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Hello from Feather

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Hello, my name is Feather.  I have been playing on Annakolia since 2005. My login name is Lightasa_Feather and you can see me on the DM side as DM_Feather or sometimes DM_Mousewoman.  I totally admire the story telling abilities of my fellow DMs, but my chaotic schedule and grasshopper brain lends itself more to one-off or location based games.  They are often are based in the Lovecraft influenced corner of the server...Arkham, the Miskatonic University and environs or tour based adventures in little travelled areas lead by renowned travel guide Edbur Hillbert. 

My PCs of note: Fetha Kelmer (nee Willobee), Ludmilla Drachenova (visit her wax museum in Annakol), and Luli Steinhammer (one of the older members of the Steinhammer clan).

I am located on the West Coast of British Columbia so am in the Pacific time zone.  This means I am on the server late, late, late for most of the East Coast and beyond.  I can be flagged down almost any time in the evening on Discord for assistance or some game playing.


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