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New Server Hardware
State of the Art, new 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7+8700 Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.60 GHz) includes Intel® Optane™ Memory Launched 02´18 6 4.60 GHz 3.20 GHz 12 MB SmartCache - noting 6X faster loading time and greatly increased battle processing
I got a great, nearly half price, deal at Cosco for $900.00.  Please note - running the dedicated NWN server is all this machine does.  No one plays on it.  No one uses it for any other purpose.
DDR 4 16 GB
Yes, it has a graphics card that can play games, but that is unimportant for the dedicated server.

We are happy to report far better game play and multi player experience.
Malishara and I have - over the last couple of weeks got this new system up to snuff.
I noted a greatly improved experience with a group of players - AOE spells and all.   As always, even the best of machines can overload with many spawns, especially spawns all casting AOE spells.
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The old server would not auto reload when Microsoft Windows 10 decided to update and does restarts.

We can restart the NWN server remotly if that happens ONLY if the machine is up and running - something the old machine refused to do but the new machine does as it should.

Other advantages - 6 times faster loading of the NWN server (from 6 minutes + to 1 minute load time).

As stated above - more memory, faster processor, larger hard drive.

The end result - all is better - now with the upcoming October 4th internet speed upgrade to 25 up and 5 down - this should really help - finally - we are working on finding a way to move from WiFi to cable for the server.  Years ago it was cable but the modem location is moved - need to work out a new solution for that.

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In the distant past, Realms of Annakolia was connected to DSL with a static IP address.

Times Change

Current IP provider is AT&T and we are supposed to be connected to fiber optics.  (As If - not so much)

We are actually connected to a copper wire that travels about a mile before it connects to the fiber optics hub - which is a severe limitation on speed and reliability.

I have no other workable option for internet that is reliable and workable for running the NWN Annakolia server.  I would change in a heart-beat if there was a good fiber link option.

AT&T is about to give me a double wire option that, if I lived closer to the optical hub, would double our download and upload speeds - but NO - we are a mile away and the copper wire downgrades the data too much - BUT - with the paired line we should improve our contact enough to maintain what we are supposed to get currently (which we NEVER get).

Server is direct connected to the router - we just need better internet - STUPID AT&T.

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