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Dime versus Time

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Saint Marcus, Great Baker. Please, hear the plea of this humble and desperated servant.


Me and my brother both grew up in the Annakol Orphanage. The only evidence we had about this was the word of the care lady. But I needed nothing else. This Dimestus accepted and rejoiced with it. We had happy times, besides our personalities being as different as day and night. In almost a literal way. While my brother Prime chose walk the path of the light, I learned in an early age how to sneak through the shadows. My brother, full of righteousness... and a bit silly, to boot... was against it. That only strenghtened my resolve. He locked me in my room? I unlocked myself. He grounded me, to keep looking at the wall? One blink and I already escaped through a window. Soon, I would be adventuring myself in the vast world of Galandar. At first, he was adamant against it, but eventually he learned that I could take care of myself. And that was only the beginning...


I wasn't always good at directions, or even reading a map. Lost in my "quest"... if it can be called that way... to find Tharbad, and heading to the North, for the first time, you, Great Baker, showed me the light. I met a group of halflings. But not any group of halflings. I met your chosen ones, Saint Marcus. After watching in amazement they dealing with the northies with unbelieveable ease, I joined them in their journey to return home. Tharbad? That could wait. I was wondering what kind of adventures we could find together.


You probably know the saying: "Be careful with what you wish for. You just might get it". And I did.


From there on, it was a typhoon of new discoveries. The story of Galandar unfolded in front of my eyes and ears. I now know things and mysteries other people can't even dream of. And suddenly, the evil of Emrys seemed, at least for a while, eclipsed by even greater menaces. We battled things ranged from Northern Soldiers to ancient evils that menaced the tapestry of creation itself. We found occult mysteries. We walked through Hell itself. We faced Harah and Impling. And we even found other worlds beyond Galandar. The ancient Tanora, the exotic Tarowa, the mysterious Galilmawen. We walked both against AND alongside gods. I even gambled my soul to prove one of them isn't evil. I still wait to see how this would be unfold, but I stand resolute about her. That wasn't always easy, though. Divided between you, Great Baker, and her, the Mistress of the Goblins, my mere mortal soul once almost shattered, driven into madness. But with the help of other friends I found in my journeys, I recovered. And I still dream to bring her to the light, one day.


And eventually, we found the land my partners-in-adventure were looking for. And for me, it was the first time I step on heaven. The Halfling Heaven. A peaceful land, full of simple people, just living simple lifes. It was heaven, indeed. I normally get bored with ease when I stay in the same place for too long... but Halfling Heaven... I don't know why, but I fell in love with that place. And I was utterly shocked when I found out the menace of Slick the Sick. I felt in an urge to protect the paradise from that man.


But more important, you gave me something I never had before: a family. You gave me a mother in form of Peony. A father in form of Tom. Two big sisters in form of Hyacinth and Violet. Two cousins in form of Meburn and Teary.


And right now, I'm about to not only lose my family, but soon I shall be cast away from the paradise, known as Halfling Heaven, because of the only adversary I could not defeat.


The monster called "Time".


Once I found out I was growing up, and once this happens, I cannot disguise myself as a halfing. Oh Saint Marcus, once I never knew such people, such land existed. But now, the mere thought of living without them makes me tremble in fear and sadness. I spent the last year... not only me, but my family alongside... looking for a way to make this... this "adulthood" not happen. Either remaining as a child, or looking for a way to make me become a halfling. But no magic, no alchemy, no artifact, no knowledge we found could avert the seemingly inevitable.


I beg you, Great Baker, in the name of what is most holy, help your servant! I tried everything I could, there are no other options remaining! Saint Marcus, you're the only hope remaining! Show me your light once more! Don't take away my family from me. Don't let this humble servant be cast away from the paradise. Please...


*after wiping some tears*


... please give my family always plenty of pies. Give them your guidance and your protection.


And, if the "destiny" happens... thank you for the great gift of my childhood, that I'll always cheerish as a treasure in my heart. No matter what happens.


Praised be St. Marcus for the daily pie. Amen.

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