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  1. HOWDY!!!! Malishara woke me up with some possible %^&^%#$ scammin my msn account and using a similar name but i assure u all it wasnt me. guinness has two n's i assume the bot or whatever got it off of her profile page.i will NOT divulge my msn account name so anyone who contacts u with anything similar to lord guinness is not me ok? anyway i am back at the park1 that means i will(eventually) have time to play soon! sunday nights(when i am writing this), i can kinda stay up a little late-just so u know, mykkal :). i wouldnt be averse to starting up a new horselords!...keep in touch and i'
  2. Wow i had no idea when i chose the name! Cool! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Guinness,_1st_Baron_Moyne
  3. dang well i was a bit late anyway but i can't wait to get back into this campaign good luck feath and have fun at DL!
  4. Suggested reading..Jesup's sketchbook :D
  5. turns out it was just winrar creating a new hak file within the original hak file i feel like a jacka@$$, but there it is you'll see me around again now latah
  6. I can't get on annakolia!. it says i have missing haks top7 and something 24 i redownloaded the rar file from the link like three times now-the files in question are in my nwn folder..can someone help i have been gone for a while and i get so frustrated i just give up.please dont tell me i have to do the crit rebuild pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!
  7. not related (i hope) but i dwl'ed cep 2.4 from your link and it says im missing core 7 and top_24 haks i see them on the rar file and i reinstalled them..i still cant get on should i try again or something?
  8. i strained my neck muscles.(yes- before you even think it-shoveling abhorrent amounts of snow) that is why i haven't been /wont be on for a while. taking it day by day...
  9. can't make it tonight. pulled the muscles in my left shoulder shoveling.dr. appointment tmmrw. in extreme pain. must lie down. see u when i see you-LG
  10. My apologies to all..Idozed off in between rangers and HL.when i awoke it was quarter past ten so i just gave it a miss this week. next time i'll shy from the bed :)
  11. *A couple pages of hastily drawn charcoal sketches of Elemmire Elensar's er, um.....posterior. :P There are also a few studious examples of her legs and her entire body from behind. they aren't of Jesup's usual high quality as they were done while he was walking behind her. *Sketches fill the next few pages of: Amec,Michaela, and the newcomer, Morbidah *Sketches of all the above and Jesup, slaying various trolls and bandits and wolves.
  12. who's to say BOTH can't play? you could RP micheala getting into some trouble and dissappearing,and saecha showing up mysteriously somehow..
  13. jesup is so totally there! however, it is directly in confluence with a HUGE pats game so i dont know how much attention i will be paying :) GO PATS!!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! *gives him a VERY SPECIAL "Horselord Cake" with a lone candle sticking out..* :)
  15. Well i don't have a packer party (thank god) but the pats are on at game time so my participation is doubtful...GO PATS!
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