FAINTING: This writer, more than once, lost consciousness whenever any of the brothers came close. And, in Hell, the smell made a mighty red dragon of the size of the powerful Ashardalon FAINT, almost squishing the dwarf in the process.


- PETRIFICATION: Several monsters and even giants who attacked the dwarves were so astonished by the smell they instantly became encased in stone. More research is required to see if it's a magical effect or the monsters' attempt to protect themselves from the foul odor.


- HALLUCINATIONS: Even our group was affected. Once we thought we were attacked by the powerful Cerberus, but then he dissapeared. This can only be attributed to the vile smell, even affecting the whole group's senses.


- INTOXICATION: The Guardian, one of Hell's most formidable denizens, was clearly affected by the smell, seemingly taking damage over time (theorized acid, more research required) everytime the brothers were nearby.


- HYSTERIA: The entrance to Hell was barricated, but the goblins guarding it didn't seem hostile. But before conversations could take place, a fireball was shot, and almost the entire group went berserk. Visibly an effect of the awful smell, once again clouding the good people's minds.


Final Notes: This writer believes that, if that odor could be weaponized, like in tips of arrows, it could be one of the most powerful weapons known by the living. However, this writer also doesn't believe if getting too close of said Steinhammer brothers are worth the humongous risk of permanent intoxication. Other dwarves seem to be immune to said odor, but again, it is very risky nonetheless.

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