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Steinhammer Dwarves - the next generation!

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Steinhammer Dwarves - the next generation!

Children of the Steinhammer clan are growing up - teachers have brought them to a point where they are stepping out on their own - BUT - they were told to NEVER neverr NEVER go to that place (mines of Moria) - guess where they went first.

Specs for next gen Steinhammer dwarf -
I had them make a brand new dwarf - we had three players and got one barbarian and two fighters working on dwarven defender.  They started at the base level one with the free level up to level two - some gear was given and  by the end of the two hours they were level 7.

We could use some casters - clerics, sorcerers, wizards, druids, bards
However nobody is twisting arms on classes - make what you want
I do suggest not attempting arcane archer grin



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