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Yumi's secret diary

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Archery practice:


Week 1: Still practising, slowly improving my aim. This will surely take some time.


Week 2: 42 is not good enough, I need a higher score if I'm to join the Queen's Tournament.




Week 5: 48! I'm getting closer to my goal, finally understanding the path of the wind, becoming one with the arrow.




Week 8: That's it! I'm giving up, it's impossible to get this perfect score! Guess I'm going to the tavern to drink my sorrows away. Perhaps playing some darts. Darts are fun, alright. Yeah... wait, what?? FIFTY!!! I GOT A FIFTY!!! JASON DID YOU SEE THAT?? A FIFTY!!! Whoaa... perhaps I drank too much.


ooc: screenshot coming soon!

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