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Tala O'Dell

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Basic Information


* Nickname(s): None

* Species: Half-Fae

* Height: 5'6"

* Weight: 170

* Age: Unknown

* Occupation: Fighter

* Alignment: Neutral Good

* Birthplace: Unknown

* Marital Status: Single

* Distinguishing Features: Pointed ears, pale skin, and green hair.

* Known Relatives: None

* Religion: Aeotola, Goddess of Walls

* Weapon of Choice: longsword

* Quirks: Naive




Unknown to Tala, she was an adventurer before her recent career began. Her mother is a Half-Dryad, and her father was human. She was born on the planet of Dysmertia, and was kidnapped by Neogi slavers when she turned eighteen.


She was tortured and eventually sold as a slave to a mercenary company know as the Narith. They continued her torture and after two years of "enlightenment" she had become cold and ruthless.


Eventually she escaped the Narith, and got a job with a group of Pirates on a Hammerhead (Spelljamming Ship) named "Molly. She dyed her hair red as a disguise, to lessen the chances of being recognized by the Narith should she encounter them. The captain was a necromancer named Galuish. He was harsh, but taught his crew of misfits to be loyal to each other and no one else.


They arrived on Annakoile to restock their supplies, and possibly to loot, when Diree decided taking over was not such a bad idea. She poisoned the kegs of rum she was sent to purchase and loaded them in the cargo bay.


The first mate, and the closest thing she had to a friend, a tiefling named Elyise, noticed her acting odd, and pulled her aside to inquire about her behavior. Diree revealed her plans to her, and Elyise threatened to alert the captain, so Diree slit her throat.


Galuish entered the hold to check the inventory before they left and saw Diree standing over Elyise's body. Diree was banished from the ship and abandoned on Annakoile. As a parting gift he cast an incantation to make Diree's blade brittle, and raised Elyise as a wraith. He told her which way Diree had gone so she could have her revenge.


Diree laughed when she saw what her friend had become and pulled her sword, expecting an easy battle. They fought for hours when Diree missed and her blade collided with a tree shattering half the blade.


The waves of magickal energy sent Diree flying backwards, and she was knocked unconscious when her head hit a rock. She rolled into a stream and was carried downstream where she awake with no memories of her past life.


She woke up in a secluded alcove that many use as a fishing pond. She had no memory of her former life, and as a side effect of the level draining, the blow to the head, and the release of magick, the memories of her former life are gone forever.


The only glimpses she had of her previous life over the next year was nightmares that she could never remember when she awoke. She only knew she hated pirates and undead, and whoever she used to be was not a good person. She decided the Gods had taken away her memories to give her a shot at redemption, and began her new life as an adventurer.


She called herself Tala after her first meeting with a Halfling she tripped over who commented on how the tall folk never watch where they are going.


Eventually she washed the red dye from her hair, and made a few friends. She had discovered that many of the forces of evil on Annakoile had joined forces, and swore t find out who was behind it. Her greatest fear is that someone is behind it all, and building an army.


While working on cleansing the evil in the crypts, she came across the same Elyise who laughed and taunted her about how this time she would not escape.


Tala fought Elyise with all she had, and in a final blow, Elyise was forever vanquished. Tala slid down a wall to catch her breath, she looked down to her hands, she found Wallsword had shattered beyond repair. she looked over and saw a once powerful magickal longsword, but the blade was broken. The name "O'Dell" was inscribed on the hilt. She picked it up and and weakly tried to fight off another wave of undead, but she found herself in the afterlife.


She went straight to St. Michael and asked him about the sword. He was elusive as always, and the only answers she walked away with was that her surname was O'Dell, and restoring her memories was beyond his power to restore. He explained to her that she only had echoes of the memories of her former life left, and offered to destroy those forever. While there would be no way to ever restore them after his magicks were done, the nightmares would end. The only cost would be all of her training, and tricks she had learned. Tala did not hesitate to accept, and with a wave of his hand, Diree was gone forever.


He sent her back to the land of the living, and she began to train again.




For the most part Tala is quiet and keeps to herself. She is embarrassed about her lack of memories, so she has woven a mundane tale about her life. When pressed she reluctantly tells about how her father died before she was born, and her mother died when she was young. Her family were hermits who lived in the forest and made their living by fishing and trading for the few items they could not gather. She became a warrior after her family home was burned to the ground by orcs when she was away fishing.


After (re)discovering one of the flying ships she has begun to dream of flying. As she is not native to Annakolie, meeting anyone who knew her before Diree's "Last Battle" is next to impossible. Even if she did meet someone who knew her, even in the face of irrefutable proof she would not be able to recall anything from her former life.




Diree's old crew is dead. her plan had succeeded, after she was banished. Galuish had drank some of the poisoned rum and died while trying to exit the crystal sphere containing Annakolie. The ship went off course and crashed into the wall of the Sphere.

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