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Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:48 am


Bought a journal today, no time like the present to break it in.


This has been an eventful week. I met a few new people, and began my career as an adventurer.


While traveling with Stardust --- I thought she was a baby dragon when we met, but it turns out she is a druid --- she met a mouse and started talking to it.


It seems I scared the mouse, so I went looking at books in another room while they talked. I found a book that showed a glowing cave with items hidden behind a magical barrier.


The mouse sent her on a quest to find a wheel of cheese, and while traveling I noticed a glint in a cave wall. Upon closer examination, it was revealed to hold a ring. It was too small, and just out of reach.


I appraised the ring, and it was just a cheap basic gold ring, but for some reason Stardust wanted it so I posted guard while she tried to fish it out.


The next thing I know, she BROKE THE CAVE!!! She brought an entire wall down. Inside the wall was a bow she kept, and a two bladed sword she told me to take. When I picked it up, I immediately felt divine power running though it. There was also a note that more items were hidden, and we should keep looking for them.


This could only mean that there is a Goddess I had not heard about on my travels, THE GODDESS OF THE WALLS! I went back to town and had the name of my new sword engraved on it. In honor of her I have named it Wall Sword.


I started talking with some of the local priests, and it seems none of them have heard of the Wall Goddess. One of them even tried a spell on me and asked if I had injured my head recently...


This can only mean one thing; the Wall Goddess has chosen me to spread the word of her divinity. I have taken to calling her Aeotola for simplicity.


I was on a journey to Bree tonight and ran across Stardust and some of her friends. They invited me to travel with them and I accepted. We traveled on a ship which was a lot of fun. A giant sea beast attacked the ship --- note to self, buy a ranged weapon --- and the others dispatched it quickly. I wonder how it would have tasted....


We were next attacked by a group of undead pirates on a wrecked ship. The zombies were all squishy and smelled HORRIBLE.


I had more insight after the attack! I am going to save up money and buy a ship and become an Anti-Pirate! I will attack and pillage pirates! I wonder if I should use the same flag as pirates but invert the black and white...


Our captain hit a reef and we sank. Luckily I had bought one of those underwater helmets. I am glad I did, because when that shady vendor told me it would let me breathe underwater I was not sure I believed him, but against my better judgment I bought it anyway. It saved my life.


We traveled across the bottom of the sea and fought many tasty looking fish but I never got to eat any of them. Eventually we found a cave and made our way out.


I still need to find a home. The tent is nice, but it is not a home. Maybe I can live on my anti-pirate ship!




Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:57 am


Another day has passed.


I did not do as much today as I have done in the past.


I went back to the cave under the Miller's Home in Bree where I found Wall Sword and collected some of the sacred rocks from where Stardust broke the cave.


I continued to explore and picked some fights to improve my skills. Those green creatures under Bree stink so badly. I find myself feeling weak around them. Luckily I stocked up on Bull Strength potions. I actually managed to buy the correct ones this time. I thought I had bought them before I went on the sea journey, but it seems I bought ale for some reason.


Even more embarrassing was the fact I had drank two of them at different times before I realized my mistake... I am sure they all think I am a lush now.


The caves led me back to the dungeon under the castle, so I fought a little there. I am slowly becoming a better warrior. Not even a hydra could stand up to me and Wall Sword!


I did some exploring after that... well... since no one other then me can read this, I might as well be honest. I got lost again today. This world gets bigger and bigger every day!


I found a druid grove in the middle of a forest surrounded by some things I did not feel I was ready to fight. Still a little sore from having boulders tosses at me. It was peaceful and beautiful. I was hard pressed to leave.


I do plan to go back from time to time. I am sure the druids will object, but they can deal with it. If I was smarter, I might have become a druid. I respect what they do, but I am not sure I could be a champion of balance. I could never switch sides in the middle of a battle to make sure one side does not become too big or powerful.


I feel by being good, that helps preserve the balance. There is much evil in this world, and I will do what I can to lessen it, and keep people safe.


Still no lock on finding anymore information on Aeotola. I will keep searching and spreading her message.


I bought a small ad in the classifieds, hopefully someone will make me an offer for a ship soon. The gold I could be making by pirating pirates would go a long way to paying for a new temple for her.





Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:17 am


Another day, more gold.


I spent a lot of time fishing today. I might not have any prospects for a proper home, ship, or a proper temple for Aeotola, but I know they will cost money. I might as well start trying to save up now, instead of scrambling when they become available to me.


I trained more today by exploring the dungeons. My skill in battle has increased! I find it easier to strike targets, and I can now strike twice in a sorter amount of time!


