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A strange dream

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Piety turns restlessly in her sleep. Suddenly she is in the Gnomar golem laboratory. Professor Marcus is there, wearing a heart listening device around his neck and carrying some sort of board he consults and writes on from time to time. He hums and gets her to say Awwww. "Your battery is dead" suddenly he turns into Professor Cog.  He installs a cooling fan and tuts over the flux capacitor installed by Professor Marcus. Piety mumbles in her sleep but sinks deeper into the dream. "Ah. Here's the problem " Cog mutters. "This will work much better" and hangs an amulet around her neck. He thumps herhard on the chest to activate the amulet. Piety wakes with a start.  "Goodness, what a dream!" buut in her leeft hand is a fan and around her neck is a strange amulet.  Oddly she can smell the faintest whiff of baked bread.

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