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Great Baker,  It was good to see Dimestus again.  He is looking good, although I think he could stand to eat a few pies.    He needs to fill out a bit.  Please St. Marcus, make sure Dimestus gets at least the required seven meals a day, preferably hobbit-sized.

I met a nice, strong fellow, Kothgar.   Boy, was I glad that Mister Kothgar came along when we got magicked to that giant spider infested place.  Dear me!  I promised to bake Mister Kothgar some cookies.  I will have to find out where he lives to send some by pixie mail.  

An elf named Elemirre joined us later in that horrible spider maze.  She seemed as lost as we were.    She definitely needs to eat some pie.   Elves are so skinny.  St. Marcus. that's just not right.

Most important, please bless the Gaffer.  He's so confused.  Among other things, he thinks Moronica is eight-years-old!   Oh!  I know what I can do.  I'll fix the Gaffer a nice Shepard's Pie and some cookies.  That should fix him right up.   Thank you, St. Marcus!



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