I found an exit in the dungeon that took me to a part of the forests I had never seen before. Well, the only way to become familiar with new areas is to explore them. I found a few villains that needed thwarting, so I dispatched them and sent them to the afterlife.


Then I came across the biggest spider I had ever seen! It was huge, and the energy I felt coming from it was overwhelming to say the least. The others in the forest seemed to almost worship it, and it ended my life.


I found myself in the afterlife, but luckily it was not supposed to be my time yet, so I was sent back to a temple. Perhaps it was Aeotola's will. I do seem to be the only one spreading her message across the world.


I decided to give back, so I rode along the roads outside the city disposing of the orcs, kobolds, and trolls that prey on travelers. The kobolds are sneaky to say the least. They would assault me with arrows, so I would ride to them and end their lives. Typically they were luring me into a trap, but I came across none that I could not fight my way out of.


Then I would feel more arrows on my armor, and hear the snap of bowstrings, so I would ride deeper into the forest, and further way from the paths. This continued throughout my patrol.


I have determined the kobolds are rather clever. While I may have had no problems fighting them and their traps, they try to lure you in, and should you become seriously injured, unless you are skilled in medicines and have potions at the ready, they will eventually overwhelm you.


As the sun came up, the orcs and kobolds retreated to the darkness so I returned to my campsite to rest.


I may live in a dangerous place, but I am doing all I can to make it safer for others.


One person can only do so much on their own. Perhaps I need to seek others to help me with this task. Perhaps I should seek out a guild to join, surely there must be like minded people somewhere...


Supplemental update:


I forgot to mention what troubled me most about my patrol of the forest and it's paths.


There were pixies fighting with the kobolds! FAERIES HELPING THE ENEMY!!! How and why is beyond my comprehension. I must learn why. Have the civilized people become so corrupt the fae must work with evil?


I have given more thought to Aeotola. She is very mysterious. She is the Goddess of Walls. What is a wall? It supports coverings such as a roof, as well as serving as a barrier against elements. They make you feel safe, but sometimes they leave you trapped -- or at least feeling like it.


Would this make her area of influence protection, stability, and shelter? A truly noble role, and one I am trying to provide for others as well.


Perhaps it was fate for me to fins Wallsword and her note in the cave. If I cannot find a guild to join, mayhap I will found a new one. One in her name!




Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:41 am


Seems I missed updating for a day. I was so tired from everything that happened, I fell asleep before writing.


I began my day as I normally do, I said my prayers to Aeotolla and had my breakfast of fresh fish and fruits, put on my armor and headed out to train and hopefully learn about the spreading darkness.


I encountered more pixies fighting alongside the kobolds. Now, I know that not all fae are good, but this still bothers me. Even the Unseelie fae would not normally ally with kobolds and orcs. Typically Pixies belong to the Seelie court... Sadly they would not speak to me, they taunted me with things like "Half-Breed" and I had no choice but to kill them.


I headed back into the dungeons and again found an exit to a different part of the forest. I was attacked by some strange looking chickens, and I fought back. The next thing I knew my friend Star was in front of me. She told me I had been turned to stone, and they were called Cockatrices. it would seem they can turn people to stone.


We rode to Bree together and she showed me where some flowers grow that can cure the condition. I made sure and stocked up on a few should I find anyone else afflicted with my earlier problem. She also showed me several other plants I was not familiar with, and in typical fashion, I grabbed one before she told me anything about it and it actually blinded me. I should really avoid grabbing things when I do not know what they are, especially when traveling with an expert.


I thought I knew a lot about plants and herbs, no surprise, I could learn even more from Druids. I started to tell he about finding the grove the other day, but I held my tongue. I was worried she might not approve of me going there.


We came across a Unicorn! It was so beautiful. The selfish part of me would give almost anything to have one as a mount. It seemed to tolerate me rather then like me. Star tried to befriend it, but it did not want to travel with her either.


We went to the Inn and spoke together. She has noticed that more and "evil" seems to be working together, although she was less troubled by the pixies then I. I told her that I have sworn to get to the bottom of this, and fight against it, or die trying. She swore the same oath.


I asked her about the guild in town that always is closed, and she told me that no one has gone there for a long time. She wondered why and I explained that two against the growing armies of evil is not very good odds. She reminded me that nature fights on her side, and I smiled and told her those were better odds.


I did not have the heart to tell her that nature does not appear to be on our side, or at the very least it is not on my side. I wish I could remember the past. It is at times like this I wonder if I was evil.


I visited the merchant in the inn, and she had some better equipment for sale then I currently own. I almost did not buy the armor and helm, as they were made by the drow, but in the end I decided it would be foolish of me not to equip myself as best I can.


