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New Year Resolutions. New Year Revolutions.

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A new year is beginning in Galandar. Time to make new resolutions, renew old ones, look back at what you did right... and wrong... in this past year, and look forward to your future.


To Dime, that only means his time is running short. The more time passes, the closer he is to become an adult.


Dime sighs as he walks through the Annakol City streets: "I didn't do anything right this year. My declaration of love went outright stupid, I couldn't become a halfling, or discover a way to stay a child for that matter, and to make matters worse, now I also have to worry about Harah and Impling. It was such a hollow year. Well, not everything went wrong, I guess. I got a new friend in the form of Cloud. He and Tackle are getting along."


"Well, that gives me a bit of hope. I'm going to become a halfling no matter how! Anyways..." - holding a small brooch - "... how in the name of St. Marcus am I supposed to give my Yule gift to Glory? I'm one week later and she's hard to find."


Meanwhile, Rosa and Ange had a simple party in their house. The elder sister is starting to think about a thing she never thought about before: romance. Ange feels the need to find that special person. Rosa smiles when Ange says that, and the two of them have a good time talking about 'the ideal man'.


'... but I still have to pass the news. Baroness Zoe isn't who they believe she is...' - reminding of her conversation with Bethine Drowbane. The possibility of having to save Emrys from her is disturbing, but, as strange as it sounds, the usurper is the lesser of the evils in this story. Still, Ange doubts Bethine dropped her sister's facade out of generosity. Baron Barry said Bethine was not to be trusted. The warrior ponders what wicked scheme she's plotting...


As for Maria, she was drinking a good wine at the Feisty Chicken. Even the grumpy witch find the festivities kind of amusing, as for the resolutions as well.


"Adventures are fine, but I need a full time job. - Then, suddenly, she comes up with an odd thought. Becoming a teacher at Sidonia's school. Sure, she had the thought before, but now she decides to make this a full-fledged resolution. After all, not only she needs a new challenge, but the coward attack from the North, kidnapping Lino and Fiona in one occasion, still burns inside her. She feels the need to prepare the new generation to face the wicked usurper, Emrys.

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