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  1. A blonde man, carrying an embarrassingly huge sword on his back, kicks the bottom of the stone oven muttering to himself, "Where in the bloody nines am I supposed to find a pie crust?! And what the blazes is a Pussypaw Flower?" He then collects his items from the kitchen and storms out.
  2. Basic Information * Nickname(s): Drez Palldannyr * Species: Elf * Height: 5'5" * Weight: 185 * Age: 136 * Occupation: Blade Singer Master, Teacher, defender of the good realms of Annakolia * Alignment: Chaotic good * Birthplace: Lathine * Marital Status: Married (wife: Astella Carevor * Distinguishing Features: glossy long black hair, grey eyes, ritual elven tattoos * Known Relatives: Wife, sister (deceased * Religion: none * Weapon of Choice: any normal blade is deadly in his hands * Quirks: sometimes arrogant, confident, fiercely loyal and sometimes overprotective Brief
  3. Hey guys. Sooooo..... I'm sure a few of you noticed that I was gone for a while. I missed you guys, but it couldn't be avoided. I was working 3rd shift, working a crap load of overtime ( still kinda am) and generally didn't have a lot of time to sit in front of my computer for hours on end. In the meantime, however, I moved down closer to Akron so I'm literally right around the corner from Ashlinn and Mairie (some of you know their RL names, but not sure if they'd want me blasting it all over the place). I bought a puppy, which some of you have heard I have to take out every 5 minutes. She'
  4. The tree shatters as his fist makes impact. Splinters scatter out behind it, or rather where it was. The top half topples to the ground with a resounding boom. He stands there, seething in anger behind his helm. Perhaps this wasn't a good day to be a tree. "It was foolish.", he chides himself. "Such petty dealings are beneath my concern. Why did I feel it necessary to participate?" "Because she wasn't there brother.", a voice softly echoed behind him. "You felt the need to defend what was hers in her absence." He turns quickly about. "Cia'la?" Her ghostly, translucent form hovers
  5. He sits alone in the secluded grove, his mind flying between joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain. He places the locket in the sacred circle. His mother had taught him to draw it when he was a child. When he was younger, it had forged a special bond between Cia'la, his sister, and himself. Now, he placed her locket inside it whenever he wanted to talk to her. It was his way of dealing with a troubled mind. And his mind was definitely troubled now. A single tear falls. "Cia'la, I have worked hard to conquer every obstacle in my way. I've trained and fought to be a beacon for our people, a
  6. and that guy totally looks like the stereotypical "D&D nerd".
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