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Sol Arbriel

A Moment in Temple Life

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*Tempest Writes*

To mine Holiness Mallory and mine Grace Guster,

It tis with profound regret as to what didst occur this day in the temple due to a crate that twas delivered by a strange dark haired girl to mine chambers.

To what twas held within twas unknown to mineself before opening thus crate and so thenceforth the tragic harm caused to mine brethren.

Tis of course most comforting that they shallst recover well and thence continue with their own temple duties as per requirement.

As for mineself, I deem it inappropriate for me to remain at the Temple of Tyr in Annakol City. Once I have found mineself suitable lodgings and mayhaps duties, I shall then send word to thee of mine whereabouts.

Tyr be with thee always.


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Mine Holiness Mallory and his Grace Guster,

I hath arrived in Farwest City to thence seek a post within the Paladin School based here. At this time I await news of my request made to the headmaster and so thence in the meantime I am partaking in some much needed rest and time for quiet prayer with reflection in Barrydale.

I do so miss the Temple in Annakol City and I shall pray for the day to come swiftly for whence I can return to thee. Wouldst be far better that whoever this dark haired girl, understood to be the delivery girl, be investigated fully to ensure that both Cara and Krie will not permit their guard be so easily defeated again.

The crate didst have a note attached and it tis simply signed with a T and nay, tis not in mine own hand.

Tyr be with thee always.


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Mine Holiness Mallory and mine Grace Guster,


Twas whence I broke mine fast that news of what occurred to both Lino and Fiona, innkeepers of the much loved Feisty Chicken Inn reached mine ears, mayhaps this news hath reached thee both also?


Tis so I am in the opinion that the usurper and that of his false prophet are seemingly desperate to weaken the South and that of this fair and just city, nay'er to underestimate their abilities, thus wouldst be worthy only of the most foolhardy of adventurers. To take both innkeepers against their will, a kidnapping to use more common parlance, and thence to seek ending their lives in a public place in a so very public humiliation against the South, the fact that those involved from the North didst make such an attempt tis to mine eyes a mere cowardly act upon the part of the usurper. Yet one cannot also dismiss that this cowardly act could also be an attempt to gauge the abilities of the gathered adventurers by the North. Tis indeed with the good graces of all that once again those cowards of the North failed in their attempt and a rescue twas successful, I shallst speaketh a prayer to Tyr of thankfulness!


Not to seek to bring about an all out battle, though I do admit to yearning for an end to this evil and the evil doing against that of Tyr himself, I do wonder at the tactics of the North, are they not able to mount an attack against the South and thence offer a chance for mineself to either fall in battle at the attempt, or to bask in the glory of having aided in restoring both their royal highnesses to their rightful place as decreed by the then king and father to Ingen and Emrys along with, and mayhaps more importantly for our faithful, to hath once again restored thus faith in Tyr the Just across all of Annakolia.


Though one cannot dismiss that the denizens of the North in their own assertion of the comings and goings of the Feisty Chicken Inn tis not without some fact. Tis so that upon each Stelladay many an adventurer, including myself whence I twas an acolyte, didst meet therein for the renowned happy hour and since this event hath grown, word seemeth to have spread, for upon the most part folks from the lands near and far cometh to the Feisty Chicken Inn that hath been wronged in many a manner and thence seeketh aid from within those gathered adventurers and so seeketh justice and thus to put right what hath been wronged against them.


Mayhaps thus raises a question regarding the justice his grace the Baron Talanque and that of the Queen & King offers to the subjects, noble and commoner in the laws of this land or tis it unknown to mineself that the Happy Hour at the Feisty Chicken carries by way of royal decree and thus charter enabling such a gathering to occur as part of the defence of the rule of law, along with righting wrongs beset upon an individual or family as required?


I thank thee mine Holiness and Mine Grace,


Tempest A.

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