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Sol Arbriel

Tishara's Journal of Memories

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My first entry into keeping a journal about me, this should not be too hard as there is so much to me, oh and Diana whose teachings about giving love to those friendly enough to welcome it.


Is there such a thing as giving too much love? I ask this as today after having a bathe in the upstairs Spa in the tavern of Pine Ridge Village, very usual for me to bathe whenever the opportunity arises during any amount of traveling and then once returning back downstairs someone makes a pass at me, not sure who as then a fight broke out. I mean men fighting over me, I have enough love to share or is this one of those jealousy things, Pine Ridge is a village after all and so perhaps there aren't enough ladies to go around or perhaps...yes...none as attractive as me! Can't blame their men for that.

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Dearest diary,


I met with this fantastic, gorgeous guy called Zael. Wow, what a great kisser...I mean, cripes oh and a priest-in-training of Tyr! This on our first date after having passed past each other so many times in the street too! I am so glad he did ask me out, and there I thought he was never going to ask!


Diana bless this day and ensure this...this feeling inside me will continue to grow stronger day after day!


Yes I admit I am falling in love with Zael and yes he told me about those lady paladin's of Tyr that he has been out with on several dates and how he has grown sick of them and their continual barrage of demands for dating him. Bless them Diana and aid them so see that Zael is not the only suitor in all of Annakol City and so they too will know a love such as I feel inside right now for Zael.

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Dearest Diary,


I have been very upset with Zael lately all because of that tombstone in the haunted house. What really annoys me is that despite what the tombstone says 'All because Zael is already reserved', Zael does not deny it. It's that missing denial that has made me very angry with him, so now I wonder if indeed it is true, has Zael been two-timing me?


For now I am staying away from Zael.

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