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D'rezzya Paladann'yr

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Basic Information


* Nickname(s): Drez Palldannyr

* Species: Elf

* Height: 5'5"

* Weight: 185

* Age: 136

* Occupation: Blade Singer Master, Teacher, defender of the good realms of Annakolia

* Alignment: Chaotic good

* Birthplace: Lathine

* Marital Status: Married (wife: Astella Carevor

* Distinguishing Features: glossy long black hair, grey eyes, ritual elven tattoos

* Known Relatives: Wife, sister (deceased

* Religion: none

* Weapon of Choice: any normal blade is deadly in his hands

* Quirks: sometimes arrogant, confident, fiercely loyal and sometimes overprotective


Brief Bio:


Drez was born in the elven city of Lathine. He was raised by his mother before accepting his calling as a bladesinger. While he was away training, his sister was killed by a drow scouting party. He swore vengeance on the drow and finished his training. After several seasons of adventuring and becoming a liaison of sorts for his people to the humans of the southern kingdoms, he met a young warrior maiden named Astella. The two became quite the inseparable pair. Drez briefly took on a half elven student named Kyle. though his training was short lived as his behavior was too erratic for the regimented bladesinger lifestyle. a short time after, Drez and Astella were married and have been fighting at each other's side since.




Drez was always a bit of a loner. In social situations, he can be sarcastic and sometimes too severe, but he's usually good natured and friendly. In dangerous situations, he's all business. He's loyal to his friends, and to his kin. He's devoted to his wife and values her safety above all else. He's the first in line to stand up for his beliefs and he'd gladly stay behind to ensure his comrades' escape. He's gotten past his death vengeance vow against the drow, though he still holds high regard for justice (even justice that doesn't necessarily follow the law). He's sometimes dreadfully quick to anger, but shows remarkable restraint for how that anger is expressed. All in all, Drez is a well rounded and likable guy who's good to have around for just about anything.

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