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A man dressed in a golden and blue armor, with the holy symbol of Tyr in his cloak was walking near the Feisty Chicken, alongside a teenager, dressed in black vestiments, with a piece of cloth that had an uncanny resemblance to a tail. The big man was visibly frustrated.


- What do you mean with "you cannot buy recipes in vendors", Dime?


- It's just like I said, Prime. - the teenager replied - Otherwise that would be a bit too easy, don't you think?


- Hm... you're right. But then, where should I find them?


The kid grins.


- If you were a pie recipe, where would you be?

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A blonde man, carrying an embarrassingly huge sword on his back, kicks the bottom of the stone oven muttering to himself, "Where in the bloody nines am I supposed to find a pie crust?! And what the blazes is a Pussypaw Flower?" He then collects his items from the kitchen and storms out.

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