I stopped at the tailor to have my armor fitted and better suited to my taste and discovered I was out of forest green metal dye! I said my goodbyes to Star and headed back to the main city to buy some, and finish having my armor fitted.


I headed out again and while in a cave in Bree, my heart sank. I came across a dead horse. There could be no mistake, it was Star's horse. I searched and searched, and searched, but I did not find her body. I tried my medicines, but her horse was too far gone for me to bring back.


With new rage I set out, and cleaned out the rest of the cave, then I headed into the mountains. I cannot remember how many fell to my blades that day, but when I woke today my armor and sword were coated in gore.


I do remember while in the caves I came across some meeting rooms. One was empty, and another was full of hobgoblins. I tried to force them to reveal their plans. They gave me no answers, so I gave them death.


Outside of the caves I encountered a Fire Giant. It would seem I am no where near ready to face one of them, and luckily when I awoke in the heavens I was told it was not my time yet.


The peace of the afterlife subsided my rage, and I returned to my campground and fell asleep.


I actually took today off to clean my armor and weapon, and to pray. I was too exhausted to go out. While rage may be a useful tool, it is terribly draining.


Please let Star be okay. She is more then my only friend, she is my only ally against the growing forces of darkness.


Even if she is still alive, I worry we are still not enough. I have got to find others to help.




Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:23 am


I have not been writing as much as of late, but I have been busy.


Well, except for those few days I spent as a statue... again.


I was exploring some caves and ran across a medusa. It took her a while to kill me. I think she enjoyed toying with me far too much.


I was sent back, and I started training again. I have been working in the mountains, and I came across a group of dragon hunters fighting the largest cyclops I have ever seen. I jumped in and helped them, and as a reward, they allowed me to keep a magickal lightning bolt her was carrying. It gives off light, and protects me from electricity.


I finally washed the red dye out of my hair, and I now display my natural green. I am fairly certain no one knew me before I woke up with no memory. I had dyed it to try and hide. I do not know anything about my "former" life, and to be honest, I don't want to know. I must have been a terrible person, but the Gods have given me a second chance. I will not squander it.


I am getting better at fighting from my horse, as well with other skills as well.


Still, no luck recruiting others to fight with me against the tides of evil, or finding a home for that matter.


Perhaps I will join the tournament. If I become the Queen's champion I would venture a guess more might listen to me then.




Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:23 am


The previous day was eventful to say the least...


I had a long day of training, and went back to town to relax in one of the bathhouses. They are simply divine and the perfect medicine for battle fatigue.


I met a strange little woman when heading out. She was wearing armor, then she twisted a ring and the armor vanished! We talked for a while and it turns out she is a teacher from the school or something. I wish I could remember more, but my memories from that day are a little hazy.


I do recall us chatting for a bit about something, then we parted. I went back to training and eventually sought rest.


This morn, I left to go deal with the problems in the crypt in the Bree/Shire area.


I came across a wraith, but one more powerful then the ones I have fought. I rushed to attack, and he simply whispered "Didn't you learn your lesson last time?",


I stepped back and demanded he explain. He threw back his head and laughed and told me this was not the first time we have fought, but it would be the last. He then rushed me.


The battle was long and hard, and when it was all over, Wallsword lay broken in my hands. I was so weak I could not stand anymore and slid down the wall to try and rest.


Around the corner came more undead then I have seen in a long time. I looked to my right and saw a broken longsword with some faint magicks upon it, and picked it up. I ignored the familiar feeling the blade gave me, and slowly rose to my feet, and lept into battle.


The next thing I know is that I am standing in front of St. Michael. He offered to restore me again, and I asked him to wait, and to explain why the sword felt so familiar, and what the wraith meant.


He said that the sword was mine, and O'Dell was my surname. All other facts where beyond his ability to perceive. He said the memories of my former life were gone, and I was left with was echoes or something? I don't even know what that means...


He said he could purge them, which would end the nightmares once and for all. He said it was not without a cost though, the process would be almost like reincarnation. All the training, all the tricks I had learned from training would be lost. He said I could get them back, but I would have to relearn everything. I did not even blink before accepting. he smiled and waved his hand and told me it was finished.


Now to go back to training, I have never felt better, and hopefully tonight I will be able to sleep better!




Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:12 am


More training, more training, more training....


Will it ever be enough?


I know I have to get better. I must get better. I will get better.


I am still using the broken sword I found. It feels so natural. I miss the reach the two bladed sword offered me, but there is something about this broken longsword.


Using a shield is taking practice as well.


I have decided to become a master of the longsword. I am focused on being more effective with it then most other skills at the moment. I might not be able to cut though multiple foes with it as I had been able to do with two bladed swords, but that will come in time.


