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Fiesty Chicken Owners Kidnapped and Rescued - The Reaction

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At home, with his brother, Dime finishes reading the paper and promptly rips it away.


- That's crap! That's beyond crap!


Prime was eating his breakfast when his brother exploded in rage.


- I know how you feel, and I also think that was absurd, but calm yourself down. Anger won't solve anything.


- How can you ask me to calm down, Prime? - the kid replied - Lino and Fiona did nothing to deserve that! And... executed in public?! COME ON! What would be next? Killing their daugher Hope too???


Prime silently watches his little brother walking away, but inside he thinks Dime does have a point: the Northerns went too far this time.


As for Dime, is last words before leaving were:


- Congratulations, Northies! Did you guys want attention? Now you have it. At fullest.




Not far from there, Rosa and Ange read the same news. The little Girl Ranger is visibly scared, since the honey farm is very close to the Feisty. Ange flaps her wings in concern, and pats her little sister in the head, with a smile.


- It's alright. - Ange said - Nothing bad will happen to you.


- How do you know, Ange? - Rosa asked, heavily worried.


Ange looks for an answer, but finds none. Instead, she replies - I just know. - with a smile, trying to calm Rosa down. But deep inside, she thinks she should keep an eye on the North Road for the next days.




Very few things can flare Miles' cool and calm temper, but when he, durring one of his errands, arrived at Annakol City and read the news, it required all his training in the monastery to not explode in rage when he read the news. Even so, his face could not contain the anger.


- Are the northerns kidnapping innocent innkeepers now? And with a baby, of all things? ... Maybe I should visit the Feisty more frequently. I hope my family is reading those news as well... - thinks the young Arbriel.




Even the grumpy witch Maria was abashed when she heard about the news at Sidonia's School. And unlike Miles, she isn't exactly good at controlling her temper...


- THAT'S RIDICULOUS! COWARDLY NORTHERNS! WHY DON'T THEY TRY TO KIDNAP SOMEONE WHO CAN REACT? - those were some of words she spoke at the moment. And those were the soft ones...




In a calmer side, Beatrice finishes reading the paper as well. She sips some of her tea and, after absorbing the news, stands up from her comfortable chair.


- I must contact the Baron Talanque as soon as possible. This heinous act cannot be left unanswered.

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