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Sol Arbriel

Jia Li

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So now I begin my exile in a far off land, far different from my own, a lucky chance that I managed to get aboard the Hammerhead, a spelljammer, the captain mentioned a world called Galandar as the best place for me to find myself a new home as well as avoiding being executed for my disrespectful behavior. I hope ma and pa can forgive me and my thoughts go with them as they have to forget they ever had me as their daughter.


First day in Annakol City and I managed to find a dojo, of sorts, after a seemingly powerful cleric called Jania outside of an Inn funnily called Feisty Chicken guided me to where it is. The dojo is set up on a lower floor of a castle, I think, its design is unfamiliar to me and on my way in I saw a Sensai, he appeared deep in trance with two cats standing at his feet and so I left him alone.


Then I finished a set of fighting skills my old Sensai back home had set me, I will miss her most terribly and yet I find comfort in knowing she will not be harmed for what I have done. Next time...well there will not be a next time when I should be out practicing my offence and defensive skills in a battle rather than in the pleasures of a man, a nobleman at that too...a peasant girl such as me too, I am ashamed of myself and no tea ceremony exists to offer an apology for my disgraceful conduct.


Still here I am, a brave new world for me to explore and its own set of customs for me to learn and understand.



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So here goes another entry into my new life journal.


Recently I met a young Elf bard called Zeanna, perhaps my very first friend on Galandar!


Zeanna as it turns out is an award winning musician and I only found out about this when I mentioned her name in conversation with two regular customers in the Feisty Chicken Inn. Way to go Jia I tell myself, my first meet with an adventurer that is also on her way to becoming a celebrity.


Zeanna tells me she is from an Elf city called Elomen, never heard of it nor been there - as yet, perhaps in time I will see Elomen. The funny thing about Zeanna is her familiar, a fairy dragon called Gloria, a real sweetie! This kinda reminds me, I have two lolipops I found inside a basket sitting on the floor of the kitchen area of the Prancing Pony Inn, the basket has lots more left, I was not too sure if I'd get caught stealing them and then find myself taken prisoner for theft, definitely not a good way to start my new life.


I have continued to practice my unarmed combat skills without the guidance of a sensai, just built upon my old sensai's instructions, along with very little of my personal possessions I could gather in my haste to leave or as mentioned be executed. I should try and forget about this and I know in time I will.



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