I still have not seen Star. I fear it is as I had suspected, the worst has happened, and I have lost my only friend and ally.


In less gloomy news, I found a book about sailing today! I did not sell it, and I have been reading, and re-reading it over and over again. How can me finding it in a treasure chest in a cave not be a sign that it is meant for me to buy my own ship? I will be putting an end to piracy here, even if I have to do it myself!




Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:23 am


I got to see Star today. It pleases me that she is not dead.


I discovered a secret pixie grove in a place she showed me.


It is so peaceful there. I wish I could just go there and never leave.


I am just so tired... I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep up this pace.




Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:35 am


My training has made leaps and bounds over the past few days. I feel like I am truly becoming a master of my weapon.


I got lost again, which incidentally seems to be the best way to find new things... anyway, I came across a Hill Giant encampment. I dispatched all the ones I found, but what disturbed me the most was a group of hobgoblins in one of the back rooms. There were two that appeared to be guarding one of them dressed better then the others.


This simply proves my theory about the forces of evil banding together as far as I am concerned.


I purchased another horse, this one is trained for jousting. I even bought myself a lance and have been practicing with it. Normally this is a sport reserved for the wealthy and elite, but I understand why they do it. Jousting is a lot of fun!


I am looking forward to the upcoming festival. I have been lucky to find a few notes on items that we will be able to forge during a street fair. I have been collecting as many of them as I can. Perhaps when it is all said and done I will be more equipped then ever to face the evils of this world.


If I am truly lucky, I will finish well in the tournament. I imagine the Queen would only listen to a commoner, or a barbarian as I am probably seen, like me if I were to win.


I must win, something has got to happen.




Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:21 pm


I have been busy, so forgive me for being behind on updating this book.


You know, it seems silly to apologize for updating a book that only I get to read, but one day when I die for good, perhaps someone will read this and find some enjoyment in it.


That was a bit morbid...


Anyway, training is going well. I feel like a true master of longswords now!


I managed to even find a sword that is compatible with Echoes of the Past, as I have named my blade. It seems when it absorbs the powers of another blade, it transfers it's existing powers to the other blade in almost a trade. The second one even breaks like Echoes but is still deadly.


Most interesting...


I had a very busy weekend attending the Annakolia Festival. If anyone ever reads this and did not go, BE GLAD YOU WERE NOT THERE!


They had so many fun, and peaceful things planned, but things went wrong at every turn. I take this as proof that the forces of evil are aligning/ Annakolia seems to have many enemies, some of them are even human!


I did not succeed in victory in the fighting tournament. In my division, there were three of us and I finished second. The two I fought against were very gifted, and fought with honor. I do not mind having lost as bad since the one who beat me did not use dirty tactics, he was simply better then me.


My friend Elane won the title of Page! I am so happy for her!


I might have been able to keep fighting in the tournament, but it would have been a waste of time, and had I won, I would have felt dishonorable. We were given two ribbons, and the first to claim all of them in the division was the winner. I lost my first fight, then won the second. I fought again against my first contestant (who had beaten the one I defeated as well), and he then had five ribbons to my one.


He had proven to be the better warrior, so I gave him my last ribbon. Sadly that impressed the Queen and I was awarded a special title (that I have forgotten since) for exemplifying honor.


As punishment (they were trying to reward me) I had to walk with her int he parade. I have never been so self conscious. Here I am, the dirty-half-breed-fae who lives in a tent in the forest, walking with royalty.


I did not get to participate in the jousting tournament like I wanted. The marshal needed help, and some people far too lazy to join in, or get off their butts while they watched would not help. So I sat it out and handed out favors.


The archery tournament went as I expected, but I did not come in last! YAY!




Even if we crashed, and fought some powerful enemies and I never got a chance to change into my armor (a theme of the weekend).


There was an attempt at kidnapping the Queen, and the Baron was kidnapped. Luckily with many others we rescued him. The attackers disguised themselves as musicians, and I stole a suit of armor from one of the bodies. It is a Counsel Coat of Ice according to a scholar (who charged me a lot to tell me about it). Hopefully it will serve as a clue to who is really behind this.


I went to a bardic competition my friend Zeanna won. most of them were so full of themselves and it was simply a long event of them showing how full they are of themselves. Very painful to watch at times. There was another woman who played this squeezie bag with pipes on it. I really liked it! I think I am going to learn to plan an instrument!


I made a new friend today, her name is Mia. I really like her. She went with me, Star, and Elane killing hill giants, and I encountered chieftains for the first time. They are more powerful then any hill giant I have ever seen!


Later we went looking in the slums for a new suit of armor for Elane, and it was FULL of followers of Mask.


I have to wonder how this ties in to the other events.



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