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Alisha Island Troubles

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The troop of questers, trying to find the last two objects needed for the magic wedding spell that breaks the cruse, are now on Alisha Island where they have made their way to Alisha Village.  Along the way they did encounter a small few Ruin Spiders and have some silk sacks but not enough required to make the Dahke Halfling Wedding Cloth.   They encountered a ship captain in Alisha Village by the name of Kylon Lionset (yes the author of Simple Sailing).  He informed the questers that he was fishing to find another gold ring.  Apparently he found a fancy gold ring in the belly of a fish he caught and as he described it to the questers - a ring with a Baronial Crest and the name Drowbane on a banner underneath the crest (BINGO that IS the ring they seek).  He then proceeded to tell them how he traded the ring to a hobbit for a magic rabbit foot mounted on a bunny egg.(edited)

Obviously, the lucky rabbit foot will allow Captain Lionset to catch more gold rings in bellies of fishes - so he continues to fish.

A company of Baroness Zoe troops met and attacked the company - they were heard to say:  Kill all but Darla.


Who is this halfling who has the ring now and where did he/she go?


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