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Narrator:  Will the Professor find his way?

Narrator:  Will he keep his wooden leg from all the dogs it attracts?

Narrator:  Will the bacon grease attract other things than dogs?

Narrator:  Can the Professor gain communications with Gnome to have a proper mechanical backup leg made?

Narrator:  If a mechanical backup leg is made - will it be stable or will it explode?

Barry_1066:  Ummmm - this story is about Darla and Hero escaping Baroness Zoe.

Narrator:  Oh - ahhhhh - sorry

Narrator:  Willl Darla keep her wedding dress clean with all the battles and nasty things including wading through swamps?

Narrator:  Will Hero find the way to a certain peach grove?

Narrator:  Will Piety be able to protect Darla from certain evils seeking her?

Narrator:  Can Ikaro keep healing everyone when the dark forces keep attacking?

Narrator:  Will Daisy's dead guys help in the battles or will they stand by and protect Daisy's dead frogs?

Narrator:  Will Yarren find Daisy and return her - WHAT - yes Daisy has wandered off and Yarren with the Wolf Gang are looking for her.

Narrator:  Will Dime's worst fears occur and some certain hellish goddes stick her evil nose into events?

Narrator:  Willl members of the Wolf Gang continue to help?

Narrator:  AND - Will Darla and Hero ever manage to  get married by the Drow Priestess?


Narrator:  Tune in next Tuesday for - The Curse of the Lovers -

(Cue cheesy organ music)

Narrator:  Brought to you by - Grovel's Premium Hardwood Smoked Bacon Grease - the finest wooden leg lubricant and polish.

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