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Secret Steinhammer Dwarf Business

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Secret Steinhammer Ale Recipe - stolen and recovered - 500 years old.

Located in the Steinhammer secret brewing house in Durin - Elder Dragon - Stuffed - safe in belly - climb into the mouth of the dragon to get to the safe.


LOTS of Barley

Lots of Malt

Lots of Whoopee

Cook - Smash - Put in barrel

Add Water

Add Ginger Root

Add Brandy

Add Wine

Add Rum

Add Vodka

AND add Whisky

Add Hops

Add Pineapple

Add Banana


Whoopee?  YES - Whoopee - only a Steinhammer knows this super secret ingredient.


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Barley Steinhammer - master brewer:  Yes whoopee is very important in our secret process.

You Steinhammers must keep the secret whoopee and NEVER tell anyone since it is the all important ingredient - besides all the others that is.

Whoopee?  you kow - get rip roaring smashed - that is the first step on whoopee - make certain you cannot stand proper no more by attempting a jig to hornpipe for bagpipes - very importat, MUST be hornpipe or bagpipe.

Ifen yer cun no longer stand yer is a ready - but ifen ya cun still jig ta pipes - down another keg or two and try again.

Once ya kun lno longer jig ta pipes - then mix the brew - very importanl - THIS IS WHOOPEE - no brew is ever the same but the WHOOPEE is all the difference and maken it special and all.

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